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to its owner. This was a unanimous and immediate town council
decision. Hawthorne couldn t afford to let it close
considering the number of people it brought in to town.
The loss of the town doctor would send people out of
Hawthorne for their medical care. There was no alternative
considering the difficulty of getting a doctor to permanently
practice in such a small town.
The deaths of the two boys carried an unknown amount of
damage to the town. They were still too young to contribute
much to the community, but their loss was the loss of
potential. Their friend Eric would suffer indefinitely from
their deaths. He couldn t get beyond the fact that he had
dared them to go to the funeral home in the first place, and
the guilt was crippling.
The deaths of Ray and Phyllis were loosely attributed to
the dark spirit based on reports of the deceased s spouses.
But they still added to the population loss in a Nation that
couldn t afford to lose anymore of its people, but would
continue on regardless until there were none left.
The author currently lives with his wife and daughter in
Las Vegas. He hasn't decided if there will be a Las Vegas in
the Ravaging Myths world yet, but is open to suggestions.
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