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address so well . . .
But then Cash cleared his throat, leaning over to kiss both of her cheeks, as if he
was kissing them  all better , then said,  I thought you d discovered his other wo - But
he stopped mid word, as if he d thought better of completing it.
 Women? she supplied.  Yeah, I had an inkling about them, too, but mostly
afterwards. Before, it was just rumors. Afterwards, they came out of the woodwork, and
I was very grateful that I had just kind of had a close call with him. She laced her hands
in her lap.  I didn t really know what to look for in a badly behaved man like that, you
know? You and Dad were the only examples I knew, and neither of you were anything
like that. I was so nave. I didn t know the signs. I never needed to with you.
He smiled down at her.  You never will.
Cash got up and began to pick up their picnic.  Do you still have the necklace?
he asked, as casually as he could.
 Yes, of course, she answered.  What did you think I d do, throw it away? It s
 Well, he said, shaking out the blanket and then folding it and putting it away in
a saddle bag,  I do remember saying something to you about having me take it off you if
you decided not to wear it.
Sugar snorted.  I was supposed to come home to the ranch and what, make an
appointment with you to have you take it off me? You would have spent the entire time
trying to convince me not to take it off.
 Damn straight, he answered unapologetically.  You should be wearing it right
Standing up to him, literally, for the first time, Sugar said,  I don t think so. We
don t have that kind of relationship any more.
 We don t, huh? Doubt oozed from every fiber of his being, and his face was
stern, although she could tell that he was having a hard time not smiling at her brave
stance.  Seems to me that someone found herself over my desk fairly recently getting her
naughty bottom warmed. I wonder who that was?
Sugar took a step closer to him, her hands on her hips, nearly pressing her body
against his in a very aggressive stance he d never seen her take before. It was terribly
exciting, although he knew she didn t want him to think of it that way.  It was the same
person who slapped you for taking that liberty  and others  when you no longer have
the right to do so, Cash.
He looked almost as furious at that pronouncement as he had when he d told her
that Curry had hit her.  No right, hmmmm? She didn t like that look in his eye one bit,
and tried to back away from him, but his arm shot out and snaked around her waist before
she could get far enough away.
Cash hauled her up against him, his platter sized hand splayed across her bottom,
the intimacy making her jump and arch against him even more, just as he d intended. His
mouth came down across hers, slanting wildly, forcing her lips open as he plundered
them and beyond with his tongue, grinding his fully erect self against her, immediately
calling responses from her body that she could no more deny than she could have stopped
breathing. He knew her entirely too well, and her traitorous body was only too thrilled to
do anything he wanted.
The nipples his fingers found to tease and pluck were at least as rock-hard and
throbbing as his cock was, her juices flowing for him, that most delicate part of herself
literally aching for his familiar, bold touch. Her hands had found their way up his arms,
not to push against him to try to free herself, but rather to wind her fingers into his hair
and pull him even closer.
Dear God, what he did to her in a matter of seconds was positively criminal.
It was also absolute paradise.
However, he stiffened, his entire body acting as if it had completely rejected her,
and he set her away from him without so much as a word, turning around to gather the
picnic things into his saddle bags in record time. Sugar could see the muscle jumping in
his jaw, and she didn t think she d ever seen him look more unapproachable.
 You coming? he asked, barely taking the time to wait for her to swing up into
the saddle before he took off like a shot.
He barely said a word to her the rest of the day. Dinner was a nearly tragic affair. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]