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her wrists, pulling them up and pressing them onto the sofa above her head. Her eyes flew open.
Her natural instinct was to resist, and she did, struggling against his firm grip.
 What& ?
 Shh, it s okay. Just flow with how it feels, give in to it. Elizabeth s heart was smashing
against her ribs and she couldn t seem to catch her breath.
 Don t struggle. Relax. Close your eyes again. He leaned down, his mouth brushing against
her ear.  Slow your breathing. You re safe here. Give in to your own desires.
He kept her wrists pinned over her head. Her blouse had ridden up, exposing the skin of her
midriff. Cole stroked the flesh, his touch electrifying her. She pulled against his grip and he
tightened it just a little.
His free hand roamed, moving down her thighs and passing over her bare skin again. She
shuddered and pressed her legs together, keenly aware of her pulsing clit. She felt his hand at her
throat, the thumb lightly pressing beneath one ear, the fingers curling easily around her neck. She
gasped, her heart bucking, and jerked her wrists, which he held steady.
One hand on her throat, the other pinning her arms high over her head, he murmured,  Do
you want me to stop? His voice was low and sultry, a ripple of challenge beneath the surface of
the words.
She looked at him, opening her mouth to say yes. Her mind told her to demand he let her go
that second. Her body, yielding, wet and aching with lust, overruled, and she closed her mouth
without answering.
He narrowed his eyes and smiled a predatory smile.  No, I didn t think so. He moved his
hand from her throat, twisting it so his fingers dipped into the cup of her bra beneath her blouse.
He found and rolled an already stiff nipple, making her gasp. He kissed her throat, his tongue
gliding down to the hollow between her collarbones.
 You re so beautiful, he whispered throatily, sliding to lie down beside her, her wrists still
caught in his firm grip. She trembled, feeling his passion and heat mingling with her own. His
cock was hard against her thigh. His free hand moved down between her legs, sliding against the
thin cotton of her slacks. Her clit throbbed beneath the press of his fingers and it was all she
could do to keep from grinding against them.
All at once he released her wrists and pulled her into his arms. She wanted those fingers
back at her sex. She wanted, she realized with astonishment, to feel his grip on her wrists,
rendering her helpless, taking the decision from her. She wanted to pull off her clothing and rip
off his shirt and let him take her caveman style. What was happening to her? Who was this guy
who could draw such reactions from her?
Her mind whirling, her body on fire, she tried to collect herself. He held her close and she
could feel the beat of his heart against hers. He murmured in a low voice, his lips near her ear.
 That is just a taste, Elizabeth. The tiniest whisper of the passion we could share.
He let her go, sitting up and twisting to face her. He was watching her with dark, solemn
eyes. She too sat up, pushing her hair from her face and straightening her blouse, two buttons of
which had popped open.
She was flustered and curiously let down. Why had he stopped? She rubbed her wrists,
conscious she wanted to feel his grip on them again. She bit her lip, aware her panties were wet,
wondering if the stain of her desire showed at her crotch. She pressed her legs together and
looked away from his mesmerizing stare.  I don t know& 
 You don t know&  he prompted her to continue. Slowly, almost against her will, she
looked back at him. His dark hair was tousled, the bangs, which had been brushed smoothly to
the side, falling over his forehead, into his eyes. He shook back the hair and waited for her to
continue, a small smile on his lips.
Why was she behaving like a tongue-tied schoolgirl? Elizabeth was used to making high-
powered deals with the movers and shakers of the business elite. She never hesitated to let a man
know how she felt and she was always honest, even brutally honest. Surely she could express
herself now. Admit to him her confusion, if not her desires.
She blew out a breath and turned resolutely toward him. She wanted him to explain to her
what it was she was feeling. Yet she lacked the words or the courage to ask.  I don t know what [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]