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added, "in the twenty four hours since we finally admitted to our feelings for each other. He
stayed with me last night and I let him do things, wanted him to do things I never thought I
could. I'm not afraid of it anymore."
"Good. That's good. He'll be gentle with you, won't he? He won't hurt you?" Gom, as a teenager,
was a lot like Gom had been at eight. He cared more about other people than anyone Tommy
knew, and considering his dads and Daniel, that was saying a lot. Gom just loved with such a big
heart. It was clear that he wouldn't like it if Daniel hurt Tommy in any way.
"It's good, Gom. He's really careful with me since he knows everything. We're going to be a
great couple, like Soldier and Dillon. We'll work together helping other kids like you and I used
to be, and we'll love each other and be there for each other when we need support."
"I'm glad, Tommy. I'm happy for you. So, you think& if I was to be& I mean, if it turns out that
I'm& you know& " Gom seemed to be at a loss for words, but Tommy knew.
Gom ducked his head, now refusing to look at Tommy. "Yeah," he whispered.
"Are you?" Tommy asked, sitting still and waiting.
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"I don't know. I just know I'm not interested in girls. Sandra Southland likes me and wanted me
to kiss her. I did, but it was no big deal. I wasn't that in to it. Then, she wanted me to touch her
boobs, but I was like, no way! All the other guys would be slobbering over her. She's a hottie.
But it just doesn't turn me on."
"Do guys?" Tommy asked, giving this conversation the attention and sincerity it deserved.
"I don't know. Not anybody in particular. I've only, well, one time& you're going to think I'm
awful," Gom said, again ducking his head.
"Doubt it. Tell me. One time, what?" Tommy asked.
"One time, in the middle of the night, I came downstairs to get something to eat and I heard
something in the den. I thought everyone else was asleep. I went to check it out. It sounded
funny, like a song, but not really. It was Soldier, humming. Tommy, he was humming, and he
and Dillon were dancing together. They were holding each other so tight and Dillon's head was
on Soldier's shoulder and Soldier had his hand in Dillon's hair and his face was stuck in Dillon's
neck." Tommy noticed Gom's eyes were huge and a little wet as he talked.
"What'd you do?" he asked.
"I froze. It was& it was beautiful, Tommy. They never saw me, but I went back upstairs, and all
I could think about all night was how much I wanted to feel what I know they were feeling for
each other. Is that like, bad or perverted or something?"
"Not at all; it sounds beautiful like you said. Don't you worry about it since you're not into
anybody right now. Just take things as they come. If you fall for someone and need to talk, you
know I'll be here for you. You know Soldier and Dillon will, too. Right now, get some sleep. I'll
see you tomorrow."
Tommy settled into Daniel's waiting arms after locking the apartment door and finding him on
the couch.
"Gom okay?" Daniel asked, pulling Tommy to him.
"Yeah, he will be. We talked a little. He thinks he might be gay. How weird is that? Of all us
boys, only the two who were actually adopted by Soldier and Dillon turn out to be gay. Reckon
people will have something to say about it?"
"I think it has more to do with your histories and the love and acceptance you each found that
makes you able to be comfortable admitting what you feel. Don't borrow trouble. Come here, I
really need a kiss," Daniel said, showing both wisdom and wanting.
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Tommy went eagerly, pressing his lips to Daniel's and accepting the tongue that touched softly
and then entered his mouth. He sucked on it, loving Daniel's groan. The kiss went on for some
time, changing from gentle and sweet to hard and heated. Tommy finally pulled back a little and,
acting on a sudden idea, stood and held out his hand to Daniel. Daniel took it immediately and
stood with him, a question in his glance.
Tommy started to hum softly as he drew Daniel to the center of the room.
"Want to dance?"
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Tommy's Story
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