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need Dillon on that trip. Ooooh, he d get time with Dillon, even if it was just in a department
store. Down boy. He thumped himself.
 Doesn t work, I ve tried it. Dillon said from the doorway.
 Works for a little while,  til you show up anyway. Man, I want some face-time with you. Been
thinking about it a lot. Soldier looked at Dillon hungrily.
 Yeah. I m there with you. Thinking, I mean. After everyone is asleep tonight, let s go out to the
log, or the truck, or something. God, just a good kiss and I d probably blow.
 Oh, yeah, keep talking like that, why don t you? That ll help.
Dillon laughed and Soldier mock-frowned at him. He asked about shopping for clothes for the
boys. They decided it would be later in the day since the morning was for Soldier and Gom s
 I think I could get Daniel from the shelter to come and stay for a few hours while we go shop for
some clothes for them... and maybe stop by your hotel for a couple hours of... face-time, as you
called it.
 Baby, we re getting face-time later tonight. I m liable to suck your lips right off your face.
When we get time alone behind a locked door, I want more than your face.
 I d love a list of what you want just to think about, but I m afraid I d have a hard time walking
between now and then. Dillon looked down at his tight jeans.
 Oh, I ll take care of that tonight, I promise. We can manage a couple of quick jerk offs without
making too much noise or being away from them too long, but I want you in ways you probably
haven t even thought about.
 I ll be there. I d say, if I can arrange it with Daniel, we have a hot date.
 Good. Let s get set up to meet with the guys. Then we re making brownies. Then bed for them
and time for us. Damn, I m horny. Come here. Can we sneak one kiss, at least? Soldier vowed to
try to keep it at one, one good one.
Dillon looked out the door and then closed it. Soldier had him up against it before he could get
fully turned back around. Ooooomph! Soldier smiled at the sound from Dillon, then, his lips were
taken and mauled. Oh, heavenly day. That was what Soldier needed. Soldier opened and thrust
and sucked and licked and thought his head would spin right off his shoulders.
Soldier held on, wanting this to never stop. This knowing he wanted someone, and was wanted
back, and not being able to act on it, was worse than not having anyone at all.
Dillon muttered,  I want to climb right up your body and rub all over you and touch you in sweet
places and taste more and... oh, that feels wonderful.
Soldier s hands were moving over Dillon s back and settling on his ass, squeezing and molding.
He sighed into Dillon s mouth and started to shake.
 Dill? You in there? Gom s upset again. Uh... Dill? It was Tommy.
They drew apart and tried to get it together enough to open the door without embarrassing
themselves. Tommy looked at Soldier like he was the devil incarnate. Dillon slid by on his way to
Gom and Tommy looked at Soldier and simply said,  Liar.
 Whoa, son, wait a minute. You don t say that and walk away. What s the matter?
Tommy, quiet, shy Tommy, sneered at him and said,  You said you weren t like that. You don t
think I know what you were doing? I know that smell. You all were getting it on and you said...
 Tommy? Wait. Come in here a minute... please. Now, you hop up on that dryer so we can be
face-to-face. I m going to treat you like a grown up and explain what was going on. I won t have
you thinking I m a liar or that I was doing anything wrong. You re not afraid of me, are you?
Will you let me talk to you? Soldier was asking, but he was determined to get this straightened
Tommy sullenly came in and surprised Soldier by hopping up on the dryer and looking right at
him, waiting. Soldier reached out and closed the door. Tommy s eyes got wide, but he didn t say
 Relax. You re right. We were getting it on. Did Dillon look like I was forcing him to do
something? Did he look upset? No, you know he didn t. Soldier wasn t yelling at the boy, but he
wanted Tommy to listen to him and understand, so he was talking clearly and succinctly.
 I can t believe I m talking like this to a boy, but this is important to you. So, I m going to be
straight with you... that s a joke. I m not straight. See? I m gay. So s Dillon. Hell, Soldier
thought, that was pretty blunt. Since Tommy wasn t saying anything, Soldier went on.
 We found that we really like each other. We d like to be together, but it s just not possible here,
for just this reason. We don t want anything to upset the boys.
Tommy just kept glaring at him, silent, still looking like he felt betrayed.
Soldier might have blushed as he admitted,  This was my fault. I was in here doing laundry and
he came in with a question and we got to talking. I asked for one kiss before we started on the
brownies for you all. I admit it got out of hand, but we would not have done anything else, I
swear it. Not here. And, Tommy, Dillon is a grown man. Not a boy. I meant it when I said I
would never, ever, touch a young boy. I don t know how else to tell you, to make you trust me.
Trust was an issue in this house and Soldier would have it. He had to have it from all of them.
 I don t ever lie. Never. If people don t like the truth about me, I m big enough to handle
whatever they throw my way, but I can t stand thinking you don t believe me or trust me,
especially after we talked today.
When Tommy continued to sit quietly, Soldier kept on, praying he was getting through to
Tommy on this issue.
 You can come to me and tell me anything and I will never judge you in any way. I know by
what you said and how you act that something bad happened to you. It won t here. That s a
guarantee. Soldier had been watching Tommy s reactions. There were none at first. Tommy had
remained sullen. But, as Soldier went on and Tommy began to get the sense of it, his expression
changed a little.
 Now it s up to you to decide whether you trust me or not. If you want to talk to Dillon and me [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]