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hand, every nerve ending inside shrieking for some of that same friction Jonah delivered to
his ass.
As soon as Christian started to stroke himself, Jonah slid his hands up and wrapped
them around Christian s chest, plastering their bodies together from top to bottom. Christian
dropped his head back and leaned fully into Jonah s weight. Buried balls deep, Jonah
breathed heavily next to Christian s ear as he looked over Christian s shoulder, down to his
dick.  Christ, Christian, I love when you play with yourself. Jonah pumped with little pulses
in Christian s ass, driving Christian s squeezing anus crazy with itching need for more.  Rub
that cock hard. Christian pulled on his dick and fondled his balls in response, his breathing
getting shallower with every new level of sensation.  More, Jonah said roughly, and
114 Cameron Dane
Christian jerked harder, knowing how much Jonah loved it.  Oh yeah. Jonah started
twisting and tugging on Christian s nipples.  Make yourself come.
Christian writhed his back against Jonah s front, reaching for that one last touch that
would hurl him to release.  Uh-huh, uh-huh&  His testicles tingled, and his channel rippled
with delight around Jonah s embedded length.  So good, Jonah. So -- Christian dragged his
hand up and down his erection, handling the tip so roughly it hurt --  ahh& fucking good.
Jonah scraped his barely there nails across Christian s straining nipples, sank his teeth
into Christian s neck, and delivered Christian straight to orgasm. Christian covered his slit
with his palm, crying out as his entire body seized. His ass muscles clamped down on Jonah s
invasion, and semen flowed in a long stream straight into Christian s hand. No sooner did
warm spunk coat Christian s fingers than he lifted his hand to Jonah s mouth, offering his
With the first lick across Christian s palm, Jonah whimpered and stilled. His cock
swelled ridiculously in Christian s ass, stretching him unbearably, and he came. Wet heat
filled Christian s sensitized tunnel, sending a shiver through him as he accepted the branding
of Jonah s cum: wanted it, welcomed it, craved it, needed it& loved it.
As much as he loved the man.
Companionable silence filled the bathroom for a moment, relaxed bodies holding each
other upright. Then Jonah straightened and withdrew, pausing only long enough to rub his
fingers over Christian s hole, helping his ring settle back into place.
Christian shifted, glancing at Jonah, and caught him soaping up his cock.
Staring down at his now-flaccid dick, Jonah said,  Rodrigo is going to bang on the front
door any minute now. Turning, Jonah stepped under the full stream of water and rinsed off.
Quickly, he pulled back the shower curtain just enough to step over the rim.  We need to
hurry it up. I ll go get us some coffee while you finish. Be back in a few.
By the time Christian yanked the curtain open the rest of the way, the bathroom was
already empty.
This was Jonah s new MO. Get lost in sex and then run, hide, or claim exhaustion and
fall asleep.
Today would be the final day of work on Mari s house, replacing the front porch. Since
the incident with David, and Jonah s erratic behavior that had followed, Christian had no
idea what to expect would happen when the renovations were complete.
He punched his fist into the wall.
Damn it.
* * * * *
Jonah pulled off his shirt and used it to wipe the back of his neck. Sweat ran in rivulets
down his front and back, and he tried like hell not to stare at Christian, who had removed
A Fostered Love 115
his T-shirt long ago. The day was nearly over, and with it, Jonah s reason for staying in
Coleman. His excuse, really. He had a reason, and he damn well knew it.
Jesus Christ, though. In the last seven days, every time Jonah paused for two seconds to
think, his head filled with alternate endings to David s break-in, all of them concluding with
bad, bad things befalling Christian. David could have shot Christian so easily, whether by
accident or on purpose. David could have kidnapped Christian and taken him to a place
where Jonah couldn t get to them in time. In his twisted need, David could have raped
Christian or forced Christian to do things to him.
Jonah tried his best to act normally around Christian, but he couldn t stop the horrific
images from crippling him, to the point where it sometimes physically hurt to even stand too
close to Christian. Jonah found that he could hide the craziness in aggression and passion
when they had sex, but as soon as the sexual haze faded, the panic crept back in, so
debilitating that Jonah couldn t let Christian too close out of fear that Christian would see
the ugliness of his thoughts. David had scared Christian enough already, the man didn t need
to deal with Jonah s imagination too.
A week ago, Jonah had pictured himself building a future with Christian -- if Christian
wanted one. This week changed everything. David s attack changed everything. Jonah could
not do this& this being in a relationship thing. He d spent his whole adult life wondering
what in the hell was so broken in him that he couldn t feel things for other people, beyond
the basics of common courtesy. Sometimes not even that. Before, he had hated being
deficient when it seemed everyone around him was in love or falling there happily. Today,
Jonah begged for that back. He wanted the numbness and could live with the confusion and
loneliness, anything to take away this constant fear that ate at him more every day.
 Hello? Christian s voice tore into the loop that played in Jonah s mind, spinning
Jonah around, his muscles tightening, readying for an attack. Christian only had his cell [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]