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cravings. You ll cry out for me to take you, and still, I won t enter
your tight, pretty cunt.
 T-take me. Please. She moved her hands over her belly and
 Not yet. Not until you re clawing my back, thinking you can t
take another second of my wicked teasing.
 G-God! She leaned back into her pillow, writhing on the bed.
 Tell me, Jessie. Are you good and wet for me?
She touched her mound and found she was.  Uh-huh.
Jackson s breathing was erratic and labored, but he continued his
dirty talk, thrilling her beyond reason.  I m going to lap up every drop
of your sweet cream.
 G-God! I-I m close. Her fingers splayed through her swollen
58 Chloe Lang
 Good girl. Touch your clit, now. Think of me.
She obeyed and pressed on the bundle of nerves. An image of
Jackson on top of her, plundering her insides with his cock whirled in
her mind. She could almost feel his weight on top of her. She clutched
her cell, and continued flattening out her clit.
 Fuck! Jackson yelled through the phone.
Everything inside her went kablooey, detonating every cell in her
body. Her womb convulsed and carnal sensations took her on a ride.
Her body shook like a leaf in the wind, and she screamed her lover s
name over and over.  Jackson! Jackson! Jackson!
* * * *
 Sweetheart, are you awake? Jackson whispered.
Jessie stirred. Her cell was still to her ear. The orgasm had sent
her to the moon and back, and she d drifted off as the last of the
climatic vibrations weakened. Who knew phone sex could be so
amazing?  I am. How long have I been out?
 Thirty minutes.
 You didn t hang up?
 No, sweetheart. I wanted to say goodnight. That he d waited
made her feel so special.
 That s sweet.
 Darlin , I m really glad you re spending time with Phoenix.
She stiffened.  You are? Did Jackson have any sincere feelings
for her at all?
None of what he said made sense.  I don t understand how.
Surely, you know your brother wants more from me than just a dinner
partner. Don t I mean something to you more than a cheap thrill?
Angry tears welled up in her eyelids.
 Jessie, of course you do.
Wilde Fire 59
 Then why are you willing to let me be with a guy who clearly
has more in mind with me than being a chaperone?
 It s not what you think.
 Really? I m listening.
 Know this, I love you. Are you enjoying being with us?
 Yes, but 
 But nothing. It s pleasurable for you. Just go with it.
 Perhaps you say that to all the women you guys share.
 I ve never said that to any woman. You re the one and only.
Could he be telling the truth? Jessie longed to confess her love to
him, too, but she was scared. If she did, she wondered if he would
eventually crush her heart. So, she remained silent.
 You deserve to know everything, but it s too much to share over
the phone. Do you trust me?
God help her, she did.  I guess so.
 Then just go with it. You ve been denied so much pleasure your
whole life. You re in Wilde now. We specialize in pleasure. Let go. If
I believed that anything would displease you, I would stop it. But I
know better. Nothing short of happiness is what you deserve. Phoenix
has only your best interest in mind, I promise. No matter what
happens, you will always be mine.
 I want to believe that. I really do.
 Trust me, darlin , you will.
* * * *
Phoenix s cell rang, pulling him from sleep.  Hello.
 We have to tell Jessie the truth about our family. Jackson s
voice sounded anxious.
 Lil bro, we can t tell her. She s just not ready. He looked at the
clock. Two thirty-five in the morning.
 I just got off the phone with her. She s not stupid.
Phoenix nodded.  Boy, do I know that.
60 Chloe Lang
 I can t keep this up. Plus, she s pushing for answers. She s too
smart. She ll figure out the whole story all by herself in time.
 That s very true, but we need to wait a bit longer before we come
completely clean. It was hard for Phoenix to keep anything from
Jessie, but he knew it was for the best.  There s more to her story than
we know. Someone hurt her really bad. If we unload the whole thing
about our family on her, she ll bolt.
 And if we keep the truth from her, she ll also bolt, Jackson
 Listen, if the plan is going to work, we have to make sure she s
ready to hear us out. Jessie is amazing, but even she needs to warm up
to the idea of marrying five brothers. Plus, we have to get her ready
for Austin. Dallas and I plan on taking her up to his tree.
 I wish I could be there. Go easy on her, Phoenix. I m not sure
she ll be up for that.
 Dallas thinks she will. So does Denver. You and I have only
dabbled that way.
 More than dabbled, bro. I ve been to The Masters Chamber.
Phoenix laughed.  Only once or twice. We stuck out like sore
 Dallas knows his way around the club, but he s pretty new to the
scene, too.
 Yes, but he s into it. He was even thinking about trying to pass
the test to be one of the club Doms before he met Jessie. I think he s
reconsidering that now with her in the picture.
 I sure hope so. Well, I really wish Denver were going to be there
at Austin s tree with you guys. He isn t as serious about it as our big
bro, but he knows his stuff.
 Well, the dads want him up there with you to take a look at the
 Yeah, I know.
 So, we re good about waiting to tell Jessie?
 Okay, but keep me up to date. I should be home in the next few
Wilde Fire 61
 Will do.
* * * *
Jessie stood up from the hotel s only sofa in the lobby when
Phoenix walked in the door. He d brought her back to the hotel over
an hour ago with the promise of a nice dinner. She d agreed, under a
little protest, wondering if being seen in town with him might stir up
trouble. But she was hungry and really wanted to clear her head,
believing a nice meal might do the trick. He d promised to take her
somewhere away from the prying eyes of the citizens of Wilde. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]