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HEIKKIL, Das Kloster Fulda, pp. 19-20 and W.D. FRITZ,  Einleitung , in: Lamperti
Annales, p. XI.
BRANDT,  his stupris incumbere , p. 78; this almost proverbial wisdom was well known
I do not claim certainty that everything in these stories is accurate. Quite
the contrary, we have good reasons to believe that many elements are incorrect,
conflated or simply made up. What they delivered though were implicit, norma-
tively laden guidelines about how the conflicts should or should not be solved,
what was conceivable and what was beyond one s expectations, what was right
and what was wrong. As precedents they taught practical lessons, and an over-
all practical lesson I think we can learn from them is a bureaucratic version of
the Miranda warning: do not think about anything. If you have done that, do
not say it. If you have said it, do not write it down. If you have done that too,
do not sign it. If you have signed it, please, at least do not be surprised!
to Ekkehard IV, who repeatedly expressed concerns about people from the outside, and especially
monks of near-by Reichenau, having too much insight into St. Gall. See for example: Casus
sancti Galli, c. 5, pp. 24-25; cc. 91-92, pp. 186-191; cc. 134-135, pp. 260-263. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]