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a small seat. Her body seemed to keep going until he thought she might fall straight
through to the floor.  I wanted to wait until after we d dealt with the werewolf corpse,
which of course, isn t yet finished. But now it seems like we should tell Luc. And then
the whole crew.
 Then, they will leave?
 Not until the sun rises, I would imagine. She pulled a pocket watch from the
folds of her dress and flipped it open.  Another four hours or so. Why?
Javier calculated how far Sergio could travel in four hours. He didn t know the
terrain of France, having never been here before, but there weren t many places in Spain
that a werewolf couldn t reach after a night of hard running. France would likely be the
 How long will we be docked here?
 Until they return, or Sergio does. Or both. Her eyes drilled into his. She was
saying, of course, that they might have to kill him. He doubted Luc could singe the hair
on Sergio s coat, let alone kill the boy.
 We still haven t talked about the obvious, Sacha.
Airship Seduction
She sat forward and flexed her shoulders, making her cleavage press up against the
confines of her too-small bodice.  Being interrupted by Luc?
The reminder of their intimacy sent a warm sensation coursing through him. He
shook his head, trying to re-center himself.  Sergio is alive.
 There s nothing to talk about.
 I want to know why he lives.
Sacha walked to the bed and sat beside him. The mattress sank beneath their
weight. Before he could protest, she slid her hand along the side of his face.  I thought
we agreed not to talk about philosophy.
Javier closed his eyes and leaned into her touch. Her hand was so soft against his
shadowed jaw, and so enticing with its scent of still-ripening grasses from the meadow.
 How can you not want to know?
Sacha exhaled, and the sweetness of her breath caressed him.  I ve learned, in this
fight, that some things you re better off not knowing. Her eyes shadowed and dropped
to her lap.  Some questions, you shouldn t answer.
Javier s heartbeat normalized when her hand left his face.
 I have never wanted to unknow the answer to any question. His voice was deep,
certain, steady.
Sacha swallowed and turned her head, exposing her neck. The pulse of her heart
catapulted as her eyes closed.  Would that you never have to know this feeling, then.
There s none other quite like it. Something had her heart racing, her nostrils flaring,
and Javier couldn t help his curiosity.
 You re sad, carina. Why?
She shook her head and another tendril of hair came loose, spilling down her bared
neck.  I want to trust you, Javier. To tell you things. Her eyes met his, wide and dark.
 But the mage told me to test my lovers carefully.
Javier traced his finger over her round, pink lips.  We are lovers, then?
Sacha s back straightened, thrusting her breasts toward him. An unconscious move,
perhaps the shock of his blunt question, but it said more to him than her words could.
She leaned into him and pressed her lips against his. Javier sat back, allowing her to
be the aggressor, and relished the feel of her weight against him. She climbed into his
lap and the bunch of fabric that ended her short dress pushed into his navel. While
Sacha continued to kiss him, he tried to wade through the fabric of her dress.
He leaned his head away long enough to ask,  Will this help you to trust me,
carina? If we are intimate again?
The question seemed to stun her more than encourage her. She sat up and put a
hand in her dark hair. The innocent look on her face, coupled with the open and
recently kissed pink of her lips did nothing to abate his desire for her.
But he could tell, by the pallor of her face, that it abated hers.
Camryn Rhys
 Why do you ask me this?
He studied her, searching for an answer. An overwhelming sense of unexplainable
protectiveness came over him, not unlike what he d felt hovering over an unconscious
body in the meadow.  I am not Luc.
Her features softened and a glaze of unshed tears welled in her eyes.  I cannot
explain Luc.
 You don t need to explain anything. Men like that always treat women as
expendable. Javier reached across the distance she d created and touched her cheek,
where a tear had fallen.  You are not a toy or a trifle.
Sacha fell against him, her mouth slanting on his, her tongue searching and hot. The [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]