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 Such as?
 He has precognition, visions. He can also discern when people are about to die. Any idea
on which God may have sired or given birth to him?
There was a lengthy pause on the other end. He could feel the anxiety in the room mounting
with each second that passed. Jamie sat up and Seth moved close, prepared to go another round if
the man attempted to run again, but their mate remained seated.
He was about to ask again when Aquene said,  I m on my way now. If it s all right with
you, I m going to have Jace and Malen join us at your house. I trust them and they might know
some others who can help. We ll figure everything out when we get there.
 I have no problem with that, but I want an answer. You know who it is, don t you?
A gruff sigh sounded before his friend grudgingly replied,  I m not absolutely certain, but I
think it may be the God of Death. That last power of your mates fits his talents and from what I
was able to learn, Death has yet another son out there but no one can get a fix on his location.
Only Fate and a handful of Keepers know about him.
 How the hell has he been able to keep the existence of two offspring from the other
 I don t know, at least not yet. I ll call the others and jump on the first plane out of here.
We should all be there by morning. In the meantime, don t let either of your mates out of your
sight. We don t want to take the risk of Loland being used as leverage if anyone else figures out
Jamie s identity.
 Yeah. Thanks man. We ll see you soon.
 Count on it. And, Seth& Don t stress out over this too much. I haven t spent centuries
saving your ass only to lose you to the loss of your mate. We ll keep him safe.
The confidence in Aquene s voice bolstered his own, but they still had a long road ahead of
them.  I can t promise anything, but I ll try to keep that in mind.
He ended the call but wouldn t meet the stares of his mates until he was able to mask the
panic inside. He needed to focus.
 As you heard, we ll be having company soon, so you two will go back to wearing clothes
for the duration of their stay. Loland, I ve already sent the folder with your profile to a friend of
mine who s also a decorator. She helped me design my garden and will be able to find you all the
work you want in case your boss doesn t take kindly to you backing out of the job in Vegas. I m
sorry, but it looks like you ll have to stay here after all. I have no idea when we ll be able to get
this situation resolved.
 What situation? Jamie asked.
Oh Gods. How could he expect his mates to grasp the scope of the danger they were in
when he could barely comprehend it himself? No matter how delicately he worded his response,
Jamie was going to be crushed.
And life just got better and better.
Chapter Nine
Seth sat back down on the coffee table.  We think that you re the son of the God of Death
and a Keeper. While affairs between Gods and Keepers are frowned upon, they re not unheard of.
To have a child born of that affair, though, is forbidden. The offspring would inherit some of the
powers of both parents, making them more powerful than any Keeper and, depending on their
gifts, many of the Gods.
Jamie shook his head, brows drawn together.  But if your friend had a hunch about it, then
he must have heard of this happening before. What happened to the offspring that time?
 He, uh& He was killed.
 By who?
Shit. He didn t want to say this. Didn t even want to think about it. Somehow, saying it
would make everything real. Inescapable. Right now, he was still drifting in shock.  The God of
Wrath, but only because he got to the boy first. Gods and Keepers alike searched for him once his
existence had become known.
 Could the man in my vision be the God of Wrath?
 I don t know. What does he look like? Seth had seen the corporeal forms that Death and
Wrath took while on earth once or twice, so he would be able to differentiate by the description.
 Almost as tall as you. Big build. Black hair and eyes. He has a scar on the side of his face
from his brow to his left ear.
 No. The corporeal forms that the Gods take cannot be scarred, which means we re dealing
with someone else.
 If he s the son of a God and possibly has a brother out there, maybe they re trying to find
Jamie, Loland piped up.  They could help.
Given the fact that Fate had suggested Jamie s own father should have collected him in
death years ago, Seth was betting against those odds. He shook his head grimly.
 So I have a battalion of Gods and Keepers out to kill me.
 It hasn t come to that yet and I won t let it. My friends and I will keep you safe, no matter
the cost.
Jamie fell silent. There was nothing in his demeanour to give away how he was processing
this information. Externally, Jamie was calm and composed. Internally, Seth was screaming,
raging against the injustice of their dilemma.
After some time, Jamie spoke up again.  What if the cost is your life, or Loland s life, or
the lives of your friends? I can t be responsible for that.
 Jamie, what are you saying? There was more than an edge to Loland s voice, and Seth
thought he understood why. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]