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whatever it was he wanted to talk about while she waited for control central to okay their take-off.
 I know we have a rather volatile relationship, Rylan began. Ruthie unconsciously mimicked the wry
grin he sported while saying this.  But despite all that and the night we shared&  Ruthie raised an
eyebrow at this blas reference to the night of the Ball, but let him continue anyway,  I really think we
need to put everything behind us and start fresh here.
Ruthie cocked her head to the side, a number of questions running through her mind. Was he saying he
wanted to the act like strangers? Or just be professional? She couldn t really believe that Rylan was
taking a jab at her, backhandedly saying she had been behaving unprofessionally, but she didn t really
feel comfortable making a comment until she knew exactly what it was he referred to.
She felt grateful when he paused a moment, but continued.
 I suppose what I m getting at is we have a couple of hours of mind-numbingly boring travel ahead of us,
and I d like to be able to speak freely, without having to weigh every word I utter. I guess I am kinda
hoping for us to raise a truce of some sort.
Ruthie nodded silently, weighing up his words and the serious, genuine meaning behind them. She didn t
really feel surprise at the truthful forcefulness behind his words nor any shock at the directness of his
Rylan might act the playboy, might be genuinely carefree and unencumbered throughout most of his life.
But he loved his family above everything and was actually a fairly brainy, serious man, despite how he
acted most of the time.
Ruthie smiled as she realized it was moments like this that reminded her how much like his twin Rylan
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really was.
 Okay, I have to agree with your sentiments there. There is absolutely no use in us both skirting around
issues and trying to play nicely with each other when we re afraid of stepping on each other s toes.
Ruthie ignored the raised eyebrow she received for her very old-fashioned turns of phrase. She resisted
the impulse to stick her tongue out at the roguish vampire.
 We can clear the air between us as soon as we lift off, she continued in her
don t-fuck-with-me-I m-being-serious tone of voice,  but I just want you to remember, I m piloting, so
no purposely making me swing direction or anything else dare-devilish.
She laughed as Rylan placed his hand on his heart and solemnly said,  I promise not to make you swing
She shook her head and resisted the impulse to chuckle. Sheknew he purposely meant to tease her, to
push her to retaliate, and for once she refused to rise to the bait. She wanted to act professionally, to
prove she was the best damn investigator and that shecould act professionally, even when her heart was
racing and her mouth watered with the hunk of specimen beside her.
Determined not to lose her cool, Ruthie returned to her checks for want of something better thing to do.
 You are such a dolt, she insisted gently.  Now buckle up so we can get out of here as soon as we re
given the go-ahead. I don t know about you, but I am eager to start this journey.
 Continue the journey, Rylan insisted softly as he reached behind himself to organize the complex
Ruthie frowned, and asked  What? before she could squash the impulse.
 Simeon started this journey, Rylan insisted with a devilish gleam in his eyes to indicatehe knew he
meant the journey between the two of them, not the search for Gavreel like his words meant.  We are
merely continuing this journey, my dear.
Ruthie pressed her lips together and nodded, not wanting to start an argument, but strangely enough,
also not wanting to deny therewas a journey going on between the two of them.
She knew the last few years had been an odd dance of back-and-forth between them, a journey in the
true sense of the meaning. Yet she also had to privately acknowledge Rylan was correct. Theywere
merely continuing this journey between the two of them, they just seemed to be on the precipice of [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]