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let it go would have disappointed them both. Afterward he lay awake and looked at
her as she slept, at her marked bottom and thighs, at the lacy stockings that
haunted his dreams.
Just a few hours later they were holding hands on a plane to Australia. Every
so often, she shifted uncomfortably on the soft first-class seat. Then their eyes
would meet and they d smile at the secret they shared.
He had her again, and she had him. God, she had him.
Owning Wednesday 125
* * *
Ah, Wednesday mused. Airplane daydreams. Or night dreams, rather.
Something about the persistent hum and claustrophobic closeness of an airplane
cabin lent itself to wanderings of the mind.
It was late at night, and the cabin was dark. Daniel was awake, concentrating
on his set-design plans, but she was night dreaming, and her panties were getting
more soaked by the minute. They d been traveling all day, it seemed. Who knew it
took so long to reach the Australian outback? But she wasn t doing so badly,
preoccupied by the delicious memories of their playtime the night before. God, he
had fucked her and spanked her and fucked her and spanked her some more. He
was the most virile and energetic lover she d ever known, and the most talented too.
More than that, he was a kind, loving man. She didn t know why she d pushed him
away for so long. She belonged with him always, right next to him.
She shifted in her seat, pressing her thighs together. She could still remember
the feel of his cock in her, hard and thick. She wished they weren t on a plane, even
a darkened plane with their own aisle in first class. She wished they weren t on a
plane, because she really wanted to attack him right then. It was all she could do
not to sigh in frustration as she squirmed beside him, grinding subtly against the
wide, comfortable seat.
 Little Miss Wednesday, Daniel murmured, not even glancing up from his
laptop.  What are you doing over there?
She blushed hot. Caught. The man somehow noticed every minute shift of her
body, every flex of muscle. She looked over at him, at his brows drawn together as
he studied his laptop screen. She could see, though, the tiniest hint of a smile at the
corner of his lips.
 I m just thinking, Daniel, she said with as much innocence as she could
He laughed.  Thinking about what?
126 Annabel Joseph
Oh, as if he didn t know. She shifted again and gave him a look. He looked
back at her, then started closing his program.  Go to the bathroom and take off your
panties, then come back here. Go. Now.
 Right now? She looked around at the other passengers to see if anyone had
overheard his quiet words. To her relief, it seemed most of them were sleeping.
 If I have to ask twice, you ll be sorry later. I won t spank you on the airplane,
but we ll be going straight to the hotel when we arrive, and we ll have a very private
and soundproof room.
Point taken. He moved his legs to let her get by, not missing the opportunity to
stick his hand up her skirt. His fingers grazed the tops of her thigh-high stockings.
No garters on this trip. It was way too long.
 Hurry. His whispered order had her knees going weak. She couldn t meet his
eyes. She walked down the aisle feeling already naked. His piercing eyes and
insistent demands had a way of doing that to her.
She wedged herself into the tiny airline bathroom and looked for a moment in
the mirror. In the harsh light she looked pale. Her eyes were wide, her pupils
dilated, as if reflecting the primitive effect he had on her. She reached under her
skirt to pull off her panties, and just as she suspected, they were soaked through.
She knew he would take them from her when she returned to her seat and inspect
them himself and whisper to her, naughty&
Crap. She hadn t even brought her bag with her. Her skirt had no pockets, nor
did her top, so she balled the silk panties up in her fist and took a deep breath
before opening the door. If she had felt naked on the way to the bathroom, she felt
ten times more naked on the way back. Daniel watched her return, his eyes alive
with that light she had come to recognize well. His lips held back a smile, but she
saw it dancing around the edges.
Again, he shifted to let her move past him.  Give me, he said before she d even
taken her seat.
 Daniel! she pleaded softly, looking around the cabin.
Owning Wednesday 127
 Give them to me.
She handed them over, damp and crumpled, and flushed hot while he
manipulated the small scrap of silk in his broad palm.
 Now, Wednesday. He leaned toward her with a wicked smile.  You are going
to sit still there in that seat, and you re going to tell me exactly what you were
thinking to make these panties so wet. You re going to use lots of descriptive details,
and you re not going to fidget like that.
She tried hard to still the unconscious and desperate press of her legs against
the seat. Her clit was throbbing at this point. Oh yes, he was planning to play with
her, and he was going to play with her for a while. Well, it was a long flight for him
too, so she couldn t really blame him. She thought for a moment, planning her
words, then she leaned close to him.
 I was thinking about last night. About the things you did to me.
 What things? Specifics.
 I was thinking about the look you gave me before you pulled me over your lap. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]