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desires that she hadn t even known were there, waiting to be uncovered this whole time.
 This isn t me. I don t like being bossed around.
She swore he almost smiled and strangely, instead of being angered by it, instead of feeling like he
was laughing at her, it made her feel like maybe she wasn t so weird after all to be liking these things he
was saying and doing to her.
 Am I bossing you around?
She was about to say yes, when she realized it wasn t precisely true.  You tell me to do things, she
whispered, unable to look at him now, feeling more shy than she ever had before.  I shouldn t do them.
She could feel how hot her face was.  I shouldn t like doing them.
His fingers slid beneath her chin and gently tipped her face back up to his.  I love watching you
respond to me. I love watching the most beautiful woman I ve ever seen tremble with desire in front of
me. I love hearing you beg me to touch you, to kiss you, to take you.
Everything he d just said, the rough quality of his voice as he said it, had her shivering with lust. But
still, she felt she should try one last protest, one last bid for sanity.  But I m the one who usually tells
people what to do.
 Have you thought that maybe this is the break you ve been waiting for? he said softly.  That this is
the chance to let someone take care of you for a few hours, instead of having to take care of everything
Her brain felt fuzzy with desire, but even so, what he was saying made sense.
 Touch me now, Marcus. Kiss me. She paused, gathering up all her courage.  Take me.
The next thing she knew, she was laid out flat and Marcus was over her, his large body pressing hers
into the cushions. He made sure her bound hands remained over her head with one of his while the other
moved between her legs at the exact moment that he covered her breast with his mouth.
She arched into his touch, their conversation about how much he liked telling her what to do and how
much she liked doing it not to mention the massage before that more than enough foreplay to prime her
for even the slightest touch.
 Give me more, Nicola, he urged her, his words hot as he feathered kisses across her chest so that he
could take her other nipple into his mouth.  Give it all to me.
Her inner muscles clenched so tightly on his fingers in response that she actually cried out at the
pleasure-pain as she climaxed beneath him. His thumb made delicious circles of pleasure over her
clitoris and she pressed her hips into his hand over and over again as her orgasm continued to shake
through her.
Almost incoherent with exhaustion from the way the climax had wrung out her system, she was only
vaguely aware of Marcus unwrapping the sweater from around her wrists and moving to remove his
clothes. Through half-closed lids she watched him go to the bathroom and then return with a condom on
over his hugely erect shaft. Her arms weren t bound anymore, but she simply didn t have the strength to
move them.
And then he was kneeling in front of the couch and shifting her so that her back and shoulders were
braced against the cushions, but her hips were hanging off the edge. Before she could take her next breath,
his hands gripped her bottom and he surged into her.
She curled her fingers into the couch, needing to hold onto something as he took her body, made her
irrevocably his, owned her as nothing but music ever had. And even as exhausted as she was from her
day, from the massage, from the mind-splitting orgasm she d just had, the feel of his thick shaft had her
pulling from her final well of energy.
Needing to feel his hard muscles beneath her fingertips, she reached for him. Winding her arms around
his neck, she pulled herself up so that her breasts were rubbing against the dark hairs on his chest. Her
mouth found his, greedy for his kisses kisses she d dreamed of all day long, even as she d tried to
convince herself that she was too busy to think of him.
He kissed her back just as hungrily, as if he couldn t get enough of her, and then he was groaning
against her lips, and she could feel him grow even bigger, filling her so completely she had to fight for
And then he broke their kiss and threw his head back, coming with a loud roar that excited her so
much, with the sound of his pleasure still reverberating in the room and his pelvis rubbing against her
clitoris, Nicola was pitched over the edge yet one more time.
Straight into Marcus s waiting arms.
Chapter Fourteen
Marcus was getting too used to waking up with Nicola curled up in his arms. When he was making
love with her and she was coming at him with all her hunger and passion, he almost forgot how small she
was. But as he spooned her body in the big bed, he was reminded all over again.
His erection stirred against her ass as she shifted in her sleep and rubbed against him. She was
holding one of his hands over her breasts and he had to dig deep for a control that had been missing
practically since the moment he d met her. He would not take her before she even woke up.
He tightened his hold on her, pulled her closer into him, even as he forced himself to face the insanity
of what he was doing.
He shouldn t have spent more than one night with Nicola. Hell, even one night on Smith s couch while
she slept on his lap had been too much. He definitely shouldn t be looking forward to an entire day with
her, shouldn t feel like a kid in a candy store at the chance to see the way her skin glowed in the sunlight,
to wait with held breath for her to laugh again and fill his soul with her joy and beauty.
And he sure as hell shouldn t be dreading saying goodbye to her when she got on her next plane to
another town, another show.
He was so focused on steeling himself against everything he shouldn t be feeling for her that he was
caught off guard by the slow slide of her tongue against one of his fingers, and then another, and another.
Jesus, was she really going to lick her way up each finger, one at a time?
Holy hell, she was.
Thank God he d put some condoms close enough to the bed for him to easily grab one. Hating to take [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]