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Gunnar s weight.
His energy pummelled her senses. It was cold,
brutal, almost as though he could kill someone.
Anastasia Maltezos
Chapter Seven
he knew she was dreaming and tried
desperately to wake up.
She saw Tyler in a dark room, sitting on a small bed,
sobbing. She wanted to rescue him, but couldn t. Then
her dream changed and she saw Derek, but he wasn t
nice and sweet. He was evil, cruel, as he raised a hand
ready to deliver a blow to her face. She screamed and
tried to run, but couldn t move. And then Gunnar
appeared, looking dangerous and crazed, a fiercely
protective glint in his eyes as he grabbed Derek by the
collar and jerked him away from her.
Gunnar threw him a few feet away, snarling,  Stay
away from my woman.
Then Stella and Gunnar were alone and he was
holding her, kissing her, telling her everything was
going to be all right, as their clothes melted away and
he lowered her over a bed.
 You re mine, he growled as he entered her, filling
her, and she screamed.
Stella gasped as she opened her eyes and gazed
Lycan Mate
up at Gunnar looking down at her with a
concerned look on his face. Dazed, she glanced
around and saw she had fallen asleep on the
 You were having a bad dream. I heard you cry
out in your sleep, he said.
She took a moment to catch her breath. The
dream was still vivid in her mind as she recalled
his strong, warm skin on hers.  What time is it?
 It s almost midnight.
She shot him a surprised look.  You ve been
working all this time? After they returned from
the restaurant, she d hardly seen him except when
he came downstairs to eat.
She wondered if he had stayed away all day
because of his writing or because of what she d
told him about Elissa. Guilt flared up again in her
 I m sorry about earlier, Gunnar. I didn t mean
to reawaken your pain  She stopped as he
raised a hand.
 I know you meant well. I&  he paused,  I
guess I m having a hard time believing it. If Elissa
is wrong&  his voice trailed, leaving her no doubt
what he thought.
If Elissa was wrong, he d be reliving Tyler s
death all over again. Her heart ached for him.  I
understand, she said softly.
Anastasia Maltezos
She began to rise from the couch and moaned at
the flash of searing pain on her lower back.  This
couch is great for sitting, but not for sleeping. My
back is killing me. She winced.  Ow.
Deep concern darkened his features.  Why
don t you turn over? I ll give you a back rub.
Her face heated up as her dream reappeared in
her mind.  No, that s all right. Thanks. Another
shaft of pain pierced her back and she gritted her
teeth as she struggled to sit up.  So much for my
 Don t be so hard on yourself. Even
professional athletes pull muscles. His look
deepened.  Seriously. Lie back down. A back rub
will help.
 Oh, I m sure it will. Her aching muscles were
saying yes, but her mind was saying no. Having
him massage her left her breathless.
 I& no& thanks. She rose. A spasm speared her
lower back and she flinched, grimacing in pain.
Gently, he took her by the shoulders and eased
her down.  I insist.
She gave him a wary look and found herself
nodding. The couch was long enough to fit her
length and wide enough for him to sit on the edge
by her legs. Shyly, she lay down on her stomach,
her arms cradling her head. She closed her eyes, a
little self-conscious at having her backside
exposed to him even though it was clad in denim.
Lycan Mate
For a long moment she didn t feel his hands and
wondered if he changed his mind.
 Er& maybe I should just take a hot shower,
she said.
 Yes, but first let me loosen your muscles.
His voice sounded curiously hoarse and she
wondered if he oh God! His hands were heaven.
They started on her lower back, above the band of
her low rider jeans and moved up, gliding over
her stiff muscles. A soft moan escaped her lips.
Slowly, sensually, his hands moved back to her
hips and slid her T-shirt up over her back.
 Do you mind if I loosen your bra? he asked,
his voice curiously strained.  It will easier for me.
She thanked her lucky stars she was wearing
her good bra, the white, lacy one.  Okay. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]