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the offending vessel to the bottom of the sea.
In fact all of Indian's major combatants were now equipped with the latest
LRASD innovations, as were all of the wings of their maritime strike aircraft.
They devices were now being license built in India and
India's allies were license producing the air launched variety that had been
engineered and developed in
India last year prior to the attack on the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Still, the words of the American President, who the Indian President held a
great deal of respect and esteem for, continued to haunt him.
"Mr. President, if and when you get this communiqu, know with absolute
certainty that the lives of our sailors on the Enterprise and her accompanying
ships, and the lives of our Marines on Diego Garcia will be avenged. We will
hold the leaders of your nation, you Mr. President, personally accountable for
this atrocity."
KP Narayannen knew that Norm Weisskopf meant what he said, literally. So, he
hoped that either his own wishes of a negotiated settlement came about, or
that his allies were successful in their direct attacks so that the threat was
never carried out. Either way, Narayannen also knew of Patel's ambitions and
was committed to keeping him from the absolute power he craved.
"That one would be as bad as Hitler for our people and for our cause if he
ever gains the control of this government," thought the President, "I can see
it in his eyes. He would commit the same types of atrocities as those barbaric
Islamics are doing& just like that General of theirs, what is his name?
Talabari, yes, just like Talabari."
The President had appointed his Foreign Minister out of political necessity
and because he believed he could control the ambitious young politician. Now,
much later, he saw his mistake. He could not be rid of him because his
political power had grown, and he could not give into him because of his own
concern for the welfare of his nation.
"As if though I myself have not opened us up to the possibility of the most
dire circumstances," he thought. "Despite the prosperity, I have embraced the
evil and it owns me."
What really worried the President the most was that most of the people, in the
glow of the prosperity, were assenting to and enjoying their success. Even if
that success had come at the sacrifice of almost every principle on which
their republic had been established .
The recently completed invasion and occupation of Madagascar and the ongoing
operations in Australia were prime examples. Both operations had the
enthusiastic support, the almost wild support of the people. Many were
petitioning the government for the prospect of "free" lands there. Both
operations had
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also been approved and vigorously supported by the President in the hopes of
averting a political collision with the Foreign Minister, and to date they had
been successful. The President was convinced that once those objectives were
complete, that India s military offensive involvement in World War III
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would also be complete. He hoped he could reign in the desire for further
adventure and he would do all in his power to that end. They would then simply
maintain and consolidate what they had taken, bring the west to the
negotiation table or see them defeated, and then let the years of peaceful
immigration to those areas do the rest.
"With India's population and growth rate, in not too many years those areas
recently occupied would be, in the term popularized by American science
fiction & assimilated."
As the President explained his long-term policy in this regard to his cabinet,
he could see that a majority of the Security Council agreed and was relieved
to hear it. He could also see in Patel's eyes that he rejected and spurned
such a notion, but that he was resigned to having to live with it at the
September 17, 2007, 14:23 Local Time
Israeli Defense Force (IDF) positions
The Golan Heights, Israel
Colonel Jess Simmons couldn't believe that this day had finally arrived. After
more than two years of extended duty here in Israel, with not one trip home,
he was finally going to get home to Texas and his wife. It would be a
one-month leave, with a duty assignment to follow. Jess figured he would be
right back here in some capacity, probably dealing with one of the American
units employing the very
RAH-66 Comanche helicopters he had trained the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to
use here on the
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