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His laughter pealed out, his pleasure too much to keep contained inside.  All of you,
yes! He grabbed the sound with the rosette on top of it, knowing Dent enjoyed the stimulation it
 This one. This one with the pretty, bumpy flower.
Dent groaned, licked his lips, cock throbbing.
Oh, yes. That one. He grabbed the lube and pressed the tip of the tube against Dent s slit.
 Slick first, my dear. It will be cold to start with. He squeezed the tube, lube shooting out into
Dent s slit.
Dent arched, muscles taut and straining against the bonds.  Cold. Cold. Bertoli.
He chuckled.  Oh, yes. You ll quickly warm it up, my dear. He squeezed a bit more in
and then manipulated Dent s cock, squeezing the tip to make some of the lube splut out. He
rubbed it across the tip of Dent s prick.
 Evil. Evil man. Dent s hips started thrusting, rocking into his touch with short, sharp
 Very evil, making you feel so good. He dipped the sound into the tube of lube and
squeezed Dent s cock again with his other hand.  Still, now, while I do this. Once the sound
was in, Dent would not be able to come until he removed it, just as he wanted.
 I & I don t know &  Dent stilled, eyes rolling.
 Of course you do. He teased the end of the sound around the tip of Dent s cock, then
dipped it into the man s slit.
Dent went perfectly still, breath caught in his throat.
 Mmm & such a pretty cock. Hot and silky, full and wide. He carefully pushed in the
sound until it wasn t quite halfway in, and then let it drop the rest of the way.
 Bertoli! Dent tugged against the cuffs, muscles tight, jerking, fighting the pressure
inside him, the need.
 Right here, my dear. Right here. He moved the tip of the sound, watching as the petals
of the rose bumped across the tip.
 No. No, I can t. It s so big &  Dent seemed to be flying, head tossing as his throat
He slid his hand along Dent s cheek and brought their mouths together, kissing Dent until
they were both breathless.  You can, my dear, he murmured as he pulled away.  You have to
because I m going to make it bigger.
 Bigger? Nothing else will fit.
He threw his head back and laughed, utterly delighted.  Oh, Dent, you do make me so
happy. And I promise, I am not planning on putting anything else into your cock today. He slid
his hand between Dent s legs, one finger teasing the wrinkled hole.  Here though. Here there
will be more.
 M & more. That little hole clenched, shifted against his touch.
 Yes, my dear. So much more. He slicked up his finger and slid it right in, Dent s body
hot and silky.
Dent moaned and smiled, body squeezing him as the flat stomach rippled a bit.
He chuckled.  Yes, this you know and love, don t you, my dear? I will touch you deep
today. I will. No room left for anyone but me inside you.
 Yes. Yes, please, Bertoli. I need you.
 I know. He smiled as he slipped a second slick finger in, so slowly stretching his lover,
making this last and last.  I need you, too, yes? It was important that Dent know he wasn t the
only one.
Dent relaxed into the touches, riding him gently.  You re mine. My lover. My friend.
He beamed at Dent, the pleasure at the words warm and wonderful inside him.  Yes, my
dear. Absolutely. He touched the tip of the sound, making the rose petals shift against Dent s
slit as his fingers slid in and out of Dent s ass.
Those lovely eyes flew open, the look a touch panicked and a bit wanton, all at once.
He laughed, utterly delighted with the way Dent gave over all of himself, every emotion.
He touched the rose again.  Amazing, is it not?
 Oh. That & That is &  Dent shivered, head tossing a bit.
 Yes, my dear, I know. I know. He removed his fingers and added more lube to them.
He pushed three into Dent, his Dent opening easily for him. His dear lover had no idea what he
planned, Luttrell knew because the long throat was arched, Dent moving easily, eagerly. He
would not give a warning as it would only worry Dent, make the man tense up, make this
impossible or painful. Luttrell had no intention of it being either.
 So beautiful, he murmured, manipulating the sound, tugging it out a bit and sliding it
back into place as he slipped a fourth finger into Dent s body under cover of the sensations
caused by the sound. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]