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"Into the shower, boy." Tom did look relieved, and Mischa
couldn't help but smile. Then he undressed and stepped in
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behind Tom. He washed his sub slowly and sensually,
massaging the shampoo into Tom's hair and rinsing it out.
With a crooked smile, he took out the lube. "Turn around,
Tom sighed and grabbed the railing on the wall of the
shower stall. He rested his head on his hands, letting
himself be opened up, breathing through it and groaning
when Mischa went too fast.
When Mischa exchanged his fingers for his dick, Tom only
sighed and relaxed into it. The sub was so malleable, taking
everything Mischa had to give him. The low sounds told
Mischa that it still hurt him when Mischa went too deep,
but Tom took the pain, grunting, but not fighting. Mischa
fucked him forever, the warm water cascading over them
and cocooning them in their own little world. He didn't
want this to end, but it had to, and he stroked Tom's hard
cock and pushed deep inside his boy's body. They came at
the same time, Tom groaning quietly and Mischa shouting
out his pleasure. Mischa pushed deep one last time and then
just leaned on Tom. This was where he belonged, in his
The thought didn't seem as shocking as it had before, and
that in itself was enough to shake Mischa. He was quiet
when he dried Tom, and then he took the boy to bed. He
wanted to be close. He was gently stroking Tom's belly
when Tom broke the silence.
"You know, the guys who did the scenes last night?"
Apparently Mischa wasn't the only one thinking.
"Yeah? Which one of them?"
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"All of them. I mean, they had so much trust in each other.
It was amazing."
"It was." Mischa didn't know where this was going.
Tom was quiet for a moment, then he continued. "Is it like
that for you? I mean, we don't know each other that well
yet, but what happened when your subs stayed? When it
wasn't just scenes."
"It always was." The answer came quickly.
Tom cocked his head. "So you haven't had any long-term
relationships with a sub? They were just playmates?"
Mischa hesitated, and then realized that he had to be
honest. "They were just playmates."
"Am I just a playmate?"
"No." Mischa had no idea how he could be this sure, but he
was. He gestured helplessly. "No, you're not. I want to have
more scenes with you. And I want to get to know you. Does
it scare you away that I say this so soon?" He held his
breath. This conversation had turned a lot more serious than
he had expected.
Tom raised an eyebrow. "I'm not easily spooked, you
know. Far too stubborn for that." He looked thoughtfully at
Mischa. "Have you had other relationships?"
"Sure. Well, not that many, but I have had three or four
long-term lovers since I was a teen." This was turning into
a friendly interrogation that concentrated far more on
Mischa than he liked, but he had a hunch that Tom wasn't
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going to let go of him before the boy got some answers. It
was almost comical that their roles were that quickly
reversed. Well, it might have been funny if the
conversation hadn't been making Mischa sweat,
metaphorically speaking.
"Tell me about the last one."
"Well, what do you want to know? He was a contractor, a
really nice guy, and we had a good time. It even ended
"But why did it end?"
"Basically, I wanted to push and he didn't want to be
pushed. In bed, that is. Outside it, we were a pretty good
match. We could argue for hours about everything. He
never budged."
"So, why don't you just hook up with one of your subs if
you need to be matched sexually?"
"They're boring." Once again, Mischa wished he would
think before he talked. It wasn't a problem with anyone but
Tom. On the other hand, he hadn't talked about these things
with anyone but Tom.
"Your perfect, obedient subs that turn you on are boring?"
If Mischa had been prone to blushing, he would be doing so
now. Which he wasn't. Nope.
"I'm sorry, that's just the way it is! I want someone I can
actually talk with when we don't have sex."
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"And your solution has been to have a totally
compartmentalized life."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, believing that either you could have mind-blowing
sex OR you could have someone to talk to in between the
mind-blowing sex. Maybe you were wrong."
Mischa frowned.
"What do you mean, wrong?"
"Did you talk to your three or four guys about your sexual
"Yes, I told you so. They didn't want what I wanted." What
did this have to do with anything?
"No, because the statistic is just against it, isn't it? Have
you ever thought about going the other way?"
"I'm sorry, you've lost me." Mischa tried not to sulk; he
wasn't sure that he did a great job of it.
"Finding someone kinky and then asking them if they had a
brain? Of course, you had to take them down from the cross
Mischa stared. "I've never, ever met somebody like you
"What?" Suddenly looking self-conscious, Tom pulled the
comforter closer around his shoulders.
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