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want to see and sealed herself to his side instead. She listened to his steady heartbeat, each thud a
reminder that he had survived.
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How long could they lounge around after their power nap before work called him again? She eyed the
BlackBerry on the bedside table with a low-lying sense of dread.
How ridiculous to resent a piece of technology, especially when he held such an important job, but that
same job had also nearly killed him. She listened to the steady reassurance of his heart against her ear, his
sparse but loaded words from earlier echoing just as loudly in her mind. His intense lovemaking was still
fresh on her sensitive skin.
And oh man, the rest of her felt just as sensitive and more. What she d shared with him had opened up a
well-spring of feelings deeper than she ever would have expected in a week s time.
Jimmy tugged a lock of her hair, winding the wavy strand around his finger.  The friend I told you about,
he s from my test squadron. He was kidnapped two weeks ago during a TDY to Turkey.
No wonder he d been on edge thinking about his friend going through the same hell. She would have
been more than just irritable in his shoes.  Thank God you were able to save him in time. Why didn t I
hear about his kidnapping on the news?
 There really wasn t anyone to tell, since Chuck doesn t have family, and the air force kept a lid on the
details. We didn t want to risk his identity getting out.
 He s someone important?
 I can t go into a lot of detail, but we do dark ops testing.
Her fingers slowed toying with his dog tags as she began to comprehend the kinds of  secrets he and his
friends held.  I know the military does secret testing, and they have dark ops units, but dark ops testing?
 Suffice it to say, if you can imagine the technology, we can make it, and more. It was dangerous on a
number of levels for him to be taken.
The night she d been nabbed and hauled to the cellar rolled over her, making her wonder. She bolted
upright.  You were trying to get kidnapped, too, that night in the wine cellar? These are people who
kidnap often?
He d risked captivity even after all he d been through in Afghanistan? The people he worked with hadn t
thought twice about asking that of him?
How could he be so fearless on the one hand and seem so afraid of accepting her health concerns? This
guy seriously confused her.
He cupped her shoulder and tugged her back down into the crook of his arm.  You put things together
quickly. The investigation is still ongoing, but you re going to hear some things on the news soon.
 A news leak?
 A carefully worded statement to the press. Basically, the people I m working with have made a break in
finding a group responsible for the disappearance of a number of military personnel overseas. This group
breaks them and then sells the information to the highest bidder. They don t appear to have any political
or ideological loyalties.
She kept her breathing steady while her heart clicked away like a pegged-out metronome. For years
she d watched stories on the news featuring people living through these sorts of dangers, but no breaking
broadcast could relay the gripping fear when something like this affected someone you loved.
Ohmigod, just when she d thought her heart couldn t pump any faster. She clenched her fists until her
nails cut a steadying pain into her palms. She admired him but didn t want to love him, not with so much
unsettled between them. She hadn t even thought past putting their feet on the floor.
His fingers grazed up and down her bare arm.  We re still gathering information, and I can only share
with you what s in the press statement. Basically, they ve been staging deaths to look like an accident or
a mugging gone bad. Eventually, though, we noticed a trend.
 This kidnapping ring kills people and ruins lives for money? Maybe she was more ferocious than she
thought after all, because right now she wanted to go back and shoot Kutros herself. And what about the [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]