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to any suggestions.”
“I thought so too. I can help them relocate after the emperor is taken care of.”
Gallen snuggled closer. “We’ll get through this.”
“Of course we will.” Aden didn’t know how or why, but no way would he let his mate
worry. They would vanquish the emperor, get the dragons where they needed to go,
then settle back to his ordinary life. Well, at least one that didn’t include mythical beasts.
He was fine with animal shifters, but when the bodies formed shapes Aden hadn’t
thought were real, it became a different situation all together.
“Don’t worry so much, my love. I’m with you.”
“Yes, I know. I appreciate your support.” He kissed Gallen on the forehead. If there
was one thing he knew for certain, it was that Gallen would stand beside him. Carey and
the other boys would be there too.
Maybe life truly had symmetry to it. He’d saved the kids from their problems, and it
was now time for them to do the same for Aden. As long as it didn’t involve one of his
boys getting killed, he’d let them participate. They needed to come up with a plan. Those
sorcerers knew more than they were willing to admit, and Aden had a feeling he could
get Zhou to shake down their leader. The sparks between them were fierce and Aden
knew they were mates.
So many lives could be messed up if Aden didn’t do his duty. He’d thought retirement
would leave him more time to putter around the place, read books in the afternoon and
hound his son about possible chances of grandchildren before Aden got too old. Now it
seemed he would never get too old. Hopefully Broden’s bond with his mate would keep
Carey alive for a long time to come. No way would he outlive his son. Parents weren’t
meant to do that. The pain would be too much for Aden to bear.
“Whatever you’re thinking about, let it go,” Gallen said tickling Aden’s side.
“How do you always know when I’m thinking dark thoughts?”
“It’s a mate thing. The same way you know to come and cheer me up.”
“If I don’t say it enough, I love you. I might have had to be dragged into our mating,
but I’ve been happy every day I wake up to your face.”
Gallen’s smile of relief told Aden he’d not done a good job saying it often enough
“Let’s get some rest, love.” Aden took Gallen’s hand and led him toward their
bedroom. “Tomorrow is another day of dragons, emperors and weird events.”
“Can’t wait.” Gallen’s jaw dropped open in an enormous yawn.
“Yes, I can see that.” Aden laughed. He might have the fate of the dragons on his
shoulders, but he’d handled responsibility all of his life. The hand of fate had swirled the
cooking pot and Aden sat in the middle of the vortex. Tonight he’d show Gallen how
much he meant to Aden. Tomorrow, he’d see what he could do to change the fate of
dragon kind, and maybe watch a baseball game on television.
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AMBER KELL lives in Seattle, WA with her husband, two sons, three cats and one
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