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him. He was hard, but she was soft, and together they were warm and wet.
Wrapping his arms around her core, he kissed her lips without moving his hips.
 Milk my cock, he instructed. He didn t thrust in her body. He was the still point around
which her muscles danced.
 Like this? she asked, tightening up her pussy and then relaxing.
When he moaned in her ear, she knew it was good. She tried again, and this
time evoked a strong reaction of her own. He kissed her in long, lingering sweeps of his
tongue against hers. She could feel her tits pressing up on his chest, meeting the hair
there. Her belly met his, and they were connected pussy to cock.
They moved only on the inside: tongues inside mouths and cock inside pussy.
Chris rocked his hips gently while Savannah s muscles milked him like wet hands on a
hard shaft. The sensation astounded her. Without the distraction of external motion, she
could feel every minute movement of his cock. When she compressed her pussy
against his huge erection, she felt pangs of him everywhere. She had devoured him, but
he had taken over her body. He inhabited her. She embraced him. The togetherness
she felt in this moment would never be drawn out of her. Her cells would remember this
day forever.
She milked him with quick, successive compressions of her pussy muscles,
seeing his cock s enjoyment in her mind s eye. Every simple action was augmented
tenfold by the stillness outside. Peace was all around them, and the frenzy was inside.
He squeezed her tight in his arms. He kissed her hard with his mouth. She wrung his
cock with her powerful pussy until she knew for certain they were on the brink. And then
he jutted forward, ramming his erection deep inside of her, and her mind exploded with
a burst of white light, followed by crystal rain. Her breath jumped and seized in her
lungs. Her heart beat like a drum. Or was that his heart? They were so close it was hard
to tell him from herself. Better yet, they were joined together in a manner that went
beyond the physical. She felt as though she d invited Chris to share in the most intimate
aspects of her being her mind, and her heart and& her soul? Spirit? Something as yet
undiscovered, but more important than anything she knew.
Chapter Nineteen
They slept in each other s arms, and when Savannah awoke the next morning,
she d already missed two classes. Extenuating circumstances, she figured. It wasn t
every day she opened her eyes to find the handsome King of Chem Lab gazing back at
her. She still couldn t believe Chris was really in her bed, under the covers, right by her
 Morning, he said, tracing the outline of her jaw with his fingertips.
 Morning, she mumbled back, covering her mouth with her hand. God, how she
would love to kiss him& but not before brushing her teeth.
 Time for a shower?
Savannah offered a nod, and tried not to yawn. She moaned as Chris put an arm
around her shoulder and helped her sit up in bed. Like a gentlemanly serpent, he slid
down her body to take off her ankle brace. When she got a good look at his naked body,
she couldn t help exploding with laughter.
His face fell.  What?
She pointed to the traces of marker all down his chest, his belly, his arms and his
legs.  The poem you wrote on my skin& it s all over you!
He looked at the backwards letters on his pale flesh and laughed.  That s the
difference between making love and fucking: when you make love, pieces of you rub off
on your partner.
Savannah had never drawn much distinction between making love and fucking,
and she wasn t perfectly convinced by his argument, but she had a feeling, over time,
he could sway her. She was fortified by his faith in intangibles. In the shower, Chris
washed the marker stains from their skin even as he worshipped her flesh. He licked
her under the falling water. He kissed her everywhere. His touch was electric.
Their next class wasn t until three. Ample time for Chris to cook up a little
breakfast while Savannah rested her ankle on the coffee table& just like the other night
with Eric. A sense of discomfort came over her when she thought about all she d done
on this couch with her roommate s dad. Last week, she d been all excited about Chris
invitation to Kingsley s. Now Chris was standing in her kitchen cooking her breakfast. In
between, she d fucked Stacy s father before learning anything about him. What a weird
tangent life had taken her on this weekend.
As she lowered her gaze to the floor, a brightly-coloured book jacket caught her
eye. If she leaned down and to the side, she could grab it without removing her foot
from the table. The book was hers. It was the autobiography she d loaned to Eric the
first night he stayed over. He must not have read it. Too bad& it was a heart-wrenching
account of an African woman s experiences of mutilation, abuse, arranged marriage,
and rebellion. She really thought Eric would enjoy it. Savannah felt a sense of loss in
her core as she opened the book, but her heart nearly stopped when she perused the
acknowledgements. She had to read the words twice over before she could believe it
was true.  Oh my god!
 Oh my god what? Chris asked as he brought her a plate of French toast and a
glass of orange juice. He set them on the side table while she shoved the book in his
 Look at this! Look at the name here!
Squinting at the tiny letters, Chris read,  Thank you also to Eric van Bruggen of
the International Humanitarian Aid Organization, who has worked tirelessly on behalf of
women in poverty regions, and whose encouragement gave me the confidence to tell
my story. Chris offered a faint smile, but obviously didn t get it.
 Eric, Savannah said.  This is the guy, Stacy s dad!
Chris eyes grew wide. He was obviously impressed.
 I gave him this book to read and he didn t say anything about knowing the [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]