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have bonded, but we haven t.
 O-okay. Marlen didn t top. Ever. Chen had been kind when he said Marlen didn t do it often.
Wren shifters only had to be claimed by one member of the nest but apparently humans were different.
Since Andrew couldn t bond with Marlen, he had to step up to the plate and do the honours.
Chen gave him an encouraging smile.  It ll be all right. Hey, Andrew could probably give you a
blow job and get the same result.
 You think? Marlen s anxiety eased a bit.
 Do I get a vote? Andrew asked.
 What is your vote? Marlen asked, curious.
Andrew trailed his hand down Marlen s chest.  I want you to do me.
 Okay. If-if you re sure.
 I m positive.
 Here, babe. Chen handed over the lube.
Marlen fumbled with the cap and would ve dropped it if Andrew hadn t snatched it out of the air
and handed it back.  Great reflexes.
Marlen s fingers shook. He didn t know why. Andrew already belonged to them and he showed
no signs of distress over the thought of Marlen fucking him.
 No problem, how do you want me?
 On top and fucking me deep, Marlen replied, trying to hide the nerves trembling through him.
Andrew pulled Marlen close.  If you truly don t want to do this. I won t make you. It s supposed
to be pleasurable for everyone.
 No. Marlen scooted back.  I have to do this. You re mine. He shot a quick glance at Chen.
 Ours. I want everyone to know.
Everyone, being shifters. The wrens never worried about humans trying to snatch Andrew up.
They could take care of any humans.
 I ll prep him, Chen offered. He kissed Marlen, a hard, reassuring peck on the lips.
 It s not so horrible, I promise. Andrew smiled.
A ghost of a grin hovered on Marlen s mouth but didn t dare materialise.  I know.
He was being foolish. He d never wanted to top anyone before, but Andrew called to him. He d
already touched his human mate every other way, he didn t want this to be a stopping point.
Andrew cupped Marlen s cock. Rubbing the soft skin with the palm of his hand, coaxing the
shaft to its full glory.  According to Chen, I have a tight ass.
He grunted when Chen pushed a finger into him.
 You do, Chen affirmed.  Now relax so I can prep you. We don t want you hurt.
Chen often did that, spoke for them both. Marlen nodded his agreement as he often did.
 I love you both.
Andrew s heartfelt words gripped Chen s heart. He was being stupid. Andrew wanted him.
Chen had been with him for years and neither of them were upset he hadn t topped before.
 We know, Chen and Marlen said together.
Andrew laughed.  Then claim me and make me yours.
He cupped Andrew s face.  I might not be as alpha as Chen, but I will never leave you, never
betray you and I will love you forever.
It was Andrew s turn to smile.  I know, my sweet bird. I know.
 He s ready.
Marlen flashed Chen a grateful smile. His hands shook too much to prep Andrew on his own.
Having Chen help made all the difference. Letting his gaze sweep across his mate, Marlen couldn t
help smiling.
 Our nest is finally complete. He sighed with satisfaction.  Could you lie on your back and face
He needed that connection. Staring into Andrew s grey eyes and knowing his mate desired this
coupling would ease his fears more than anything else.
 Of course.
Andrew s steady smile and understanding expression warmed Marlen.
His erection returned to full mast. Andrew s body wasn t the sleek wren shape he was used to
loving on. Instead, he had a more solid feel. Andrew was their tree. The base they could always fly
back to.
 I love you, Marlen said.  I love you both.
Chen kissed him. The wren s touch always made Marlen ache. His heart overwhelmed him with
 Here, this will help. Chen slid a pillow beneath Andrew s ass, elevating him at a better angle
for Marlen.
Andrew slid his hand up his erection.  Don t make me start without you.
Marlen grinned.  As long as you don t finish without me, that s all right.
He pushed inside his lover s body, his cock trudging through territory he would ve sworn had
never been breached if he hadn t seen Chen take Andrew.
 Oh fuck, you re tight. I m not going to last. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]