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each other; I couldn t help but think that he and Sam would ve gotten along, too. We d
gotten quite friendly in the last month, often going out for coffee after his morning
Spanish 101 class, which I d started attending unofficially, just as I d done with Piero s
Italian class. Julian treated me the same way he treated his freshman and sophomore
students, making me participate in the same call-and-response exercises and putting me
on the spot. Come to think of it, had I not been seeing David, there s a good chance I
might have taken even more of an interest in Julian. With Piero, I simply wanted to have
one night of passionate sex with him, and he looked more than capable of fulfilling that
fantasy. I was beginning to wonder if the foreign language department was hiring their
faculty based solely on looks.
We rounded the corner to my office so I could get my jacket before heading out
for coffee. But as I opened the door, I nearly jumped through the ceiling when David
stood up from behind my desk.
 What the hell&  I started, trying to catch my breath.  What are you doing
here? I asked.
 Surprise, he said sheepishly. He then looked at Julian, his sienna eyes growing
dark like thunderclouds.  I thought we could go out for coffee or something.
 Actually, we were just about to do just that, said Julian.  You re welcome to
join us.
 I don t want to intrude, he said.
 No intrusion, said Julian.  We do this all the time.
David pierced me with his eyes.  Really.
I stared back at him for a few seconds, wondering what had gotten into him, when
I snapped out of it.  Geez, where are my manners? Julian, this is David, my& David, this
is Julian, the Spanish teacher.
Julian and David shook hands; I thought David was gonna take him to the ground.
 I m just helpin her brush up on her Spanish, said Julian, who must have been
intimidated by David s cold stare and crushing handshake.
 And going out for coffee, added David.
 All good fun, said Julian.
 Hey, do you mind taking a rain-check until I get back from Peru? I asked
Julian.  I kinda want David all to myself, especially since he was so thoughtful to
surprise me, and I m leaving the day after tomorrow. I hoped that sounded diplomatic.
 No problem, said Julian.  Have a good trip. I m totally jealous of you, you
know. If I could ve, I would ve gone with you and offered to be your guide for free.
 That s sweet, Julian. Thanks for all the extra help this past month. Anything I
can bring back for you?
 Hmmmm&  He paused and looked momentarily up at the ceiling before
redirecting his eyes back to me.  A Peruvian chica? he said, laughing. What a Devin
thing to say, I thought.
 Won t fit in the suitcase, I responded.
After Julian left, I looked at David and raised my eyebrows.
 Well, this is a surprise. Kinda wish you d called, though. I could ve been in a
meeting and you would ve wasted the trip out here, I said.
 But you weren t in a meeting, were you. You were going to have coffee with
Granola Guy.
 So what? I said, irked.
 How long has this been going on?
 How long has what been going on?
 Your little coffee klatches?
 Dev, I  I started.
 David, his said, his voice a razor.
 Are you jealous, David? I asked.
He threw his hands in the air.  Finally she gets it!
 Look, he s just been helping me with my Spanish for Peru, just like he said. Just
like I told you weeks ago.
 You never told me about the coffee.
 So what if we ve been having coffee? He s just a friend. He s a guy to hang out
with, that s all. I like hanging out with people, you know. I haven t done much of it since
Sam&  God, I still hated saying the word. I hated saying it out loud.  Since Sam died.
Other than Jeff, I added.  You re not jealous of Jeff too, are you?
 Jeff is married.
 So what?
 So, that guy wants you, he said, slightly raising his voice, pointing to the door.
I laughed incredulously.  Julian?
 You can t tell?
 Lower your voice, please, I said in a hushed tone.  This is my workplace and
the walls have ears.
David opened the office door and strode down the hall ahead of me before
stopping and trying to regain his sense of direction; he d never been to NU before. I
followed and caught up to him, took him by the arm, and led him down the stairs and out
of the building to the faculty parking lot, saying nothing until we reached my car.
 Which lot did you park in? I asked.
 Look, Andi, he started.
 I don t wanna talk to you anymore, I said.  You show up at my workplace
unannounced and you go all apeshit on me, like you caught me doing it with him in his
office or something. Jealousy doesn t become you, David.
 Excuse me for wanting to do something romantic. I ll bet if Sam had shown up
unannounced, you would ve gushed and melted on the spot. But because it s me, it s
I balled my hands into fists and jammed them into my pockets.
 You didn t just go there, I said between clenched teeth.
He looked down at the ground. Ashamed, possibly. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]