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Sonnet XV 21
Sonnet XXIII 21
Sonnet XXVIII 22
Sonnet XXX 22
Sonnet XXXI 23
Sonnet XXXVII 24
Sonnet XXXVIII 24
Sonnet XLI 25
Sonnet XLVI 25
Sonnet L 26
Sonnet LII 27
Sonnet LV 27
Sonnet LXV 28
Sonnet LXX 29
Sonnet LXXII 29
Sonnet LXXIV 30
Sonnet LXXVII 31
Sonnet LXXXII 31
Sonnet LXXXVII 32
Sonnet LXXXVIII 33
Southwest 153
Soviet Souvenir 141
Spring banged me up a bit 180
Stars & Stripes Forever 187
Stop Stop Six. See The Secret Life of Ford Madox Ford 34
String of Pearls 12
Stronger than alcohol, more great than song, 18
Sunday morning: here we live jostling & tricky 140
Sunny, Light Winds 180
Sweeter than sour apples flesh to boys 29
Tambourine Life 48
Telegram 107
Tell It Like It Is 125
That they are starving. 144
The academy of the future is opening its doors 30
236 index of titles and first lines
The Admirals brushed 186
The Chinese ate their roots; it 185
The Complete Prelude 135
The Dance of the Broken Bomb. See The Secret Life of Ford Madox Ford 38
The Einstein Intersection 176
The End 140
The fucking enemy shows up 107
The ground is white with snow. 91
The life I have led 157
The Light 125
The logic of grammar is not genuine it shines forth 29
The Morning Line 168
The pregnant waitress 107
The rain comes and falls. 152
The rains come & Fall. 152
The Secret Life of Ford Madox Ford: Stop Stop Six; Reeling Midnight; Fauna Time; On
His Own; The Dance of the Broken Bomb; Owe; Putting Away; We Are Jungles 34
The Ten Greatest Books of All Time. See London Air 99
There is no windshield. 187
There we were, on fire with being there, then 46
There s a strange lady in my ont yard 129
These are the very rich garments of the poor 144
They set you up. Took yr stuff. Gave 184
Thin Breast Doom 171
Things to Do in New York City 89
Things to Do in Providence 114
Things to Do on Speed 126
This city night 126
This distinguished boat 176
 This movie has Fred Astaire and Robert Ryan in it! 196
This Will Be Her Shining Hour 196
those exhausting dreams 180
Three Sonnets and a Coda for Tom Clark 119
To an Eggbeater 123
to gentle, pleasant strains 22
To Sing the Song, That Is Fantastic 191
Today I woke up 101
index of titles and first lines 237
Today in Ann Arbor 101
Tough Cookies 189
Transition of Nothing Noted as Fascinating 185
Treason of the Clerks 184
Under a red face, black velvet shyness 139
Up a hill, short 150
Upon the river, point me out my course 135
Upside Down 186
Via Air 194
Villonnette 195
wake up 90
Wake up high up 89
... was 30 when we met. I was 184
We are involved in a transpersonified state 132
We Are Jungles. See The Secret Life of Ford Madox Ford 41
We think by feeling and so we ride together 153
We ll mash your leman, plunk 40
What a Dump / or, / Easter 181
What I m trying to say is that if an experience is 160
What strikes the eye hurts, what one hears is a lie. 141
What thoughts I have of where I ll be, & when, & doing what 151
What to do 100
When having something to do 162
When I see Birches, I think 191
Whenever Richard Gallup is dissevered, 19
Where do the words come om? (come in?) 146
Whitman in Black 153
Will  Reclining Figure, One Arm 167
Wind 112
Windshield 187
Winter crisp and the brittleness of snow 13
Winter in the country, Southampton, pale horse 131
Wishes 134
Words for Love 13
238 index of titles and first lines
Work Postures 152
Wrong Train 133
Yea, though I walk 174
You are very interesting 123
You don t have to be Marie Curie 186
You had your own reasons for getting 137
You in love with her 163
You took a wrong turn in 189
You ll do good if you play it like you re 174
You ll do good if you play it like you re 174
index of titles and first lines 239
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