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were no words for the feeling as he stroked my tongue with his and moved his hands down to cup my ass,
bringing my hips up to rub our cocks together through denim.  So good.
 Yeah, he took the time to mutter as he sucked on my neck, and we attacked buttons and belt
 This isn t going to last. I thought I should warn him of that, and then he got his hand around my
cock. Yeah, no way was this going to last longer than a few more strokes.
 Last long enough to be in me? Probably not, but for that I d damn sure try.
 Maybe. God, that feels so good. He continued to pump my dick.  But not going to last long enough
to fuck you if you keep doing that. I wrapped my hand around his cock, loving the heft in my hand as it
pulsed with life.
 Shit, we don t have anything. Wade groaned and kissed me again.  We should go up to the house.
 Hell, no. We got everything we need. I dug the condom and lube out of my pocket.  Turn around,
hands against the wall. I wondered what he d think of that command.
He didn t say anything, just turned around, put his hands on the wall until he was almost bent over,
and looked over his shoulder at me and grinned.  You gonna show me how I like it now?
 Sure am. Hope you want it rough and fast because anything else will have to wait  til later. I pushed
his jeans all the way down to his ankles to help him widen his stance a little. Talk about down and dirty in
the stables.
 Yeah, don t hold back. Been too long. And with that we both froze as we thought about why. Then
he turned his head to look at me again, serious this time, and said,  Dylan. Now.
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