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Hemingway Show, she contacted the Crystic institute, she told
Daniel Shehan [sp] that I had just said something about Bush and
drugs on her show. HE called ME and told me he wanted to send an
investigator, in fact he told me to even help the investigator
because he was new at the job, his name was Wayne Nelson, he is
a very good gentleman, he stayed at my house for 2-days, slept
overnight on my couch, I gave him everything I had. I never told
Daniel Shehan that I had any documents and I never told Wayne
Nelson that I had any documents. In fact what I told Wayne Nel-
son, and I quote, 'Wayne, if I did have the documents I couldn't
admit it and I don't know you from Adam, and I don't know Daniel
Shehan from Adam and what makes you think I would give them to
you.' Who am I going to give them to and how quick are they go-
ing to disappear, that was my thought. Wayne Nelson also came to
my house with a stack of documents this thick already substanti-
ating the presence of aliens and extraterrestrial craft on this
planet, and they are keeping it a secret, because they're afraid
somebody'll laugh at them and they'll loose their credibility."
"We need some patriots in this country, not people trying to
make a name for themselves, trying to expose some drug runners,
because those are just the bag-men. The real crook is in the
White House! And you can tell THAT to Daniel Shehan!"
"Why didn't Jackie Kennedy report [the source of the lethal
shot]?" asked another audience member.
"Who's she gonna tell? The Secret Service just killed her hus-
band and they're assigned to protect the President. Also, who
had her children? The same Secret Service had her children at
the time."
"Wasn't the craft at Roswell, New Mexico destroyed and all the
aliens killed?" another young man asked.
"All the aliens were dead but the craft was not completely
destroyed, it was severely damaged yes."
On an unrelated note an older gentleman asked, "Does that mean
that 'Alternative-3' is true?"
"Alternative-3 is absolutely true and so is 'Alternative-2'."
Then a man in his late 20's or early 30's raised his hand,
said something I couldn't hear, and was apparently recognized by
Mr. Cooper who asked him to take the podium and address the aud-
"What I said was that I thanked him [Cooper] very much for
coming forward and saying something. A lot of my friends out
here know that I was involved in the United States Special For-
ces, UFO Tracking and Research from the years 1971 to 1975. My
name is Richard Murray, I was based out of the 71st Tac Controll
Flight, McDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida. We were 'Mobile
Radar Command,' that was combat and war ready. We could be load-
ed on aircraft within an hour and many times were taken into
areas [to] set up radar. A lot of times we were set up around
Egland [sp] Air Force Base because that's where they have the
'Altered Temperature Weather Control', where they can test vari-
ous aircraft for their shrinkage and their dimension change dur-
ing altered temperature. So, you know, I was told to shut up
twice in 1982 and they finally threatened my parents life so I
stayed quiet, and, that's when Wendel Stevens was taken off the
streets... Just like that! And I hid for quite awhile, and deci-
ded to come back out when I heard that you're [Cooper] of such
high rank as you were, and I felt just in saying that your cre-
dentials are true, and that what you have to say, everything
you've said here today, I've heard before behind closed doors.
And you've really tied the link for me to the Kennedy killing.
And there's a few more links that have to go on with the Colum-
bia Cartel and the money laundering. I think there's more than
one cartel involved, and they're shutting one of them down so
one can maintain a power, it just seems to be the way it works."
A muffled question then came from someone in the audience
regarding the person referred to as "Colonel Stevens."
"Uh, Colonel Stevens is out of jail now," replied Murray who
was quickly asked another question I couldn't hear to which he
answered, "I sure hope to hell so, he is a wonderful man and I
give him my utmost respect and it was one of the saddest days in
my life to see what happened to him happen to him. But I don't [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]