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LB Gregg
 Hurry up. We only have ten minutes alone until tomorrow night, could you just hop to, baby? Quit
fucking around. Take your pants off and come here.
I nearly laughed, but his trousers were tenting and so were mine.  You could always come here and
take them off me. I freed my belt and fiddled with my zipper.
 We never fool around in bed anymore. Dan sighed, and he stripped the tie from his neck with a
yank. He briefly considered it.  I wish we had time to use this.
My reply was embarrassingly breathy.  Me too.
He flung the tie on the bed and stalked me. His shadowy irises turned so dark they were nearly black.
His expression altered from interested bystander to my personal predator.
When he stood inches from my chest, he flattened a hand on the door by my ear. The spicy scent of
aftershave surrounded us. His shirt brushed my chest. His lips flirted on mine and finally, they brushed so
softly, I eased against him to get more.
He didn t kiss me. Not quite.  Strip, you little tease. Take your fucking pants off. I m going to have
you right against the door.
 Oh. I bit my lip as his stern words sent another flood of lust straight to my aching crotch. He was so
Thank God.
 That sounds& incredibly erotic. I struggled to yank my pants over my erection, but Dan s hand took
charge and he dragged my pants to my knees.
 Oh, just like that, baby. Right there. Don t move. I couldn t. My legs were trapped. And I swear,
my cock could not be stiffer. Its fat pink head reached for Dan. He breathed lewd words in my ear.  Look
how much you like that, you dirty thing. I can t wait to get you home. I want to be inside you. I want to
slide right inside until I can t go any farther. I want bury my fingers inside you. I want my cock so deep
you can t think about anything but me fucking you. You want that too, don t you?
 I& I& 
His tongue traced my lip and he whispered,  Don t fight it, Caesar. Let go.
I was in his arms, wrapped so tightly my skin chaffed on cotton and wool. Sensitive. Hypersensitive.
His belt buckle was cool metal on my stomach. I fingered his fly and Dan s hand circled my wrist.  I don t
think so. Not yet.
He pinned my hand to the door, and I squeezed my eyes shut, so overcome with need for him that I
wanted to hide.
Dan laced our fingers. His smooth jaw nuzzled my shoulder, and a hot kiss opened on my neck,
suckling me hungrily until I broke my silence.  Suck on me.
I needed him. I craved him. He sucked my collarbone, and I humped into him, for the first time ever
wanting to fuck him.
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Trust Me If You Dare
My cock found a place inside the hot V of his trouser-clad legs, and I thrust into that tight spot like I
was trying to drill him. Pleasure skittered across every nerve ending. I held his neck in one hand, and the
other squeezed his fingers as he held me immobile against the door.
 Oh, yeah. Just like that, Ce.
I couldn t get a better stance. My feet and legs were bound, but I ground into his crotch, stumbling
over my inane love talk.  Please.
He kissed the corner of my mouth.  Please what? His erection throbbed thick against my stomach.
 Let go of my wrist. Let me touch you.
I was gliding, sliding, grinding into that prickly, fiery spot between his thighs. His big body held me
against the door, just like he said.
 I know your secret now. You want to fuck me, don t you? You d like that. He gripped the globes of
my ass and helped me work myself into a frenzy against him.  When we get home, I m going to let you.
Oh, God. His words& inside him. Deep inside.  Yeah. Oh yeah.
Teeth met my lips, biting, then his tongue stroked my neck, tasting. He kissed me like he had all the
fucking time in the world, and I desperately shoved into that hollow, chaffing my cock on wool and biting
back at his shoulder. Cotton filled my mouth, and I wanted to tear a hole in his shirt with my teeth.
 Take my cock out.
I broke, losing my stride and opening my eyes.  What?
 Take it out.
I fumbled, frantic that my clumsy hands weren t more effective. I was so close to coming that my
fingers shook, but at last his trousers were down and he fell into my palm. My breath sawed crazily as I [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]