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 Mistress-Storm Lord Sage may I have a private word with you please?
 Lord-Sage Of course you may My Lady.
Kit set her computer for "private conversation". Now She and Ed could have a
conversation that no one else could see.
 Mistress-Storm Ed, I have something to tell you about your friend Kit. But
you have to promise not to tell ANYONE! I
mean you can't talk to another soul about his. If you can't promise me that
then I can't tell you what I have to say.
There was a moment of silence while Ed was obviously hashing over the
implications of his next move. One thing that Kit always liked about Ed was
that he always thought before he spoke.
 Lord-Sage Sure. I suppose I can promise that.
 Mistress-Storm Ed, I'm kit.
 Lord-Sage OMG (Oh my God). ~hugs you~
 Mistress-Storm ~hugs~
 Lord-Sage Why are you hiding? What's wrong? I've heard so much about you. I
thought this was going to be another stupid rumor.
 Mistress-Storm Ed, this is important. Some of what you are hearing is true.
Someone is trying to hurt me. In fact, he wants to kill me.
 Lord-Sage MY GOD.
 Mistress-Storm Ed, I need you to be calm and listen. I
can't go to anyone for help. I've been accused of a crime I
didn't commit, this guy did. It's serious Ed, I'm in big trouble.
 Lord-Sage What can I do to help?
Kit [Cyberblood Chronicles Book II]
by Jonathan Amsbary
 Mistress-Storm Ed, actually I want to help you. Ed this guy is a real psycho.
He's threatened to kill my friends. I'm afraid he might come after you. Ed,
can I come to you? We can help protect each other.
 Lord-Sage Kit if this were anyone else, I'd think you were lying. But you've
never lied before. Are you sure I can't call the police?
 Mistress-Storm Please Ed, I know this sound impossible, but just wait for me
to come. I will explain everything.
 Lord-Sage Of course Kit. You know where I live.
 Mistress-Storm Somewhere in Albuquerque, right?
 Lord-Sage Right. Can I pick you up at your flight?
Mistress-Storm No Ed, I'm in Texas right now. I might be able to be there
before dawn. If I have to stop, I'll be at your house around sundown.
 Lord-Sage You keep funny hours, what are you? A
 Mistress-Storm LOL, I've been told that. Actually, I'm allergic to sunlight.
Proferia (This lie she had already worked out).
 Lord-Sage Oh sure, sorry. I have a room in the basement that's dark. I'll put
a bed down there for you.
 Mitress-Sage Thanks, Ed. Now listen to me carefully.
Don't tell anyone we've talked. Don't invite anyone, I mean anyone into your
house until I get there. I don't care if it's a little old lady being attacked
by wolves, don't open your door for anyone but me. Understand?
 Lord-Sage Kit you're scaring me a little here.
Kit [Cyberblood Chronicles Book II]
by Jonathan Amsbary
 Mistress-Storm Sorry Ed, but it's important. It's how this guy operates. He's
a real piece of work. He won't go into anyone's house univited. For any
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 Lord-Sage I understand.
 Mistress-Storm You have my picture, right. You know what I look like?
 Lord-Sage Right.
 Mistress-Storm Good, now tell me how to get to your house, I need to get
Ed gave her the instructions to the house. She was happy that he lived in a
gated community. She wondered if James would need to be invited into the
neighborhood. She hoped she wouldn't have to test that.
She also wondered if she would need to be invited in. The saying was that
"evil needed to be invited in." She wondered if she counted as an evil thing
by being a vampire. She had not entered a private home since she was changed.
As much as she knew about vampires, she realized there was so much more she
needed to know. She would have to find some way to learn before she faced
She also knew that James would continue to strike the D/s community until one
of them were dead. It tore at her guts that he was out there killing people
just because of her. The longer she took to face him, the more people would
die, but she couldn't let that panic her.
If James caught her and got control of her, he would use her to hurt and kill
many, many good people. Kit could not live with that either. She had to learn
and she had to learn fast. She just didn't know where.
Kit [Cyberblood Chronicles Book II]
by Jonathan Amsbary
Chapter 27
James was happy for a brief moment. He had watched the chat rooms knowing that
Kit would eventually show up. He knew other vampires who walked the halls of
cyber space and had ventured there once or twice before. It was not to his
liking. He enjoyed the tangible world so much better, though he had to admit
to its seductive qualities.
He had felt Kit and watched her since she first logged on.
If he knew more about computers he supposed he could track her to her current
location. Alas, he didn't, so he waited until she showed herself. He was angry
at first because all she did was watch. She was easy enough to follow because
she glowed like a beacon to him.
Her power was formidable and he knew more than ever that he had to control her
or destroy her as quickly as possible. She was already a threat to him and
grew more so each day. James' advantage was his skill and he would soon lose
that to her. If she learned to use her powers, James was doomed.
He needed to distract her, to keep her off balance if he could. He was happy
that the other chatters were talking about his attack of those two back in
Denver. Not only would it disturb Kit and play into James' plans, but it also
fed his ego. He had achieved a modicum of fame through his actions and he
swelled with pride thinking about it. He considered making more attacks on
these fools just to keep them talking about him.
Kit [Cyberblood Chronicles Book II]
by Jonathan Amsbary
Kit had finally talked and James zeroed in on her and more importantly on her
companion. James started searching for the mortal with his mind. He was a long
way away and somewhere south of his current location. James had fled to the
west after the killings in Denver and had wound up in Salt
Lake City.
James could not help himself, he gloated to Kit and at that moment lost track
of the man she was talking to. James cursed his luck and wondered what Kit had
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done to block his probe. She had shielded herself but being able to shield
someone else was tricky and James wondered how she had been able to pull it
off so easily.
It didn't matter. He was sure she would head to this man and James now had a
direction to travel. He could hit all the cities south of him in a month or
two. He'd start in Las Vegas, move through Arizona and New Mexico, and scour
Texas and work back up to Oklahoma and then back to
Denver. If he got close enough, he knew he'd be able to track her.
He also thought of the trail of blood he would leave behind him and it pleased
him greatly.
David concentrated very hard. He had also been watching
Kit and watched the encounter between the two vampires. He thought very hard
for a moment and checked out various courses of action.
He considered informing Jean and the Committee about
James' location. If they knew he was in Salt Lake City and headed for Las
Vegas, they could head him off and destroy
Kit [Cyberblood Chronicles Book II]
by Jonathan Amsbary
him. This course of action would certainly reduce the body count that David
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