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it was danger only for her.
She was in peril of discovering the final phase of falling desperately in love with this
Could he love her even a little? She knew he cared a great deal. She’d had plenty of
evidence showing it. In his eyes she saw an alpha male ready to claim his woman, an
animal intensity that should have frightened. Surprisingly it stoked her desire, brought it
so high that she squirmed on the bed, clenching at the soft comforter. Between her legs
the wet heat made her feel swollen, open and ready. She was so hollow, aching for Craig
to fill her.
He climbed onto the bed, bracketing her with his arms and legs. For a few seconds
he took her in, his eyes cooling now to a gentle fire. He kissed his way down her neck,
across her breasts to toy with her nipples. Each rasp of his hot, wet tongue over her
nipples made her writhe. She clutched at his head as he kissed down, down over her belly
to the top of her pussy. He parted her thighs and smiled. Fitting his hands under her ass,
he lifted, brought her higher and plunged in to taste. His lips sealed over her, his tongue
plunging to French kiss. She gasped, not prepared.
Oh, God. It wasn’t that he hadn’t given her head before. But this…oh, this was
different, so sinful and delicious as he fucked her with his tongue, pushing in and out.
She gasped, gasped again. He cupped her ass tighter, parting her cheeks. He lowered her
butt back to the bed, and as he did so, he used one finger to spread her arousal down.
Down until he circled the little pucker of her anus. Pleasure zinged from that spot, and
she felt a gush of arousal.
“Oh, God!” She couldn’t restrain the cry.
“Okay?” he asked, voice husky.
“Yes. Yes.”
After tenderly stroking her nether hole, moistening it with her desire, he slipped his
middle finger deep into her backside. A second later he sucked her clit, and it was all
over. She came. Writhing, thrashing under his touch.
She’d barely come down when he reached for the bedside drawer and protection. He
came back to her and sank deep between her thighs, taking her with a swift thrust that
went straight to her cervix. Thick and long, he reached every part of her with each steady,
emphatic thrust. His hips pumped, and she moved under him with eager abandon. She
groaned as the rhythm started slow and torturous. He moved, languorous and delicious as
stroke after stroke caressed sensitive nerve endings and promised a mind-melting
explosion. She clutched at his shoulders, mindless with the ferocity of their lovemaking.
Craig shook from the inside out, his heart threatening to beat out of his chest as he
tried to maintain control. The cadence of their union drove him nuts, the pleasure so
staggering he wanted to thrust faster until he exploded.
Dozens of sensations bombarded. The smoothness of her lips under his, her breath
hot as she served him life. Her nipples brushed his chest, her hips tilted upward as he
charged forward. Faster. Harder. His thrusts gained strength as she gasped, pleaded, her
body thrashing against him as he fucked her. He couldn’t get enough as her tight heat
clenched around his cock, throbbing as she cried out and came around him. As her sheath
tightened, he lost himself within her. Like a balm her body soothed his desperation, the
hurt that threatened to shred Craig into pieces. Mindless, he strove to bring her to orgasm
again. Propping up on his forearms, he slowed his pace, each thrust a deep, lingering
stroke. Fire exploded in his body as he struggled for control. He was losing it.
“Come for me,” he gasped. “Come.”
His felt lightheaded, aware of nothing but the silken slide of skin against skin, body
to body, the tightness of her sheath.
Her breathing increased, whimpers leaving her throat as she increased the force and
“Come,” he growled.
Another thrust, as if he’d thrown a switch, she screamed. High. Loud. Filled with
pure ecstasy as she whimpered and moaned, her arms tight around his back, her legs
wrapped around his hips.
Dizzy with desire, he powered his hips into a frantic drive. With a deep, primal
growl he thrust one last time and orgasm slammed into him. Gasping, trembling, Craig
lost himself in the fever. He sank upon her, drained and fulfilled.
As he rolled over and drew Leigh into his arms, Craig knew one thing for certain.
Leigh made him vulnerable in ways he’d never experienced before. She twisted him up,
confused him, drew thoughts and feelings to the surface so quickly and acutely. Tonight
she’d given him a gift. His heart and soul, bruised and hurting, didn’t know what to think
or feel when he’d walked in her door. But she’d given him reason to sink into sexual
oblivion and forget Frisco and how hard he’d worked to try and save the kid.
His arms tightened around Leigh. She burrowed deeper into his embrace. “Thank
“For what?” she asked, lifting her head. A long fall of hair drifted over one side of
her face.
“For listening to me. I wanted to save Frisco for himself, but I wanted to save him
for Dane as well. Now the kid hates me.”
She kissed his forehead, a soft murmur of regret parting her lips. “No. He doesn’t
hate you. He just doesn’t understand. He’s hurting.”
He groaned and returned her affection with a kiss on the nose. “He won’t understand
for a long time.”
She sighed, her eyes sad. “I wish I could do something to help.”
“You can.” He smiled.
“Kiss me again.”
Chapter Seventeen
When Craig arrived home the next morning, his answering machine blinked with one
message. Couldn’t be an important call. Everyone he knew well called him on his cell.
He took his time removing his shoes and then stripping. He took a long shower. After he
wandered into his living room naked, he played back the phone message.
Dane had left a message. “Hey man. I was uh…last time we talked I was mad. I
wasn’t thinkin’ straight. I know you tried to help Frisco. You couldn’t do anything to stop
Ghost from killing him.”
Relief swamped Craig as he grabbed the phone and dialed the number for the
Reynolds’ house.
Dane answered on the second ring. “Hey.”
Craig smiled. “Hey. How are you doing?”
“Feeling better.” The boy’s voice betrayed the truth. He wasn’t feeling better. Who
could blame him?
“Thanks for calling. You want to talk?”
“About Frisco? Look, I know he was your friend. I told him you were worried, that
you didn’t want him hurt. I almost had him. He almost gave up. The other boy—”
“Ghost shot him. Then SWAT shot Ghost.” The boy sniffed.
Was he crying? Craig wanted to crawl inside the boy’s mind, to see what it would
take to ease his pain. “I’m sorry as hell, Dane. I wish I could have done more. You were a
good friend to him.”
“Yeah. Um…could we…uh, meet somewhere and talk?”
Surprised but pleased, Craig answered without hesitation. “Sure.” Craig looked at his
watch. “I don’t have to be to work until later this afternoon.” [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]