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Unbearable pleasure.
Shane convulsed under his orgasm, shouting Pablo s name, shooting his cum
between them and onto his stomach. Inside him, Pablo s cock twitched and swelled.
Shane palmed Pablo s ass and pulled him in deeper, locking his ankles above
Pablo s ass to hold him in place.  Come inside me. Give it to me.
Pablo groaned and dipped his head, taking Shane s mouth as he took his ass, rough
and wet. Creamy cum flooded him as Pablo jerked and that fucking sound Shane loved
so much reached his ears.
Avril Ashton
They remained locked on to each other, Shane s muscles clenched around its prize,
Pablo s fingers buried in his hair, lips pressed together even though the kiss had eased
Shane squeezed his eyes shut and hung on to the man in his arms. The man he
loved. As physically close as they were at the moment, he knew it couldn t last. He
couldn t stay in Pablo s house indefinitely, begging him to talk. Shane had two more
days before his superiors made their move on York and his cronies.
Two more days in New York. Two more days to talk to Pablo and even that might
not be a given the way his lover reacted tonight. So, he took the chance and Shane spoke
into his lover s damp skin.
 I m going to talk and you re going to listen.
Pablo stiffened and tried pulling away, but Shane held firm.
 No. He pressed a kiss to Pablo s shoulder.  We re not moving until I say what I
have to. We both know you won t allow me the chance otherwise. He took a deep
breath and inside him Pablo jerked.  My sole focus, and that of the team working with
me, is York and the men he deals with. You and your operation was and is nowhere in
the picture.
 I knew who you were, of course, but in all the homework we did on York you
were never mentioned. I didn t even know you guys dealt with each other until the
night before the meeting in the diner.
He dragged his nails down Pablo s back, loving how his lover shivered and
moaned at the touch.
 Just as I am your secret, so are you mine. No one knows about us on my end. No
one. He lifted his head then and met Pablo s guarded eyes.  You re my secret. The
only good thing to come out of this whole York mess. Pablo looked away and Shane
placed a finger under his chin and turned Pablo to face him again.  The only good
thing, J.P.
Pablo nodded.  I believe I m not your target.
 But you don t believe anything else I have to say, is that it? Shane sighed.  You
know, I get that someone did a fucking number on your heart, but if you let me, J.P., I
can help you. Let me ease the ache.
Pablo s expression blanked again. Damn it.
 I care for you, Shane confessed.  Way more than I should, but I care. I want to
heal your hurts, but you refuse to let me. Why? he whispered.  Why won t you let me
 I can t do this, Shane. Pablo released Shane and pulled out, moving away to sit
beside him on the couch.
Shane ignored the pain in his chest and winced at the burn in his ass. Shit. He d feel
that and more in the morning.  I think it s a safe bet that if your hands around my neck
Sinner, Savior
doesn t turn me away from you, nothing will. Not even that faint attempt of yours to
move on with that tiny man earlier.
Pablo s mouth curved in reluctant amusement.
 I know who he is, that guy, Shane said.
 Yeah. He s a friend.
 Better not make it anything more. He stroked Pablo s cheek with a finger and it
warmed his heart when his lover leaned into the touch.  I have two more days, J.P. My
team moves on York and his men and then I m gone. He paused, but Pablo didn t
speak.  Two more days and you know what I want. Shane got to his feet and looked
around for his duffle bag. He had to get dressed and leave before he further
embarrassed himself and Pablo by begging the man to keep him.
He d already put on his jeans and t-shirt and was tugging on his boots when the
unusually quiet Pablo spoke.
 What do you want?
 Your heart, Shane said without missing a beat.  You have mine, but then you
already knew that.
His lover closed his eyes with a sigh.  I don t do love, Shane. I can t. There s no
room for that in this business.
What bullshit. Shane righted his clothes and zipped up his duffle bag. He made
sure he had his keys and phone, placed them near the door with his bag then went back
to Pablo. He bent toward his lover, brushing their lips, tasting his lingering essence on
Pablo.  There are a lot of things you claim you don t do, J.P. There s room for whatever
you want. You make the rules. I m standing here telling you that I love you even
though I know you don t want to hear it.
Pablo licked his lips and Shane s body clenched.
 I want your heart and I won t settle for less.
Pablo opened his mouth and Shane held up a hand.
 Please, don t think to give me the bullshit about not having one. Judging by your
eyes and that tattoo on your chest, you were in love at one time. He broke your heart,
Shane whispered.  I want to fix it. Give it to me and I will.
He dropped a quick kiss on Pablo s parted lips and walked away, grabbing his bag
on his way out the door. The ball was now in his lover s court and the clock was on
final countdown.
Avril Ashton
Chapter Seven
Shane headed straight for his apartment after leaving Pablo s place. The ride from
Brooklyn over to Staten Island was the longest and most uncomfortable one of his life.
His ass hurt.
And if he allowed himself to be truthful for one second, that sure as hell wasn t
sweat burning his eyes.
Shit like that didn t happen to him. He didn t fall in love with the bad guy. He
didn t risk it all for quick kisses and the opportunity to bust a nut. He was good at his [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]