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Initiation. Let us remember the Virgin of the Sea (Mother of Jesus), and the eleven
thousand Inca Virgins, the Virgins of the stars, the Virgin of the law, etc. All of those
women are living Buddhas, women who attained the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries
(true human beings). The most elevated degree for a woman is that of Virgin.
The most elevated degree for a human is that of Christ. The Virgin who renounces
Nirvana and reincarnates in order to work for humanity as a human being elevates herself
to the degree of Christ.
The Sephira Yesod is the Philosophical Stone of the Alchemists, the Cubic Stone of
Yesod, the mysterious stone Amphorasep of the Hebrews, the sex. Yesod is in the sexual
Jesus said (Matthew 16: 18.): And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this
rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
No one can incarnate the Intimate Christ without previously having built the temple upon
the living rock (sex).
We must raise the seven columns of the temple of wisdom. The word INRI is written
with fiery characters upon each one of the seven columns of the temple.
The seven degrees of power of the fire are developed only with sexual magic.
The mysteries of sex enclose the clue of all powers. Everything that comes into life is a
child of sex.
Aztec Christic Magic Samael Aun Weor
Among the Aztecs, the dance of the twelve Cihuateteos for the dead women during
parturition was verified around the Red Quetzalcoatl and the black Quetzalcoatl.
So, Cihuapipiltin is the Master helper of those wretched parturient women. Women,
when you need Cihuapipiltin invoke her! Thus, you will receive immediate help.
Another Goddess of parturition named Tlazolteotl exists among the Aztec Angelology.
These Goddesses and Gods are pure and perfect Angels of Christ.
Tlazolteotl, Goddess of parturition is a Great Master of the White Lodge, who when seen
clairvoyantly seems a beautiful adolescent filled with life. The Master Tlazolteotl always
wears a beautiful blue mantle and his countenance is as resplendent as the rosy color of
the dawn. Tlazolteotl is the chief of a group of angels who intensely work helping women
during parturition.
Tlazolteotl controls the waters of universal life. Tlazolteotl controls the amniotic liquid
within which the fetus is gestated. Tlazolteotl controls all the feminine organs related
with pregnancy; therefore, Tlazolteotl can precipitate the waters, direct the mechanism of
certain organs and manipulate the laws which rule the mechanism of natural parturition.
Tlazolteotl lives in Eden; this is the ethereal plane or region of the magnetic fields of
Nature. Any mother can invoke the Master Tlazolteotl in the critical moments of
parturition. Ask and it shall be given unto you; knock and it shall be open unto you.
In Eden the mountains are blue and transparent as the crystal. The sublime beauty of
Eden has the same divine blue color.
Whosoever wants to enter into Eden has to have previously received the Wedding
Garment of the Soul; this garment receives the name of  Soma Puchicon. Such a
garment is an organized body of ethereal material. When the clairvoyant exams this
ethereal organism, he can then prove that it is transparent as crystal. It looks like a
beautiful innocent girl.
It is necessary to know that the  Soma Puchicon is governed by the Moon. Whosoever
possesses this body can visit all the departments of the kingdom with it.
We departed from Eden through the doors of sex; therefore, only through that straight
narrow and difficult door can we return into Eden. Eden is sex itself.
Perfumes and sandals are the symbols of Yesod. We must study the two trees of Eden:
the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life (the Ten Sephiroth). Both
trees even share their roots.
Aztec Christic Magic Samael Aun Weor
Those who have ill sexual organs must invoke Tlazolteotl to receive help. They can also
invoke with their heart and mind the Angel Cihuapipiltin.
It is necessary to explain that during the practice of sexual magic the three elements of
Pure Akasa, which descend through the Brahmanic cord, remain completely strengthened
by our willpower. When this occurs, these three breaths are converted into a
tremendously violent and explosive force that can convert us into living angels or living
If during the practices of sexual magic the magician commits the mistake of spilling the
semen (reaching the orgasm), then he loses millions of solar atoms which are replaced by
million of satanic atoms.
The satanic atoms are gathered after the coitus by the peristaltic movements of the sexual
organs. Such malignant atoms infect the Brahmanic cord; afterwards, these atoms intend
to rise towards the brain, but the three breaths of Pure Akasa, strengthened by the force of
willpower, hold the ascension of such atoms and cast them downwardly with violence,
towards the atomic infernos of the human being. When this happens, the tenebrous atoms
crash violently against the king of the malignant atoms; such an atom abides in the
coccyx. Such an atom is indeed a very dangerous black god. Normally this god abides in
the coccyx always waiting for an opportunity to pilfer the fire of Kundalini and direct it
downwardly. Therefore, with the seminal discharge during sexual magic this atomic king
from darkness receives his awaited opportunity and filled with a great force, awakens the
igneous serpent of our magical powers and directs it downwardly. This is how the tail of
Satan (the Kundartiguador) is formed in the demons. When this occurs, the horns
protrude upon the forehead of the astral body. Whosoever descends in this way,
whosoever reaches such a degree of degeneration, loses his Divine Spirit and sinks
himself into the Abyss. Those are the lost ones, the soulless ones; those are the ones who
pass through the Second Death. They slowly disintegrate within the Abyss until
becoming cosmic dust.
A multitude of schools of black magic exist, some of them have very venerable traditions
that teach sexual magic with seminal discharge. They have very beautiful theories that
attract and captivate; therefore, if the student falls into that seductive and delectable
snare, he then converts himself into a black magician. Those black schools affirm to the
four winds that they are white; this is how the naive fall. Moreover, those schools speak
beautifully about love, charity, wisdom, etc., etc., etc. Naturally, in such circumstances,
the naive disciple believes with firmness that such institutions have nothing to do with
evil and perversity. Remember, good disciple, that the Abyss is filled with sincere but
mistaken people and people with very good intentions.
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