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front of Rowan and bowed his head. "I will do what ever it
takes to get her back, milord."
"I make no promises, for Harper has my wife within his
walls as well. She is my main concern. But if the girl is there I
will do my best to get her out," Rowan told Fergus honestly.
"When do we leave?" Fergus asked as Rowan bide him to
"Come. You need food and drink and some wounds tended.
We leave soon. Angus, fetch Meeka. Our giant needs healed."
Dragon Lord of Kells
by Brenda Weaver
Chapter Thirty-Eight
Aeryn awoke slowly from the darkness that had engulfed
her. She did not open her eyes for fear and pain surrounded
her and she did not know exactly where she was or if she was
alone. She listened intently but heard no sounds other than
tiny scurrying feet of the rodents that inhabited the room.
She hurt. She never before felt such pain. She tried to
open her eyes but she felt they were too swollen to see
through. She remembered his fist slamming into her face
after she had bit him. A smile tried to spread across her
damaged features but her swollen and cracked lips would not
permit that simple pleasure. She hoped he would be in pain
the rest of his life from her ministrations.
Harper was a vile plague that needed to be removed from
this plane. She knew men could be cruel. She had seen more
than her share of rebuttal as the High King's healer, but
Harper was master to his craft. The Glendaugh perfected his
evilness and honed it to a fine sharp edge. One day he would
suffer and she only hoped she was around to see it happen.
Slowly she tried to move and change positions. The guards
must have just tossed her into her cell for she was lying on
the cold damp floor. Again she tried to open her eyes. They
only opened a tiny bit, but enough where she could make out
her surroundings. She was right. They had just tossed her
into her cell and left her.
Every movement was a horrific pain that racked her whole
body, but she knew she had to move or lay there and just
die. If she stayed on the damp floor too long in her weakened
Dragon Lord of Kells
by Brenda Weaver
condition she would catch a chill and that would be that.
Without her herbs, she would have no chance to combat the
illness that would follow. As it was, she didn't know how
extensive her wounds were or how long she had been
unconscious. The icy dampness of this reeking dungeon floor
seemed to seep deep within her bones. One way or the other
she had to get up and move or die where she lay.
The minutes ticked by and with each ragged breath she
inched her way toward the pallet that she had been using as a
bed. Once she reached it, she lay face down with exhaustion,
silent tears streaming down her once beautiful face.
No more tears, she thought as she rolled onto her back. I
must think of a way to get out of this cell. But in the back of
her mind, she knew that wasn't possible. She had tried to find
a weakness where she could escape. There had been none.
She felt herself growing weaker. Her strength waning, her last
thoughts were to her father.
Father, if you can hear me, know that I love you...
Then there was darkness.
* * * *
Meeka hobbled into the main hall with her herbs in hand.
She eyed the giant who sat stuffing his face and then looked
at Rowan. For such a small creature, her glare could stop the
largest of men. She couldn't stand more than above the four
foot mark and nearly as round as she was tall. Her long white
hair draped down her shoulders and back like a mantel. Her
elfin features were marred with the age of wrinkles, but her
crystal green eyes were clear and always sharp.
Dragon Lord of Kells
by Brenda Weaver
Rowan could see the resemblance of her to Kira and it
pained his heart to know his beloved had been shunned by
this woman all her life. Perhaps, since Meeka had come
forward in Kira's time of need, the past could be changed and
a happy union could be at last sated.
"Ah! I see the Dragon Lord has found his destiny," she
stated drawing closer to the giant. Rowan had a strange aura
that encircled him. She knew the time was near. Perhaps she
could put faith in the man that her granddaughter loved.
Perhaps it was time to heal many old wounds.
"Our guest needs your ministrations old woman. See that
he gets it," Rowan said, ignoring her words.
"Why must I heal the enemy? Do you not know who he
is?" She asked indignantly.
"Aye, I know exactly who he is. Harper has betrayed those
who he set against us. Now he is an ally and will be treated
as such."
Meeka said not another word, but set her bag of remedies
upon the table next to the giant. Eyeing him up and down she
noted the worse of the wounds and bid him to cease his
feeding and let her do her duty.
"I warn you witch, my lady is a great healer and I will
watch you lest you try to poison my body with your magic."
Fergus grunted as he stopped his eating and removed his
shirt for her ministration.
"I am a healer not a murderer as some that I know! You
insult me with your tongue!" Meeka growled as she dug into
her bag.
Dragon Lord of Kells
by Brenda Weaver
Rowan and Angus stood to the side and watched the two
bicker at one another. If this was not a serious moment, they
would have thought it comical to watch the display between
their two guests.
"Is it true then, Rowan? Have you found your destiny at
last?" Angus asked with great hope.
"Aye, that is where I have been most of the night." Rowan
answered with much relief.
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