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Brianna scooted back into the couch. How thoughtful of Raum. Actually, where else could
she get answers from such blunt vampires?  I don t know. I guess& what s it like?
 So awesome 
  senses are amplified 
 Sex is insane.
Brianna closed her eyes and shook her head.  Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let s start off with Pixie.
What is so awesome about being a vampire?
Pixie perked up.  Pixie. I love the name. She ran a hand back and forth over her hair, causing
it to look messy.  Well, I like being a vamp because I ll never age.
 That is such a plus.
 Oh yeah, no wrinkles!
 No Depends for us.
Brianna turned to the blonde, rolling her eyes at the Depends comment.  Why is sex better?
 I knew that d get your interest. She winked at her.  All of your senses are heightened. Sense
of smell, touch, hearing. You can move faster& get it? Faster. Harder.
 I get it. She wasn t so worried about her sexual appetite. Not when the man she wanted was
currently being tortured for the next two millennia. At least she would still be alive when
Asmodeus was released not that she expected him to be happy to see her.  So you don t
regret changing? How did it happen?
The redhead spoke up.  Last year we went on a trip to Scotland. We got snatched up by a
class D vamp. He nearly killed us. Class D vamps are the dumbest vampires. Ambrose turned
us, since we would have died. He didn t want to,  cause he generally doesn t like making
more vampires, but he felt it his honor-bound duty. I guess he thinks all of the vampire s evil
deeds reflect on him, because he was the first.
 Yeah, he s such a bleeding heart. But he s hot, so that s cool.
When they started talking about how they d like to bang the ancient vampire, she quietly
excused herself. When she walked into the kitchen Raum and Naberius were waiting for her.
She fought past the lump in her throat. Becoming a vampire didn t seem all that bad. Not
when she looked at the big picture. And it did give her hope for her child.
 All right, let s do it.
 Yeah, well, you re calling Ambrose back, Naberius said as he slid the phone across the
table at her. He took a drag off his cigarette.  Slamming the phone down on him pissed him
off and he s not someone you want to piss off. Especially since he s only trying to help.
Okay. Now she had to call the vampire and beg him to sink his fangs into her flesh. Piece of
Next, please?
Michael dropped him in the third tier of the Abyss, after explaining he had to go back and
retrieve the Demonic Book of Spells from Raum. The book would remain safe in his office.
He d also mentioned that Brianna had summoned him to speak to him about Asmodeus.
The thought of Brianna fighting for him gave him high hopes of their future together. The
only thing that hung in the air was that Michael would not expand on what he meant by
Brianna not being human by the time he got back to her realm.
As he settled on the mist he inhaled the invigorating air. He was used to smells and wind, not
the void that currently surrounded him. Michael s office contained material things chairs,
desk, files. The third tier of the Abyss resembled Heaven. A virtual space of light and mist.
Zagzagel, the Angel of Wisdom, took his place at the front of the vast gathering area.
Asmodeus could sense others, but as was the rules, he could not see them. He was not
permitted to be distracted in this area of the Abyss; he was to learn.
He focused on the angel and willed his thoughts away. Three weeks of learning and he would
be free.
Kelly set the romance novel down and put her head in her hands. Powers she had always
dreamt of having were now hers to control, yet she couldn t effectively harness them. It was
all foreign to her, as these powers didn t come from the energy of the earth. They were
just& there.
She picked her book back up and flipped to the page she had been on. She had to quit thinking
about the powers. It was going to make her lightheaded, as it had so many times in the past
few days.
She sat upright as a man walked into the room. His aura was bright blinding.
He was an angel.
And he held the Demonic Book of Spells in his hands. She felt the pull instantly, surprised the
book still had a hold on her.
 This is not the last time you will see the book. I am taking it with me. Weigh your actions
carefully when you see this book again.
He disappeared, leaving her to stare in wonder.
 Brianna, hold still.
Fuck this.  I changed my mind. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]