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them glitter.  Welcome to our family, Agent Ruskin.
 Yeah, what he said. Gabe grinned.  It was nice to see you actually try not to shoot us.
 It was hard. Shane nodded at Rafe.  Thank you. I love him.
 We see that, and he loves you, Rafe said.  So you re family.
 We take care of family, Gabe said.
Shane didn t even know why the hell he got choked up, but he did. Thankfully keys jangled in the front
door. His man was home and not a moment too soon. Pablo came through the door, smiling, pizza and
beer in hand.
 Hey, pretty boy. He pulled Shane close with his free hand, kissing him soft and deep.  You okay?
he asked when he pulled back.
 Yeah. Shane nodded.  We ll talk about the meeting later.
 That bad, huh?
 Not really.
 Amigo, stop playing kissy face with your man and come say hi. Rafe walked over to them with a
Shane took the food and beer from Pablo as his lover was enveloped into Rafe s arms. Angelo Pagan.
His name had changed, but he was still the same man. And Pablo had loved him once upon a time.
Shane looked over at Gabe.
Did he know? Had he ever known how Pablo felt about his husband? Didn t look like it, because
Gabe was smiling, his expression open. No angst or censure there. He trusted his man and Shane, he
trusted his.
Completely. He had nothing to worry about, especially when Pablo stepped back and grabbed him,
pride and love in his eyes.
  We re getting married, Pablo declared. He held up Shane s hand, the left one, with that gorgeous
ring.  And we re gonna have us some babies.
Shane grinned.
 Let s get drunk and celebrate, Rafe yelled.
Everyone cheered.
Pablo held on to Shane long after his pretty boy and climaxed inside him and rolled to the side. They
lay under the covers, panting, Shane nuzzling Pablo s throat while Pablo traced circles on his lover s
sweaty back.
 What did you think about them? he asked quietly.  Angel and Gabe?
They d spent an enjoyable evening together, laughing and talking. Catching up while the three men got
to know each other. He wanted them all to get along. Rafe had invited them to a New Year s Eve
party at their house, and Pablo and Shane had accepted.
 I like them. Shane lifted up on his elbows.  They re in love, they re happy and they accept me in
your life.
 Their acceptance isn t necessary, Pablo told him.
 I know. Shane kissed his brow.  But it means a lot. And we ve got friends now, how know us, all
the messy stuff and don t care, because theirs is just as fucked up.
Pablo laughed.  Good point. He sobered.  You haven t told me how you feel about being
suspended. What are you gonna do if you lose your job? He knew how much Shane loved being in
the DEA.
 I don t know. Shane shrugged.  Here s what I do know, I want to spend as much time as I can with
you. Buying a house. Getting you that car you keep putting off.
 Why can t I use your car? Pablo pouted.
 You need your own car and tomorrow we go car shopping. Shane paused.  We need to pick a date
for the wedding. When and where.
 Lots of plans. Pablo rolled until he was on top Shane. He gazed down into his lover s eyes, wide
and open and full of things spoken and left unsaid. Didn t mean he didn t know them, though. Didn t
mean he didn t feel them when Shane stroked a hand down his back.
 Lots of plans. We have a future to plan. Shane cupped Pablo s nape and pulled him down until their
lips touch.  Lots of love to make. He parted his thighs.
Pablo snuggled between them with a smile, and rolled his hips.  Lots. He kissed Shane, telling him
with every stroke of his tongue how much he loved him some pretty boy. Thanking him for coming
along and saving him very day.
Shane answered back with the tightening of his legs around Pablo, and the scrape of his nails down
Pablo s back, that in reality they saved each other.
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