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How does a man and a woman reach the same level of
Well by having the same sort of nature. It's not like
tuning a piano. You have to make sure that these two
people like each other, that they can put up with the
undoubted faults of the other. There is no other way to
do it. If they like the same type of reading, the same type
of music, the same type of entertainment well then, un-
doubtedly their vibrations will be much the same.
It is not possible to know when you are marrying the
right partner, but nowadays marriage seems to be a very
haphazard business. I know a young couple who have
been living together without marriage for four years,
they got on quite well together. Then they got married,
and they have been knocking each other's head off ever
since. Again, near where I live, there is a young woman
who is now in a state of hating everyone because she got
married and after a week or two found that marriage was
not what she expected so without giving marriage a
chance she rushed off and got a divorce. Now she is a
bitter, frustrated woman and certainly looks it.
Marriage is a very important business, and like all im-
portant businesses it should not be entered into lightly.
There is a lot of give and take in marriage, and nowadays
women are such spoiled babies, such arrant Women's
Libbers with their equality stunt that they just do not
give marriage a chance to work, and the way things are
going on soon there won't be any more marriages. Soon
people will just live together for a time and have a baby,
and then when the Communist State comes the State will
take over the baby's welfare and that's all there will be to
it, and so there will be a breakdown of civilization.
Let me tell you something; women nowadays are
neurotic, they go off their heads at the drop of a hat
because they are trying to compete with men and they
are not organically equipped to compete with men in all
fields of work. So they get frustrated and they have a
mental breakdown. Well, it shows they are a bit loose in
the top story to go in for this Women's Lib stuff, any-
In the old days a woman looked after her family, she
looked after the children and she was healthy. She was
also happy. You don't see happy women nowadays, they
are always ready to move the chip on their shoulder and
toss it in some man's face.
Another question,  What is your astrological sign?
That I never tell. I think it is an impertinence to ask. If I
wanted people to know my astrological sign or my birth
data, then I would have told them so in my books. So, I
have had a lot of letters from would-be astrologers who
were going to set the world alight with their brilliance,
who wanted to know my data so they could work out my
horoscope for me, but they never get a polite answer
from me.
Say Miss Jordan has a lot of questions; here is the
fourth one,  As a person reincarnates does he follow the
signs in order beginning with Aries and ending with
No he doesn't. He comes not merely in the sign but in
the quadrant of the sign which will afford him the best
opportunity for learning in that life that which he has to
learn in that life. He has eventually to live through every
sign, and every quadrant of every sign, not, as I said, in
the order of the Zodiac. And he may have to live dozens
of lives in just one quadrant of one sign because, remem-
ber, we live thousands of lives on Earth.
Five,  You stated in one of your books that music could
raise one's level of vibration so that one can become more
spiritual. Could you list some composers, songs, musical
arrangements, etc.?
No, of course not, because what suits some people does
not suit others. I, for example, am very partial to Chinese
and Japanese music and some of the Western music
really sets my nerves on edge, I don't know why people
like it. So if I gave my own list of music the average
Westerner would get a pain in his eardrums. So each
person has to find the music which is most suitable for
him, but I tell you here and now, most most definitely
most emphatically that people are ruining themselves
with this awful  rock music, and this awful jazz muck.
Such music if one can use such a term for such a con-
glomeration of noise causes nerve strain. Look at some
of the young people, the hippies, for instance, who go in
for these rock festivals well, they are a dim looking lot,
aren't they? Most of them look as if they are drop-outs
from some mental home. Just take a look at them yourself
and see what you think.
All right, here's your last question Gail Jordan:  Have
you ever heard of the chain letter that has gone around
the world a number of times? After a person receives this
letter he is supposed to send it to twenty people. Sup-
posedly, according to the letter, if you don't continue the
chain death will follow. Anyway, this letter has fright-
ened and upset many people, especially older people.
What do you think about it?
I think that the people who write these chain letters
should get their brains tested, always assuming that one
can find some brains to test. I have had quite a lot of
these ridiculous things sent to me, and if possible I trace
the last sender and send back the letter together with a
reply which is hoped will singe his eyebrows. I think
chain letters are the epitome of crassness. I just don't
understand why people place any belief in such arrant
nonsense; of course you won't die if you fail to send on
these letters. If there had been any truth in it I would
have died many many times during the past twenty
years. So in my opinion if you get one of these letters try
to trace anyone on the list and send it back with an
expression of your opinion about the mental stability of
the person who sent it. It shakes them; I have had some
of them write back to me and apologize and really sin-
cerely thank me. You try it and see!
Now I've got a letter here I wish it were compulsory
to use typewriters because I've got a letter here which is
making me go cross-eyed. Anyway, the question is,  You
said that the Overself sends down puppets for the pur-
pose of experience. My question is, once an entity experi-
ences the things it was sent down to do does it go back to
the Overself and become part of the Overself's mind?
Does a person lose his identity as an individual or does
he become good friends with his Overself? I personally
don't like the idea of just being a part of an entity's mind.
I want to remain me. Could you explain this in more
detail as I have not found that particular answer in your
Well, there is such a lot of confusion about this puppet
business; you have to remember that an actor when he is
on the stage doing some particular role actually  lives as [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]