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from one of us. It makes you seem like food.
She let out a whimper and tried to stop the tears streaking down her face.
 Please, Wil, don t hurt me.
He shook his head and the eyes glowed less bright. His hands loosed and his
voice became Wil s again.  I d never hurt you Aly.
 Just leave me alone. She put her hands on his chest, and tried to push him
up. Her arms shook beneath the weight.
 Aly. His voice was soft and his breathing slower.  I can t. How are you going
to survive?
She opened her mouth to argue, but didn t. She did need him, even if he was
one of them. So, she said what was true.  You re not who I thought you were.
 Yes I am. He bent to place a soft kiss on her cheek, but she pulled away.
 You ve always known I was more. You just never wanted to see it. Just like your
Aly turned her head, and the tears flowed again.
 Look at me.
She stared out at the forest around them.
 Look at me, Alyson. His voice was commanding this time, and she turned to
look into his eyes, the same eyes she d always known.  I love you, and I m never
going to hurt you. You know that.
She looked away again.  You already hurt me.
He sighed.  Don t you get it? This is what I couldn t explain before. The girl
you saw me with was a friend. She d just found out that she had the virus that
causes lycanthropy. She didn t have anyone to talk to, so I tried to help. Can you
blame her?
She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it would be like to find out that
she was going to be a werewolf and there was nothing to stop it. She shook her
 Look at me.
She looked up at him again, and saw nothing but sincerity.
 I never cheated on you. I swear.
She stared up into those brown eyes and knew for the first time that he was
telling her the truth. Before there d always been something he was hiding, but
now, he d all but laid his soul bare for her to examine. She couldn t deny him the
truth.  I believe you, Wil. God, help me I believe you.
He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. They were soft and caressed
hers with power that came off in little sparks. Warmth, love, and above all,
hunger flowed thick and hot between them. So much hunger that it flowed down
her throat and made her gasp against his lips.
Her hands wrapped in his shirt and smoothed along muscles. She deepened
the kiss and coaxed his tongue into her mouth. There was no foreplay, no warm
up. She wanted him right now.
He pulled back, his breath coming in rapid pants.  I m sorry. I lost control.
 Don t apologize, just kiss me. She saw his bewilderment, but tried to close
the distance again.
He shook his head.  No, you don t understand. He leaned back, pulled from
her grasp, and stood.  What you feel right now isn t right. It s what I feel, but
usually I can control it.
She blinked and felt the lust pull away like ribbons of thick smoke. She took
his hand and let him pull her up.  You can do that?
He looped an arm around her waist.  You d be amazed what I can do.
Chapter Six
knees on the cool stone floor in his rustic cabin bathroom. She glanced down, but
managed only to see his bare chest.
 Hold still. I don t want this to get infected. He dabbed a bit of antiseptic on
her neck.
She wanted to touch him, to run her fingers down his skin, but she had to stay
still. She held onto the counter and closer her eyes. The last thing she needed was
a virus or bacteria finding its way into the four holes in her neck. Her heart sank
and she looked up at him.
 What is it? He paused in mid-dab.
 Will I be a  She swallowed hard, trying to bring the word out, but it
wouldn t come.
 No. He laughed and cleaned the wound.  You can t get vampirism from a bite.
 Oh. She let out a long breath and smiled.  Thank God. I didn t want to end
up a monster.
As soon as the words came out, she realized what she d said. She looked up
into Wil s face. He refused to meet her eyes.  I m sorry, Wil. I didn t mean 
 It s all right. They are monsters. He pressed a bandage onto the wound
carefully and smoothed out the sticky part.  Besides, if you were a vampire, we d
never work out.
Her brows wrinkled as she looked up at him again.  Why?
 We re natural enemies. Sort of like cats and dogs, I guess. He patted her
thigh.  There. You re done.
A door opened somewhere down the hallway and Wil peeked around the
 It s just us. Aly knew the voice. It was Chris Edel, Wil s best friend and
partner in crime.
 We re back here, patching her up. Wil tossed bloody tissues into the small
metal garbage pail, and then stepped out.  Leave that door open, guys. I didn t
hear you coming.
Footsteps came down the hallway. Wil met them in the hall and their voices
moved toward the living room.
Aly wanted to look normal as possible. She smoothed out the bandage where
the tape had come loose. In the mirror, she could see that the flesh peeking out
from behind the bandage was already a deep purple color.
 How is she? Chris asked in an almost whisper.
 Fine. Just a little banged up.
 Guess her world is pretty rocked right now. Shane s voice held a hint of
Aly stepped out and walked down the hall. She half hated to see them again.
Would they look still be the pair of playful heartthrob adrenaline junkies she d
known for years? They d always been so sweet to her, like big brothers. Or would
they despise her for breaking up with Wil?
 Did you tell her everything? Shane asked, a little quieter.
 The big stuff, yeah. Wil sounded almost afraid to answer.
 Man. Chris half laughed.  Can you imagine finding out that you ve been 
She turned the corner. They stopped talking and looked at her. She smiled.
They looked just the same. Chris damp, shoulder length dark hair, muscular lean
shoulders breaking out of a black wife-beater shirt, and the large cross tattooed
over most of his upper arm was still vibrant.
 Hey, little sis. It was Shane s nickname for her.  You really have a knack for
pissing off the right people. Shane stood beside Chris, leaner than Chris but
dressed the same, chewing on a toothpick that had probably been there for hours.
It had become a habit when he quit smoking, and it remained. His short, sandy
hair stood up in front, windblown looking in the way it usually was when he
wasn t on duty. His mirrored shades were hooked on the collar of his shirt.
She laughed. He always knew exactly what to say.  What can I say? It s a gift.
 Let s see that bite. He moved to her and turned her head gently.  Looks like
you got a little too close this time. She cringed when he turned it farther and he
made a whistling sound through his teeth.  Good thing Wil was there or you d be
worm food.
She pulled away. He was right, but she didn t want to think about that now. Near
death experiences were bad enough the first time around. No need to rehash it.
 Speaking of which, what s the verdict on their battue? Wil tried to change
the subject and she was grateful. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]