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anus. Then he withdrew, admonishing her to be still.  I ll be right back.
Cool air flowed over her wet swollen folds emphasizing her complete exposure. She
wasn t sure why she found this particular position so naughty or so carnal. Perhaps it
was simply the knowledge that Otis was going to fuck her ass. Clarice fought the urge
to squeeze her legs together to ease some of the swift surge of heat that rippled through
her belly. Then Otis was back, tossing a couple items on the bedspread next to her hip.
He grabbed two pillows from the head of the bed.  Put your knees on the edge of
the bed, he said in a gritty tone.  I want to tuck these pillows under your belly. Keep
your legs spread. There was warning and dominance in his voice.
Clarice felt another spurt of arousal at the stern tone as she obeyed his directions.
He stuffed the pillows beneath her and patted her ass gently.  Good girl. Now close
your eyes and relax.
Rescuing Clarice
Relax? Was the man crazy? Nevertheless, she closed her eyes and waited with
increasing tension for the next step. Several drops of warm fluid dribbled squarely on
her sensitive rosette. Involuntarily she flinched in surprise.
He smacked her right ass cheek lightly.  Hold still.
Then she felt his fingers gently rubbing the fluid all around the opening before he
slowly inserted one finger. She was shocked at how huge his finger felt as he carefully
fucked in and out. A warm tingling sensation spread both inside and out. Unable to
help herself, she pushed back.
That was the signal Otis had been waiting for. He added more oil and inserted a
second finger at the same time he slid his condom-covered cock into her eager pussy.
She froze, motionless as he worked his cock in to the hilt. His fingers slipped deeper
in her ass. Then he was quiet, waiting as she adjusted to the tight, heavy sensations.
 Otis? she whispered.
 Relax, Clarice. Feel how I fill your body, he reassured her.  Nice and slow.
 I need to come, she wailed.
 All right. He slid his other hand beneath her, found her clit and gently plucked at
it.  Come now.
Tremors rippled down her spine. Her belly clenched down hard as her pussy
squeezed his thick cock. Her anus contracted tightly around his fingers. Heated sparks
seemed to zip all through her body as she came harder than she ever had before in her
life. Shuddering under the pressure of his body, she cried out his name.
When she was quiet at last, she was startled by the realization that he was still in
place, still patiently waiting for her to relax. And though she had just had the orgasm to
end all orgasms, she could feel her body gathering in readiness for another. She felt his
fingers rubbing against his cock through the thin separation while he softly brushed her
clit with his other hand.
 Ready? he inquired lovingly.
Anny Cook
 What are you doing to me? she demanded in reply.  I ve never come that hard!
When Otis chuckled, his cock jerked deep inside.  Don t you think it s time to
change that, then?
Her pussy squeezed his cock hard in response as she panted.  Fuck me, dammit!
 Um, not yet. I want you to come again. Then you ll be ready for me to fuck your
tight ass. That s something I ve wanted ever since I watched you wiggling under your
desk, he confessed with a groan.  I wanted to bend you over your desk and fuck you
 Then do it! she goaded desperately.
 After you, darling.
Time stopped as her body tensed. Then in an explosion of the senses she spun free,
trembling as endless little contractions rippled through her pussy, clasping his cock in
greedy lust. Icy heat flashed up her spine to center in the back of her skull. Helplessly
her entire body tightened and then abruptly released.
Immediately, Otis withdrew from her tight grasp and centered the tip of his cock on
her relaxed anus. With careful restraint, he pressed forward until he was partially
buried in the hot, slick clasp of her ass. Little tremors still ran over his sensitive cock like
ghostly fingers. He shuddered and fought to remain still as he waited for her body to
accept his invasion.
She shattered his tenuous constraint when her hips rocked back against his belly,
sheathing the rest of his cock in one slick move. She buried her face in the tumbled
covers and moaned as she savored his possession.
With agonizing control he withdrew most of the way before sliding back into her
tight passage.  Are you all right? he grunted as he struggled to hold off his
approaching climax.
 I will be when you start moving, she replied recklessly.  Fuck me, Otis. I want
to feel you!
Rescuing Clarice [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]