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having to lace it with infantile romance. I moved my body closer to
his and paid attention to returning the kiss, and he released my
hands so that he could be held too. The feel of him under my palms
and fingers heated my blood even more, so I returned the favor by
running my fingernails lightly down his back.
Val moaned at the tingle along his back, and his kiss quickly grew
less gentle and more demanding. For my own part I was trying to
devour him, trying to swallow him whole. It was a pleasant job but
not very easy, at least until he moved me to my back and shifted to a
place between my thighs. When he entered me I did swallow him whole,
and his was the sweetest taste in the universe. I began to move with
him eagerly, demandingly, and he answered the demand with one of his
Sex with Val is a never-ending delight, something I couldn't imagine
ever getting enough of. We moved together as though we were made for
each other, and my last coherent thought was that I felt glad Val
hadn't been in the mood for preliminaries. When just being near Val
made me want him, foreplay was almost always a waste of time and
effort. And a frustrating waste of time and effort at that. I was
always ready for Val& sometimes even when I happened to be angry with
It was quite some time before we were ready to sleep, and Val made me
chuckle after he turned off the light.
"No two ways about it," he yawned, holding me in his arms with my
back up against his chest. "There's another benefit in having a woman
chained in your bed that I hadn't seen before."
"What benefit?" I asked, snuggling up to him in a sleepy and
satisfied way.
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Tanderon by Sharon Green - Chapter 3
"Compliments," he murmured, his voice growing heavier. "You can
compliment a chained woman without finding trouble. She's already in
your bed. Go to sleep, luscious armful."
He tightened his hold on me and drifted closer to sleep, but I smiled
awhile and listened to his breathing before following suit. He was as
crazy as I was but in a totally different way, and it looked like it
might be a good thing if I got to know him a little better too.
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Tanderon by Sharon Green - Chapter 4
Chapter 4
The next "morning" Ringer was up first, coming in to wake Val and me
with a suspiciously neutral expression on his face. I tried to move
away from Val to stretch, expecting to be unchained, but my partner
told Ringer to put the key back in his pocket for a while and kept
his arms around me. Ringer guffawed and headed out of the bedroom
again, but he might as well have stayed. Val was ready to try his
usual methods on me, but I convinced him that if he put so much as a
single finger on me, he'd be wearing teeth marks for a month.
Val gave up trying with a laugh, knowing it was Ringer's reaction to
his comment that had done him out of his jollies, but for some reason
he didn't seem to mind. I stayed in bed and punched my pillow around
while he went to the bathroom, but he stayed in there longer than
usual and then took his time getting dressed. I didn't understand why
until he went to call Ringer, and then I nearly exploded.
Ringer walked in with a big grin on his face, convinced that Val had
gotten whatever he'd wanted. That, of course, meant it was at least
ten minutes before it was safe for Ringer to come close enough to
unlock the chain on my ankle. Once free I stalked into the bathroom
and slammed the door in Ringer's laughing face without bothering to
try to set him straight. He'd believe whatever he wanted to, and
nothing I could have said would have changed that.
Breakfast and lunch surrounded a century of boredom and lousy temper,
made twice as bad by the chain which kept me either in bed or very
close to it. Just before lunch was brought I spent a few minutes
loosening up my muscles, but Ringer walking in with the tray ended it
all. He stopped on the far side of the bed, frowned at the light
sheen of sweat on my face, then put the tray down on the bed.
"How long have you been doing that?" he growled, his eyes narrowed as
he looked me over.
"Not long enough," I answered, rubbing at my left shoulder. I still
had the faintest memory of tearing skin there, a carryover from the
first days before the surroskin had bound itself to me. I shouldn't
have had that pain, no matter how faint it was, and exercising hadn't
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Tanderon by Sharon Green - Chapter 4
done much to get rid of it.
"You look almost three shades paler than you did at breakfast,"
Ringer said, his hands at his hips as he continued to look me over.
"Get back in that bed and stay there, or I'll shorten the chain to
take care of it."
He stood there staring at me, tan leather shoulder holster strapped
over his light blue shirt, slug gun nestled ready at his armpit. A
man who had promised to shoot me if I tried to get away from him, and
now he had the nerve to -
"Would you like to know what you can do with that chain?" I exploded,
moving one step closer to the bed. I was mad as hell that he kept
switching back and forth between hate and tender concern, driving me
crazy, but that wasn't all that was making me mad. I'd only been at
it fifteen or twenty minutes and my arms and legs were already shaky,
I was just short of being winded, and a faint dizziness was
threatening to make the room spin. I hadn't expected to find myself
in such lousy shape, and I didn't need Ringer's observations to add
to it. I wiped the sweat off my upper lip and said, "You can take
that damned chain and - "
"Shut up!" Ringer snapped, suddenly pointing a finger at me with a [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]