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stoop before him and perform the vilest act he could think of at his command; completely gone was the
last trace of resistance that had made her at all worth while to him sexually.
He was damned near through with her ... maybe entirely through; he wasn't quite certain yet; that was
going to depend on Antoine's sweet little wife, Madeleine, along with several other minor details ... but
right at the moment he was enjoying the erotic spectacle of Ginny Novak's pain twisted face.
Unfortunately, in a matter of minutes, she would come to enjoy it, lessening his own pleasure ... and even
as he stared up into her contorted face, mercilessly driving his gigantic shaft up into her yet tight passage,
he saw the masochistic little sparks of initial delight come alive to dance in her sea-green eyes ... that
time had already arrived; she was suddenly beginning to relish her agony.
He clutched at her narrow, supple waist and thrust brutally once more, but her anxious, wincing
moments had passed. She half-smiled a cold and hard expression, yet there was excitement blended
with it.
God, how she despised him. To her, he was the culmination of all evil, but there was no way she could
resist ... once it was inside her ... the intoxicating thrill of his unbelievable shaft. She had known many
men in her life, from hired help on her father's mid-western farm when she was only thirteen, to the
shifty-eyed, pasty-faced gamblers who shunned the daylight in the gambling casinos of Las Vegas, but
never had she met a male to equal this wicked little monstrosity's sexual stamina, or massive, satisfying
organ, and even with his twisted mind and depraved perversions, she was yet to be denied her first
moment of satisfaction with him carnally. And his fat little ugly, pudgy hands with their deceiving strength
... they could set her afire with their skilled, pleasureable manipulations ... drive her to act regardless of
how debasing; she was truly his slave in lust ... factually and willingly.
"All right, M'sieu' ... I'm ready now ... do whatever you damned pleased," she hissed down at him, as if
they were engaging in some sort of contest of physical endurance.
"You pig," he spat at her in French, still he could not hold back his grin. "Bitch!" She was indeed his
counterpart; presently, he was sorry he had to end their association.
She began to smile down at him excitedly, at the same moment clenching her buttocks tight to her own
advantage as she began to rhythmically ride up and down his long, thick rod, and he could feel the
abrupt secretion of her lubricating fluids from the velvety walls of her vagina bathing his cock warmly as
she now swallowed up every fraction of it with a muscularly sucking action that pulled at the lining of his
testicles. Viciously, he dug at her pink-nippled, erect breasts, the soft resilient flesh oozing between his
fingers like rubbery putty as she worked her full, round, white buttocks up and down furiously, her now
incited cunt endeavoring to ingest ... even devour him.
Mon Dieu. She was a human fucking machine, he mused. She had only to be set off and she went
insane. If it were a stallion's cock it would all be the same to her ... a prick was a prick as long as it
triggered her. Even so, he'd not missed the longing eyes she'd cast so many times in Antoine's direction;
but what in God's name would Antoine do with such a women? Suddenly, he laughed aloud at the
thought, then, he said: "You did well keeping my nephew occupied while I discussed important business
matters with his Madeleine."
Ginny snickered openly, it seemed like her turn anyway. "What kind of business, M'sieu'?"
Larreau sobered quickly: he didn't appreciate her obvious meaning. "Your tongue is long enough to
choke you, Ma'mo'selle. I suggest you curb it," he snarled at her. "Talking as you do, a girl could find
herself in an awkward situation, eh?"
Ginny never lost her smile. Factually, she was in ecstasy, and at such times little could reach and upset
her. Her loins had come alive with tiny prurient sensations caused by his massive prick that she was
forcing in and out of her vaginal passage at a rapid, ever increasing rate. And she had serviced him long [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]