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Marlen slid alongside Andrew s body and tackled his mouth as if he needed to mark
him with his scent. Did birds scent their mates like cats?
 Shh, you think too much. I can practically hear your brain spinning with questions.
Sex first, questions later. Chen s tone didn t leave room for discussion. The bird shifter
pinched Andrew s left nipple and he found he didn t care.
 You re right. Thinking is overrated. Andrew tossed years of careful, methodical
thinking out of the window without regret.
 Suck him, love, Marlen addressed the other wren.
Andrew gasped. Hot, wet suction surrounded his cock, better than anything he d ever
felt before.  Oh, fuck.
 We ll get there, Chen said. A teasing glint filled the shifter s eyes.
 I probably should tell you I ve never had sex with a man before. The words spilled
out. Chen s expert sucking had derailed Andrew s usual filters.
Marlen s mouth dropped open.  Never?
Andrew shook his head. I ve rarely been attracted to other men before and I was too
shy to approach a man. Later when I had the freedom to date men, none of them were
interested in a guy with a kid.
 We would ve been, Marlen said.
Andrew snorted.  You would ve been kids yourself.
 Does that still bother you? Marlen asked.
 I m not going to lie and say it doesn t, but I m also not going to let it stop me. I ve held
back because of fear for too long. What did that get me? A lion shifter who didn t want me,
and a psychopath who did. Even if you guys don t work out, I m pretty sure you ll be the
best time I ever had.
Marlen pressed a soft kiss on his lips scrambling his thoughts.  Trust me, we ll work
out and be the best everything you ever had.
Andrew smiled.  Your competition isn t that tough.
No more words were necessary. Chen went back to sucking on Andrew, and Marlen
returned his attention to rubbing against Andrew s skin. He had to concentrate on breathing
and not shouting out his bliss. His entire body tingled with sensation.
 I m going to come. He couldn t hold out beneath the twin assaults of the beautiful
men determined to worship him.
Chen lifted his mouth, earning a groan from Andrew.  We can t have that. I want you
inside Marlen when you come.
Marlen nodded.  I ve been looking forward to it.
Andrew didn t care if it hurt his masculine image, the whimper couldn t be stopped.
 Always, my love. Marlen s soft expression twisted his heart. He could easily fall for
these men with their addictive touches and kind souls.
 Check the side drawer, Chen ordered.
Marlen scrambled to obey. A moment later he waved a bottle with a victorious wave.  I
found it. Lions take good care of their guests.
Chen kissed Andrew, his lips barely a whisper against Andrew s skin.  Marlen s going
to ride you, then I m going to fuck you into the mattress. Do you have any problem with that
 No. Andrew shook his head.  Sounds perfect.
 Since you ve never had anal penetration before, it will be easier if we turn you on your
Andrew frowned.  What makes you think I ve never had anything up my ass?
 You said you ve never had sex with a guy. Chen tightened his grip on Andrew s arm
as if trying to stop him from leaving.
Andrew blushed.  I have a few toys.
 Oh. Chen s eyes lit with interest.  We ll have to explore those later.
Amber Kell
 Much later. I m going to get fucked now and not with a rubber object, Marlen
Andrew s attention snapped to the other wren. Marlen must ve prepped himself while
he d been distracted with Chen. With little fanfare, Marlen lined Andrew up and sank down
on him without hesitation.
 Oh. The wren didn t use a condom. Nothing blocked the full sensation of being
dipped into Marlen s hot heat. If he d thought that Chen s mouth was bliss he d been
mistaken, this was heaven.
 He s so tight, Chen whispered in Andrew s ear.  No matter how many times you
fuck him, he still grips you like a fist. And the beauty with shifters is you can t fuck him too
Andrew snapped. Rolling over, he pinned Marlen beneath him. He caught the wren
shifter s surprised expression right before he began to fuck the man in earnest. He d never
had the freedom to let go and take what he wanted.
The noises coming out of Marlen only encouraged him further. Marlen clung to
Andrew and pumped his hips along with Andrew s motions, luring him to slam harder.
After dreaming of the two men for days, he didn t have the capacity to resist for long. His
orgasm swept over him like a king tide, drowning him in its wake.
Chen reached a hand between them and pumped Marlen s hard cock.  Come.
A birdlike screech emerged from Marlen s throat. His release splashed between them,
filling the air with the scent of his desire. Andrew gasped, trying to gather enough oxygen to
process his thoughts. His other lover didn t have the patience to wait.
Chen eased Andrew out of and away from Marlen.  Let him up.
 Oh, sorry, I didn t mean to crush you.
Marlen smirked.  You weren t crushing me. Chen just wants me moved so he can fuck
you proper.
 Are there improper ways to fuck me? Andrew teased.  I might prefer those.
He didn t know where he found the guts to taunt the intense shifter, but he couldn t
 I m sure we ll explore all those too. Eventually. Chen smirked.
Marlen slid out from beneath Andrew.  I m going to grab a washcloth. Don t do
anything before I return.
Andrew smiled at Chen.  What do you think constitutes anything?
 I m sure kissing is allowed, Chen responded.
Andrew grabbed Chen and pulled him into the spot Marlen had just vacated.  I m sure
it must be. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]