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I meet his gaze.  There s always a choice, Jackson. Isn t that the old saying?
He shakes his head, his eyes gentle.  When you have two paths, both that end in pain, there isn t
really a choice. You just have to choose which one you can live with the easiest.
I swallow, and nod.
 I m sorry...for all of it. For what I did. For not listening. For the fact that he s your father and I
have to kill him.
 Don t be sorry for me, be sorry for him. He s the one who is going to get everything he deserves.
You know, I feel a little selfish right now?
 Baby, I don t hate you for what you did...
 Not about that. I feel selfish because it s not me that gets to kill him. Does that make me a sick
 No, he says, pulling me into his arms and rolling to his back.  A person can t do to you, what he
did to you, and actually expect to get away with it. The hate you feel, the need to make him pay, it s
normal and there ain t nothin wrong with feeling like that. I ll make him pay, Serenity. For every
hand he ever laid on you. I swear it.
 I hate myself, you know? I whisper.  I hate myself for ever letting him put me in the position of
having to lie to you.
 Maybe you re lookin at it all wrong, he says, stroking my hair.
 How so?
 Maybe you should see it like this...if he didn t put you here, we d never be doin what we re
doin right now.
 I know that, I whisper.  But I nearly lost you, Jackson. It nearly wasn t worth all of this.
 I was hurt, couldn t see past it until I heard you screamin on that recorder, and then I saw you in
that car, covered in blood, and I knew you weren t evil. I knew it wasn t your doing, and that you
would never hurt me or my club. I knew that my life without you wasn t worth livin . I couldn t
believe I nearly lost that.
 It took a lot not to tell you, but I knew from a very early time that I was going to lie to Hogan. It
wasn t easy.
 No, he says.  I don t imagine it was.
 I just want it over; I want to create a life for our baby.
 I will end it for you, darlin . I swear it.
I know he will.
And it scares me.
What if it ends him, instead?
~*CHAPTER 22*~
 Be careful, I say, hugging Janine.
 I ll be fine. The explosive Jackson gave me is tiny. I can t believe something so small, is going
to do so much damage.
 Are you sure you re ok with this, you know Derek will be in that group?
Her face hardens.  He s a rotten, woman raping pig. I hope he burns.
I hug her again.  Promise me you ll be safe.
 Promise me you ll make sure Eb s is ok?
I turn and stare at the little girl playing in the corner of the warehouse.  I swear.
 I ll be in and out. All I have to do is drop this in the bin.
 Do you think it will be that easy? I say, feeling my body tense with fear.
 I think if it s done right, it can be.
 What if it goes wrong? I whisper.
She steps forward, gripping my face.  You have a good group of guys here; they re not going to
let anything happen to you.
 What about you?
She shakes her hand.  I have to drop it in the bin. That s it. Easy. Simple.
 Promise me if it looks like you re going to end up caught, you won t do it.
She nods.  I swear it.
 I love you, you know that?
She smiles, leaning down to kiss my cheek and hug me once more.  I know it, and I ll be fine. I
have to go, I ll be back soon. I swear.
She smiles, and turns, heading out the door. I watch her go, praying, just praying this goes right.
 I m going with you Jackson, I say, standing my ground. My arms are crossed, and I know the look in
my eye is that of a determined woman.
 Like fuck you are! he growls, crossing his arms too, and glaring at me.
 I know the land. I know where to hide. I know where you can see without being seen. Without
me, you ll put yourself in danger. You risk being caught.
 She s right boss, Cade says, sucking on a cigarette.  We need her help. We don t want to fuck
this up a second time.
 She s carryin my motherfuckin baby! Jackson bellows.
 She s goin to be far enough away it won t be a problem, we just need her to show us where to
hide, and then someone can bring her back.
I give Jackson a look, even though he s glaring at me.  Jackson, you know this has to happen.
 Fine, he barks.  You point it out, and then you re gone. I mean it, Serenity.
I nod, knowing this is hard for him, but also knowing I have to do it.  I understand.
 Let s get goin , we don t have much time left.
I turn to Ebony and Janine, who are standing, watching me. Janine managed to get the bomb in
without problems. She said Derek didn t even notice she was back. He was busy fucking some other
woman. That sparked her determination. I hurry over, wrapping my arms around the both of them,
hoping we all come home safely from this.
 I love you two!
 Be safe, Janine whispers.  Please.
 I will, I promise.
 Take this, she says, staring around quickly before slipping a gun out of her pants.
 Where did you get this? I whisper harshly.
 I stole it from Derek.
I shake my head, putting my hands up.  I won t need it.
She meets my eyes, hers full of concern.  You never know, it s not worth the risk.
 Come on, Serenity, Jackson yells.
 I love you! I whisper, taking the gun and tucking it into my pants.  I ll be back soon.
She nods, her face concerned. I blow her a kiss before turning and rushing out.
The drive to my old home town is long, around about two hours. We all sit quietly - Jackson, Spike,
Muff, Cade, Granger, and I. I know we re all worried, and thinking that if this doesn t work, there s
going to be a war on our hands. We don t have much choice though. We need to finish this, or we re
never going to live safely. Hogan won t just give up. He will destroy everyone that gets in his path.
Just before we arrive in town, my phone rings. I glance down at the screen and see it s Hogan. My [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]