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He d put that breathless quality in Rowan s voice. The most
gorgeous young man he d ever met went weak like that because of
He felt the jets kick in and reached over blindly to shut off the
water, mouth never leaving Rowan s neck, moving to his
collarbone, the sleek round of his shoulder. Rowan was slim, but
with enough muscle to keep him from tipping over into skinny
territory. His stomach was hard and flat, his hands soft but stronger
than they looked and those legs of his& Finn could spend an
eternity in their firm vise.
 You re evil, Rowan murmured, circling his hips as Finn
tormented him with his mouth.
 I am not, Finn countered, chuckling against Rowan s damp
 Maybe not evil& but close.
Finn lifted his head, meeting Rowan s gaze and smiling.  I
can t help that the bath inspires slow and drawn out. Can I? You
want water going everywhere if I fuck you hard?
Rowan snickered, pressing closer.  I want you inside me. What
you do once you re there is up to you. He slid one hand down
between them to wrap around Finn s cock, making his hips surge
upward.  Come inside, Finnegan.
The whispered demand had the effect Finn knew Rowan had
been aiming for. He could no more deny his lover than he could
not draw a breath. He shifted, lifting Rowan easily and turning him
to face away.
 Lean forward, he murmured, and Rowan shivered, obeying.
The water came just up to the bottom curve of his ass as Rowan
leaned forward on all fours, straddling Finn s legs and facing the
opposite end of the tub. Finn let out a soft sigh.  So pretty.
Rowan laughed and glanced over his shoulder.  Yes, now do
something with it, wretched man.
That mouth. Finn made a decision he was going to have that
wicked, smart mouth on him before they were done, but right now
he was far more interested in getting his mouth on Rowan.
Leaning forward, both hands came to Rowan s hips. It struck
him sometimes how much larger than Rowan he was. His hands
covered a fair portion of his ass, thumbs spreading the firm cheeks
and revealing the pretty, contracting entrance.
Rowan s breath caught and held, his eyes hooded as he looked
back at Finn. Finn met his gaze and smiled, then bent his head and
gave a long, slow sweep with his tongue, reveling in the delighted
shudder and soft moan it earned him.
Rowan s skin was damp and sleek, flawlessly golden and silky
under his hands. Finn swept his tongue again, this time focusing in
on his target, and Rowan trembled, rocking slightly. It made Finn
think about the future, oddly. This was his future now. Rowan and
the strange sunshine he brought with him. Finn had lived in the
dark for so long, he hadn t figured ever to care. But Rowan made
the sunshine something to look forward to.
 Do you know what you are? he asked, voice muffled against
the warm cleft of Rowan s ass.
Rowan laughed, the sound a bit edgy with the desire that raced
between them.  You re asking me questions now? I don t know,
Finn growled and gave him a slap on his damp butt for that.
 Brat. I was going to be romantic. See if I do that again.
Rowan laughed, the sound so full of happiness Finn pulled him
back to give him a hard squeeze before putting him back in place.
He didn t have the right words anyway, he didn t think. Unusual,
but from the beginning Rowan had stolen his sense from him and
he was beginning to think the other man would never give it back.
One hand resting on the lovely dip of Rowan s back, Finn
focused on his ass, so close and so absolutely perfect. His eyes
darted up to find Rowan still looking over his shoulder, watching.
Finn held the gaze as he brought one finger up and gently, slowly,
sank it inside his lover.
It was an incredible thing to watch, the flicker of expressions
across Rowan s face, the pleasure and subtle changes in his eyes.
They widened, then fell half-closed when he moaned his pleasure.
His lips curved, in a knowing smile as old as time and sex itself. It
was a Mona Lisa smile, satisfied, slightly secretive and a bit
taunting. As if there was more to discover and Rowan was daring
him to do so.
Finn didn t say a word and didn t look away either. He d never
watched, and the sight was enthralling. His finger turned, twisted [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]