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 I m not ashamed of wanting you, he told her.  My body reacted instantaneously.
It just took longer for my mind to accept what my body recognized.
She shook her head and glanced away.  What s that supposed to mean?
 You re special. I sensed it the first time I touched you. There s more going on here
than two lonely people wanting to fuck.
Dragging her gaze back to his face, she knew the battle was lost.  Only a fool makes
the same mistake twice.
 Maybe it s not a mistake. He leaned down and covered her mouth with his before
she could argue further. Denial was a waste of time when his empathic receptors told
him how much she wanted him. She ached for his touch, craving the stunning release
she d only known in his arms.
She tried to touch his face, but the wristcuff brought her up short. He entwined
their fingers, anchoring their hands against the pillow.
 You need to say it, he whispered. His gaze bore into hers, smoldering and
caressing.  No more games, no denials. Say,  I want you inside me. 
Her other hand clutched the back of his uniform as he arched over her. This wasn t
about pride or domination. They couldn t move on until she stopped lying to herself.
 I want you inside me. Tingles cascaded through her body with the admission.
A sexy smile curved his lips and desire ignited in his eyes.  That s a good start. He
found the separator and parted the front of her utility suit. The seam opened down her
Aubrey Ross
torso and between her thighs. Lifting her hips, she allowed him to divide the material as
far back as he could reach.
 Release the cuffs. I can t touch you like this. She tugged on the back of his shirt,
illustrating her limitation.
 But I can touch you. He folded back the sides of her suit, framing her naked
breasts.  We did this way too fast before.
While his fingers stroked her breasts and rolled her nipples, he explored her
features with featherlight kisses. She refused to accept a completely passive role.
Finding the hem of his uniform top, she slipped her hand underneath and splayed her
fingers. His back was warm, the muscles bunching and flexing as he held himself above
He moved downward, his mouth teasing a path along the side of her throat.  Oh
Corry, he murmured, and her excitement surged.
 Say it again, she whispered.
 Corry. Her nipples, already hardened from his touch, gathered into tight, aching
peaks. He circled one with the tip of his tongue and then suckled the other.
She raked his hair with her fingers, urging him on, wanting more. Shifting positions
carefully on the narrow bunk, he got his legs beneath him without releasing her nipple.
His hand pulled hers off the pillow and he chuckled.
 This could be a bit challenging, he said.
 Not if you release the stupid thing. With stubborn intent, he bent her leg nearly to
her chest then draped it over his upper arm, alleviating the obstacle.
 Much better. He grinned and settled on his knees between her thighs. He traced
her slit with his fingertip, nearing but not touching her clit.  What were you thinking
about before? You were so turned-on your desire woke me up.
 Don t ruin this with words, she cried.  I want you inside me.
He moved their hands above her head and braced himself on his forearm. Then,
staring deeply into her eyes, he pushed two fingers into her passage.
 Were you dreaming or fantasizing? He passed his thumb over her clit and she
started, sensations zinging through her belly.  Tell me. His gaze narrowed and his
thumb rubbed, the warning unmistakable.
 A little of both, she admitted. He rewarded her honesty with several slow, deep
thrusts.  I was mostly asleep until you touched my breast.
 What did I do in your dream?
 What you re doing now. She squeezed his fingers with her inner muscles, hoping
to distract him from his questions.
 Just this?
 No, you sucked on my nipples until I came around your fingers then turned me
over and took me from behind.
His lips caught one of her nipples and she closed her eyes. It hadn t been her
intention when she told him her fantasy, but she d just placed her order for the night.
He pumped his fingers into her pussy. The firm strokes made her crave a more
substantial penetration.
Each time he drew on her nipple he also rubbed her swollen clit. Sensations darted
from her chest to the apex of her thighs and back. He sucked harder and rubbed faster,
his fingers never stopping the rhythmic shuttle.
She tossed her head, trembling on the brink of orgasm. Her fantasies were a pale
imitation of the delight he unleashed. She arched and cried out as she came in pulsing
A faint hiss signaled the deactivation of the restraints. She moved her arm, testing
her conclusion. His empty cuff now dangled from the one still in place around her
wrist. Before she could object, he grasped her hips and turned her over. Only then did
he release her wrist as well. He took the restraints and dropped them to the floor beside
the bunk.
Too impatient to undress her completely, he helped her pull her arms out of the
sleeves and peeled the suit downward. He bared her bottom and her hips, but left the
material bunched around her knees as he unfastened the front of his pants.
She expected frantic brutality. He had something else in mind. Kneeling behind her,
he bent her over until she braced herself on her forearms. Then he eased his shaft [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]