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stepping in close.  I have to say, you were the nicest, and, might I add, sanest blind date
I ve ever been on.
 Thank you. I think. I suppose sane is rated on a sliding scale.
Izzy laughs so loud it pierces over the music pumping through the speakers, and my
heart sinks because I d give anything to hear Annie laugh like that.
 What s going on? Holt pops up, glaring at both my brother and me.
Izzy does the introductions, and I add,  Wyatt is my brother.
She beams, tapping him on the back.  I knew I liked you.
Holt catches my eye and nods to the bar.  Where s Cole? Register s open, would you
shut it?
 No problem. I walk over, the long way, and shut the drawer. I m not a fan of
shooting the shit with either Holt or Bryson these days.
Annie makes her way toward me, grinning from ear to ear. I speed over and meet her
I loved your set. She wiggles her phone at me. You were perfect.
I frown at her a moment, and she takes the phone back.
You did look perfect. And Baya says you always sound perfect. She gives a
little wink. But I don t need her to tell me that, I can tell by the vibrations. Why
do you think I lean against the wall all night?
My mouth opens to say something, and an idea comes to me. But first,  There s
someone I d love for you to meet.
We make our way over and inadvertently break up Holt and Wyatt s conversation. I m
sure it was mind boggling much like Holt.
 Wyatt, I d love for you to meet Annie. Annie, this is my brother, Wyatt.
 Annie? He hops to his feet and takes up her hand.  It s very nice to finally meet you.
Blake says you ve been logging some time at the carriage house, and I feel bad that it s
taken this long for us to say hello.
Holt nods to Annie.  What s the carriage house?
Shit. Here we go. It sounds innocent enough, and, believe me, it has been. We
haven t stepped one inch off first base, but I d be lying if I didn t say we were thoroughly
exploring our options. I think both of us are feeling the urge to hit a homer soon.
Annie looks to me in a panic.
Wyatt lands his beer back on the bar.  Just a one bedroom I m leasing out to this
knucklehead. He raises a brow in my direction as if I should admire the way he made me
sound gainfully employed and living off my own means even if he did pepper it with an
insult. Little does he know he just signed my death warrant.
Holt turns his shoulder enough to block his view of Annie.
 One bedroom, huh? The smile glides off his face.  I gotta run. I ve got an issue in
the back. He looks to my brother.  I m really glad we met. He reverts his cold, hard
gaze to me.  See me before you leave. I ve got a bonus for you and the band.
Izzy winces as Holt takes off.  I d better go see if I can help. She mouths the word
sorry to Annie as she melts into the crowd.
 I d better run, too. Wyatt pans the crowd for potential bedmates.  Who s the
blonde? He nods past me. His eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning just waiting
to tear into the wrapping paper.
Annie points her phone at him, and he leans in to read it.
 Your roommate? He looks slightly confused.  Do you have a sore throat?
I may have forgotten to mention the fact that Annie is deaf. In truth, I forget half the
Annie looks to me a moment before typing out another quick note explaining the fact
she can t hear.
Wyatt looks from her to me.  I m sorry. I didn t realize  He looks to me in horror.
 You never mentioned it.
 It was never on my mind. I pull her in and circle my arms around her waist. I don t
see why not, I m already going to hell by way of the Edwards brothers.
 It s very nice to meet you, Annie. He extends his hand, and they exchange a quick
shake.  I ll see you both soon. Maybe we can do dinner? Feel free to bring your
roommate, he teases as he heads for the door.
He s sweet. Marley will be very flattered.
 Is she taken?
She s waiting for her BF to propose. I think he s avoiding her.
I wince.  Too bad.
 Hey, Bryson barks as he walks up on us.  Holt says he wants to speak with you in
the back. He eyes my arms around his sister s waist, and I slowly let them drop.
 Will do.
I d better head to campus with Marley. Call me? [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]