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easily located it and parked out front. They entered the store and
asked for the manager. A thin man decked out in black leather
came to meet them.
 I m Lieutenant Lansing. This is Sergeant Bridges, New
Orleans Vice. We understand you sell latex body paint.
 Yes, why? he asked as he eyed their badges suspiciously.
 We d like your list of sales over the last twelve months.
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 I cannot hand over& 
 Yes, you can.
 But my customer s privacy& 
 & Will not be invaded, unless we find probable cause. Now,
do I have to go get a warrant and charge you with hindering a
murder investigation?
The manager finally relented and produced the sales records.
Off to the side, Kyle and Wayne looked over the listings and
noticed two names kept ordering large quantities. The first name
listed was Joy Walters, the second N. Bondage. Wayne noted both,
along with addresses and phone numbers. They thanked the man,
and left the store.
 Which do you think is our perp? Bridges asked.
 I d say Joy Walters. N Bondage sounds like he s into the life. I
don t know, but my gut says her.
 How come you re such an aficionado on the life?
 This case, so far, Kyle replied, though inwardly he smiled.
 But whoever s been doing this has to be strong enough to,
first, get the victims into the perfect position to paint their entire
body, then, carry dead weight in order to dump them wherever.
Kyle agreed with him, but they had no idea as to what the
female suspect looked like.
 Let me make a quick call.
Kyle pulled out the other cell and called Raven while Wayne
settled into the truck.
 Yes, my Cowboy?
Kyle groaned as his body reacted to the sound of her voice.
 I love your voice, he told her.
 I love yours, too.
 I ve got a question. Do you know either Joy Walters or N.
 N. Bondage is the name of a fetish shop. The owner has been
in the business for years. He s a nice man and leads a very straight
life with his wife and two sons. Joy Walters is an Amazon, for want
of a better description.
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 What do you mean?
 Ever watch wrestling? She could easily match any of those
women and some of the men. She competed in bodybuilding
contests, then immersed herself into the dark side of the fetishes.
 Has she always been in the area?
 No, she s been all over. Why?
 She might be our killer.
 If she is, be careful. She s a dangerous woman.
 I will. I have you to come home to. Have you figured out a
wedding date?
 Not yet. I m still trying to get used to it all. Besides, I want
this behind us, and not looming over us. I don t want you hurt.
 I won t be. I told you, my concern is protecting you.
Anything happens to you and I ll be an empty shell.
 Kyle, I need you, too. Please, my Lieutenant. I command you
to be careful and come home to me.
 I swear I will, ma am. By the way, give me the house address
and I ll go straight there from work.
 My cop didn t research me?
 No. Investigating you would be a betrayal of your trust like
bringing my badge and gun to our first meeting. I trust you to
know what s best for our relationship.
 You are a very well-trained slave.
 Thank you, ma am, he said, and then wrote down her
Ferrara Drive address in Harahan located in Jefferson Parrish. He
tucked the address into his wallet and turned away from the truck
and his partner s keen eyes.
 Can I bring the pick-up, or would you prefer something
 Surprise me.
 May be hard. You did investigate me.
 Then bring the Jaguar. I love fast cars.
 The Jag it is, ma am.
He walked back to the truck and slid behind the wheel.
 You re hooked on this woman, aren t you?
Kyle grinned and started the truck.
Internet Bonds Series Book 2: Black Heart
* * * *
Raven walked around her home in Jefferson Parrish. The
house looked like a smaller New Orleans mansion. It had four
bedrooms, a huge den, and a spa. The garage could hold three cars
and the acreage kept her privacy in tact. She lived at the end of the
street and kept to herself. If the neighbors only knew&
When alone, she ignored getting dressed and enjoyed her
body s freedom. After two calls from her cowboy, she needed
relief. She took the cell with her and went into the den in the rear
of the house. The previous owner had made it into a playroom, and
Raven had easily made it into her room. She couldn t wait to get
Kyle in here.
As this part of the house remained secluded from prying eyes,
she opened the French doors to let in a breeze. The cool afternoon
wind made her body ache for him more as it caressed her. As the
need for him intensified, she went for a specially designed dildo.
She d had it made in crystal, and then set on a marble stool. It had
been her relief until Kyle. But the short stint of phone sex had
pushed her to use it. She could feel her essence running down her
thighs and knew she was ready.
She eased her sensitive pussy onto the cold crystal and moved
up and down. She felt the orgasm creep up on her, and then
overwhelm her.
 Kyle, my love, I need you.
* * * *
 I want her found! Crawford bellowed.
 Yes, sir. We thought we had her in Miami, but it wasn t her.
 I don t want to hear about your failures. I want her here, in
front of me.
 Yes, sir, the man said as he escaped his boss s anger.
 I swear, when I get my hands on you& 
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