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lashed eyes of his.  I want you to please me.
Chandler didn t hesitate.
Those words seemed to unlock something primal in him. He snaked an arm around her waist and
lifted her from the tub. His strength shocked her, though she shouldn t have been surprised. While
she d hid i.e. sulked upstairs after returning from their shopping trip, she d seen him disappear
into a room downstairs full of weights and exercise equipment. The man was all muscle.
Her feet didn t touch the floor until they were beside the bed. With a barely contained urgency, he
stripped away the towel, and cool air rushed over her flushed skin. She moved to cover herself, but
he caught her arms.
 Don t hide from me. His gaze traveled over the length of her body, lingering in some areas longer
than other.  You re beautiful.
She let out a nervous laugh.  I m already naked. You don t have to ply me with compliments.
 I mean it. He took her hand as he sat on the bed. Lifting his head, he stared up at her. Staying
before him completely naked while he was clothed had her at a disadvantage. He tugged her between
his thighs and then settled his hands on her hips.  I want to look my fill, so when it s later and I m
alone, all I have to do is close my eyes to see your body while I make myself come.
Holy God, her ears were scorched.
 Do you do that a lot? she asked, breathless.
 Jerk off? His lips tipped up as he moved his large hands along the curve of her waist, stopping
below her aching breasts. His searching gaze seared her body.  Or jerk off thinking about you? The
answer is yes to both.
Her breath stilled in her chest as he felt the light weight of her breasts, his fingers coming
tantalizingly close to their peaks.  You re lying.
 I never lie. The conviction in his voice was undeniable.  Every single fucking night since you
showed up at my door. I d send you running if I told you what some of my fantasies involved.
She wanted to know. Details lots of details, but then his fingers moved over her breasts and the
ability to speak went out the window. Catching her nipples between his fingers, he watched her
closely as he rolled them with his thumb and then plucked at them. They hardened and ached for him.
 You were having a nightmare, he said quietly, teasing her.
 When you were bathing. I heard you cry out, he explained.  That s why I came in there.
 Oh. Her thoughts were muddled in a sensual haze.  It was just a dream.
He pulled her closer and then his mouth was on her breast, licking over the peak and then tugging on
it with his teeth. The sharp burst of pleasured pain was instantly soothed with a lap of his tongue. He
alternated between the quick nips and licks until her head fell back. She cried out, her body
shuddering even as it tightened deliciously.
Chandler suddenly pulled back, and her eyes flew open. She stared at him in disbelief.  You
 For now. He sent her a fleeting grin and then pulled his shirt off over his head.
His body& she hadn t forgotten how perfect it was. The broad, muscled shoulders, hard pecs, and a
stomach that was rippled and chiseled like rock. He was 100 percent male, not an inch of flab on his
body. Her gaze found a puckered, circular scar on his shoulder, the skin a deeper pink than the rest of
his body. She wanted to ask how he got it, because to her, it really looked like a bullet wound.
 Turn around.
Her brows shot up.  What?
Holding his shirt between his hands, he spun it until it was stretched long and thin. His eyes met
hers and a dark, dangerous allure filled the blue of his eyes.  Turn around, Alana.
Her heart jumped in her chest as a sharp, almost painful lick of pleasure pulsed through her. Her
eyes fixed on his shirt, and she couldn t help but think about what he wanted to do with it and all the
things she d heard about how Chandler liked to give pleasure. Part of her wanted to be turned off by
it, to be disgusted, but she wasn t.
Every cell in her body swelled. A tiny spark of fear blossomed in her chest, but it wasn t that she
was afraid of him. More like afraid of how she d respond. But she took a deep breath and did as he
A hand grazed over the curve of her bottom, causing her to jerk. She felt him behind her, standing.
The heat from his body warmed hers.  Chandler?
 Do you trust me? he asked, skimming a hand over her hip and then to her arm. He pulled it back
behind her.  You have to trust me for this. Do you?
Her heart pounded in her chest as she swallowed.  Yes.
 That s my girl. He pressed a kiss to her shoulder and then guided her other arm back behind her.
She knew what he was going to do, but it still came as a shock when she felt the cloth draping over
her wrists. A dark thrill that should ve surprised her lit up her blood and scattered her senses. Was
he& ?
Chandler tightened the makeshift bond, securing her wrists behind her back. So the rumors and the
whispered talk about Chandler were dead-on.
He turned her around, but she kept her gaze trained on the line between his pecs.  Hey, he said,
placing the tips of his fingers under her chin and guiding her gaze up.  You have to be okay with this.
If not 
 I m okay. She wiggled her fingers and tested the bonds. She could move her hands, but not far.
Heat coursed over her cheeks.  I m just&  [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]