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spit. Gus kneaded the big glans with one hand, and with the other he
stroked the chief s rock hard shaft, failing to contain its incredible girth. In
a trance of growing lust he drove on, stroking the shaft faster, and
kneading the head with more vigour. He jerked on the meat, hypnotised
by the action, his eyes glued to the silent beast which he wrestled, whilst
feeling the fire which he stoked within it.
A hand brought him to a halt. The chief placed it on Gus s and
ceased the action. That would not be the way he first experienced his
master s coming. Whilst he calmed himself down in preparation for the
ultimate consummation, the chief ordered Gus to play with the rest of his
body. Feeling more and more excited, Gus happily obeyed, and
explored the chief s incredible manliness, running his hands through the
thick mat of chest hair and cupping his huge churning balls. Boldly Gus
leaned over and lapped adoringly at the chief s flesh  his chest with all
its hair, his huge erect nipples, the stubble on his chin and then the
mass of his cock which he licked and smothered his face in.
Alexi lay back and accepted the adoration whilst he played with the
ass of his virginal slave. As Gus lapped at his body, Alexi stroked the
lad s buttocks and ever so slowly zoomed in on the asshole. A finger
went up and was accepted with ease, Alexi s tongue having paved the
way and loosened the boy both physically and mentally. Then a second
was in him and stretching the ring, frigging the lad gently and coaxing
him along.
Gus responded with moans as he lost himself in the moment - the
fingers felt so good up his ass, and the chief s manly body was driving
him wild.
Then the fingers became more insistent and the chief took Gus s right
hand and pressed it on his cock.
It was time!
The chief did not need to command  Gus knew what his master
Straightening himself up, Gus held the chief s huge penis in his right
hand and supported himself with his left hand resting on the chief s furry
chest, luxuriating in the rich mat of hair that was there. With the chief s
hands on his butt cheeks, coaxing him along, Gus raised himself up and
positioned himself so that the glans of the chief s cock pressed against
his asshole. Gus looked down at him. Alexi s face was a mask  no
charming young man smiling in encouragement, but a manipulative stud
who had brought Gus to this point and now waited on his final surrender.
Suddenly Gus was gripped by fear. Clarity came to break through the
hypnotic haze of lust that had somehow been conjured up. He was a
virgin, a slight young lad, and the chief was a man of enormous size.
Gus thought to move, but the chief s hand was suddenly there on top of
his shoulder holding him in place. Alexi stared up at him, his expression
was clear. Not a command, but a request, for this had to be given.
Slowly Gus pulled himself together. He wanted to be fucked  the
chief had aroused him  but the man was so bloody big! The path was
set, however, and Gus willingly stepped forward and lowered himself
onto the chief s cock. He felt the stretch, he clenched his teeth  he
experienced the stab when the big glans popped through  a sudden
blast of pain that exploded in his brain. Then he experienced such bliss
that he d never thought possible. The pain was still there but fading
away to be replaced by such utter joy.
 See, my boy. I told you it would fit. Now take your time and take the
rest. Sink all the way down and stuff yourself with your master s meat. I
want you to ride my cock. I want you to know its joys. You can fuck
yourself however you like. Give me your flesh and make me come up
your ass. Come as well if you like  spurt it over my chest. Then it s over
to me boy! For this is just the first of many rides your will be having
Chapter 9
It was early afternoon when Gus awoke the following day. At first he
thought he was back in his prison cell. He was lying on a cot of the same
design to the one he had slept on the night before. Had it all been a
dream? Had he fallen asleep and not been taken to the chief? Had he
failed in his objective of saving Robbie?
Then he felt the agony of his body, the residue of pain on his well
flogged buttocks, the stinging of his nipples and the sensuous throbbing
inside his ass.
No! It hadn t been a dream  he had been bound and beaten, his
nipples had been nicked and he had impaled himself on a massive dick
and rode it like a slut. He had fucked himself on the chief of police s
cock, willingly taking it up his bum. He had called himself a whore, called
the chief  Sir , and called him  Master as well. And he had been used
throughout the night to satisfy Chief Vorinov s seemingly insatiable lust,
doing unspeakable things for the older man s pleasure.
As dawn was breaking, the chief had come inside Gus s ass for the
fourth time. He had been secured in the stocks and he been fucked from
behind. The chief had played with Gus s cock whilst pumping into his
ass. Gus recalled the chief s sadistic laughter as he fucked him,
declaring how it would amuse him to see the friends in action, asking if
Gus would like to lose his other cherry by fucking his sexy big friend.
After that final hard shafting, Chief Vorinov had then departed,
leaving Gus in a state of exhaustion, curled up on the dungeon floor.
Then in what seemed like a dream his hero came to him, the handsome
young lieutenant that he had taken such a shine to. Evgeny had picked
Gus up like a broken doll and carried him to the cot.
 I m sorry, Gus had whimpered.  I had to do it.
 Of course you did, Evgeny replied. Gus was comforted by his
understanding. It was dream come true to be so forgiven for his whorish
behaviour. Then the dream turned sour as the handsome lieutenant
roughly climbed on top, his cock came out of his uniform trousers and he
plunged it into Gus s well fucked asshole.
 And I have to do this, you little cock slut.
He fucked him relentlessly, spitting on his face and calling him a
whore. He fucked him till he came and spurted out his spunk inside
Gus s already spunk drenched ass; then he bound him up in rope,
carried him out of the dungeon and threw him in the back of a van.
And now here he was, lying God knows where, in a room full of
shadows and unfamiliar voices - a figure looming over his aching body.
Gus instinctively curled up defensively, timorously shying away.
 There, there, mate. It s okay... it s okay.
A firm hand stroked his hair as the strong masculine voice tried to
sooth his battered spirit. It took some time, but slowly calmness returned
then Gus looked at the figure who had sat down beside him on the edge
of the cot.
It was a man - a very attractive man, who was naked, just like Gus.
He had wavy light brown hair and a cheeky handsome face with a ready
smile that seemed to engage. His body was beautifully muscled and was
covered in some amazing tattoos. An intricate design covered his right
shoulder and upper arm whilst another design ran the length of his left
arm. His chest was pleasingly unmarked as far as the nipples which [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]