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 Our parents died when he was seven, Kinkade answered.  I was twenty-seven. We ran from
the pack when he was twelve so he didn t have to go through what I did after my first shift. My
brother focused on me and I saw his eyes were shining slightly.  I am sorry, Kermy. I did not realize
it. You are still the baby brother who would get lost if I did not give you specific instructions in my
 Or always wanted to help so I came up with jobs for so you did not cry that I had to do so much
for you and you never gave me anything back. It has been us for so long and our way of doing things
that I never adjusted. The older you got the more you wanted to help and then you got to an age that I
was so grateful for the help it was nice to feel I had a partner in crime in everything. I never meant
you to feel I did not respect you. I always have.
 I used to cry to help? I asked after a moment. A soft, fond smile spread on my brother s lips.
 I came home from a job helping the pack, digging a septic system because that was all I could
get was manual labor jobs and what no one else wanted, Kinkade explained.
 I remember this, Milos chuckled.  I was watching Kermy that day after school. You started
bawling that you were a horrible brother that Kinkade had to roll in poopies all day to feed you.
 It broke my heart, Kinkade whispered as he cupped my cheek.  Here you were so young, lost
your parents, were still doing well in school, and nevertheless your heart was breaking for me
digging a septic system when there were people who couldn t get work. But I was so tired and I did
not know how to help you or comfort you. You begged me to help. There had to be some way you
could help. So I just started coming up with things a seven-year-old could do.
 And then the next night after your homework was done you asked me what you could do, saying
if I worked to feed you, that you would help too. You were so damn determined to help when you saw
yourself as a burden to me. No matter how many times I told you that you were not a burden and I
loved you, you would not listen. Such a stubborn little shit.
 I wonder where I got that from, I drawled, hugging my brother.
 I love you, baby brother. I always have. I am sorry. Just smack me next time I give you another
job. But no matter how old you get, I will still always demand if something is wrong that you answer
me what it is. That s what family does.
 I can live with that, I chuckled.  Play nice with my mates. I love them.
 Good. I am glad. Now go have fun on your first full moon.
 You too, I giggled, leaning back and wiggling my eyebrows at him. He growled and ruffled
my hair before I darted over to Elan and jumped into his arms, giving him a smacking kiss on the lips.
Then I looked at Talcott appreciatively.  That was hot by the way. I mean hotttt.
 Someone feeling the full moon? Elan teased me as he turned away from the table and grabbed
our dirty plates as Talcott got the rest.
 Yeah, I think the men I love should take me to bed, I whispered quietly. Elan tripped as he
was tossing our garbage and almost dropped me. I went to slide down him but he wrapped both arms
around me.
 Is that how you truly feel? he asked quietly, gently. I couldn t look at him or speak so I simply
nodded.  Thank the gods. Talcott, run. He raced with me wrapped around him, holding our mate s
hand, and didn t stop until we were in his room. Next thing I knew I was airborne before hitting the
bed, watching Elan tear off his clothes. And I mean tear them off like they were scraps of fabric now.
 Elan? I shook with confusion and a healthy dose of lust at seeing his naked body.
 Get naked, he growled.  I want to make love to the men I love.
 It s not just me? Talcott gasped. It seemed he didn t hear us earlier. It made sense even with
his vampire hearing since the party had been pretty loud. Talcott looked at me.  You too?
 Yes, I love you both, I said as my cheeks heated up. I quickly toed off my shoes and yanked off
my pants before stripping off my shirt. I glanced at Talcott just in time to see him take a header,
tripping over his pants.
 I m good! he announced as he jumped back up.  Got so excited I was trying to do it all at
once. His smile was so bright it could have lit up the entire Eastern Seaboard.  I love you both so
much! We re a real family. We love each other!
 Yes, yes we do, Elan agreed with tears in his eyes.  I have waited five thousand years for
this. This is the best birthday present ever.
 Your birthday is over, I hedged, thinking maybe I had gotten the date wrong and he d been too
nice to tell me.
 When you re as old as I am, you get as much time to celebrate as you want, he chuckled as he
crawled onto the bed with us.  I want you to both know you were more than worth the wait. I would [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]