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"An alley?"
"Yes, an alley," he said. "Meet me there."
"In the alley?" I asked.
"Yeah," he said and his voice took on a tone of excitement. "I
thought& Never mind. Just show up. You know what to wear."
Short skirt. Tight top. High heels. My typical uniform.
"Okay," I said.
"I'll see you then."
"Okay. Oh, by the way, what am I today?" I asked and glanced at
the clock.
"You're a whore."
He hung up.
I was slightly stunned. A whore? I was whore? For some reason,
that didn't sit well with me. I certainly didn't think of myself as a
whore. Or maybe I felt like a whore, living with him, off of him; all
he ever got in return was the unlimited use of my body.
Ah, hell, it was only a game.
I convinced myself of that and rushed around getting ready. I took
a cab to the hotel and found the alley, which was very narrow and,
thankfully, deserted. I sniffed. God, it stank. So rank. Garbage was
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overflowing in the dumpster.
Did whores come here to fuck their johns? I didn't know. If I was a
whore, they'd have to pay for a room. I'm sorry, but I wasn't into
fucking in alleys.
I waited for a little while, swinging my pocketbook, then laughed
out loud, thinking about Frank. This must be one of his older
fantasies, meeting a whore in an alley and fucking her, then& What
would he do after? Would he pay me? And how much? What was
someone like me worth? A grand? At least. Fuck that. Five grand,
especially if they didn't pay for a room.
I stared up at the sky. It was darkening. He'd better hurry up. The
afternoon lull was almost over and soon this very alley would
probably be crawling with the real hookers.
I heard footsteps. They were his, I could tell. Heavy, deliberate
footsteps, always walking quickly and with a purpose. I glanced up
and smiled. He was walking towards me with a very determined look.
"Hey, baby," I said. "How's about a date?"
He nodded, eying me. "How much?"
"For you," I said and traced a line along the collar of his shirt.
"No," he said, shaking his head. "I can pay. I want to pay."
"How much you got?"
"Whatever it takes."
I eyed him as if I were considering. "Umm& I'll give you a
discount. A couple hundred."
He nodded. "Deal."
"Cool," I said and smiled at him.
"What's your name?"
I considered. "Ummm & Gabrielle."
"I'm Ted."
"Nice to meet you, Ted. Are you ready to fuck?"
He nodded. I set my pocketbook on the ground and before I could
stand back up, he came at me and began to tug at my skirt. I pushed
him off.
"Hey," I said. "Why don't we get a room?"
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"I don't have the time," he said hurriedly. "I've been thinking about
this all day."
"Thinking about what?"
"Fucking a whore."
Again, that unsettling feeling sank into me. I almost pushed him
away and walked off, but it was only a game. Right?
"Okay," I said. "Let's do it."
I grabbed for his face to kiss him, but he pushed me away and
shoved me up against the course brick wall. What the hell? I pushed
him back, but he pushed me back again, grabbing my crotch, pulling
my skirt up, and sticking his stiff cock in me without a word. He
fucked me dry, not caring if I was wet or ready or even enjoying it.
I was almost in shock. What the hell was he doing? He fucked me
for a good five minutes and anytime I tried to kiss him, he wouldn't let
me. He only sucked on my tits and fucked me.
"Frank "
"Shut up," he muttered.
What the hell was wrong with him?
He finished and pulled away from me, then zipped his pants, took
out his wallet and threw a couple hundred dollars at me. I didn't grab
for the bills and they fell to the ground. I was stunned. What the hell
was this all about?
"How does it feel to be a whore?" he asked.
"What?" I asked, aghast.
"You're a whore, aren't you?"
I moved away from the wall. "Frank "
He pushed me back and whispered in my ear, "You're a whore
today and I want to know how it feels. How do you like being a
That flew all over me; I was all of a sudden angry. I hated him with
every fiber in my being. Maybe it upset me because, just maybe,
that's what he thought of me. Nothing more than a body, something to
stick his cock in. A whore.
I shoved him off.
"I'll show you what kind of whore I am," I hissed back and kneed
Kim Corum Breaking the Girl Page 95
his balls. He doubled over in pain and moaned. I whacked him
upside the head, stood, pulled my skirt down, grabbed my pocketbook
and ran out of the alley.
"You can't leave! Our time isn't up!"
"Oh, it is; it is certainly up, asshole!"
Fuck him! I ran as fast as I could before he could get to me. I was
so angry, I saw red. I ran to the closest bar, stopped, caught my breath
and went in.
I'd show him. If he wanted me to be a whore, I'd be whore. I'd be
the best fucking whore in the world.
I surveyed the room and picked out my target. There he was. A
young man. Early twenties. Big feet. Cute. Easy target. Good
enough. I sashayed over to him, sat in the seat next to him and
smiled. He straightened up and grinned from ear to ear like he
couldn't believe his luck.
"Hi," he said.
I didn't beat around the bush. I said, "Hundred bucks."
"Excuse me."
"I'll fuck you for a hundred bucks."
"Really?" He leaned back and checked me out, as if to see if I was
serious. "Really?"
I nodded. "Give it to me."
He stared at me like he didn't believe me.
"I'm serious," I said. "Get it out."
He pulled his wallet out and fumbled with it, counting money. "I
only got fifty."
I held out my hand. "Give it to me. I'll give you a discount."
He handed it to me. I shoved it in my bra, pulled him up and
started out the door.
"Where are we going?" he asked.
"In the alley," I said and he followed me to the same place Frank
had just fucked me.
"Here?" he asked, looking uncertain about the whole thing now.
"Shh," I said and kissed him. His lips were chapped and he had that [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]