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from here.
He took a step toward her, then stopped. The desire to continue toward her and pull her into his
arms was strong, but he didn t want her to bolt again.  You could have called me. I would have sent a
driver to pick you up.
She gave him a small, pained smile.  It s okay, it gave me time to think. Plus, I don t know your
number. I don t know you at all.
He moved closer but stopped when she stepped back.  I intend to change that.
She shook her head.  No. She looked around the room until she saw her purse, then crossed the
room to pick it up. When she met his eyes again, a new emotion darkened her expression.
He walked over and stood near her, so close their breath mingled and he could feel the heat
rising from her skin.  Because if you sleep with me once, you ll sleep with me twice?
Her cheeks turned a delicious shade of pink.  I can t believe I said that. Sometimes I speak
before I think.
 I appreciated your directness. He reached out and tucked a loose tendril behind her ear.  What
do you want, Julia? What did you come to New York for? I can get it for you.
She pulled her head away from his touch.  I don t want anything from you.
 Everyone wants something. I want to fuck you, Julia. Again and again until I get you out of
my head. He pulled her to him and closed his mouth over hers. She met his mouth hungrily. He
claimed her tongue with his own and reveled in her responsiveness. Where he led, she eagerly
followed. Picking her up, he carried her over to his desk, pushing everything impatiently aside before
sitting her on it so he could free his hands for more important things.
He told himself to go slowly, but the desire that burned in her blue eyes was his undoing. He
needed to see her. To taste her. Without taking his eyes from hers, he tore the front of her shirt open,
sending buttons flying. Her mouth dropped opened in an audible sigh and he was lost.
He pushed her knees farther apart and stepped between them. He leaned forward, ran his hand up
her back beneath her now-open shirt, and arched her toward him. Her nipples were hard little nubs
beneath her satin bra. Nubs he couldn t resist. He took one hungrily into his mouth, even through the
material. Warming it with his tongue. Teasing it with his teeth.
She moaned and pressed herself upward and deeper into his mouth, and that was all the
encouragement he needed. He ran a hand along the back of her bra and smiled against her skin when
he found no clasp.
Whoever created front-release bras was a genius.
Gio eagerly unclasped the front of the bra and paused to appreciate the perfection that was Julia.
She raised her head, her eyes glazed with passion, and he understood her need. His hand rubbed and
lightly pinched one of her nipples while his mouth adored and feasted upon the other. Then he moved
his mouth and paid her other breast equal attention.
She clung to his shoulders, then buried one hand in his hair. He ground his hard cock against her
through their clothes. Desire surged within him. He couldn t get enough of her. Every taste of her
pushed whatever control he had further and further away. He impatiently reached for the fastening of
her pants.
 Knock, knock, a jovial male voice said from the doorway.  Well, will wonders never cease? I
wouldn t have believed it if I hadn t seen it with my own eyes.
Raising his head reluctantly from Julia s neck, Gio turned, shielding her from his brother Luke s
view.  What are you doing here?
Smiling unabashedly, Luke leaned against the doorjamb.  Rena called me and said you were
having a rough day, and I was ending a shift at the hospital anyway. She thought you might want to
talk. It appears she was wrong.
 Get the hell out of here.
Still smiling, Luke wiggled his eyebrows and asked,  You re not going to introduce me?
Normally Luke was the most reasonable of his brothers, but presently his curiosity was outweighing
his survival instincts.
 No, Gio said with finality.
 I heard you re coming to the wedding and bringing someone with you. Is this her? His smile
widened and his eyes twinkled with humor.
Gio aggressively rose to his full height.  You won t live to find out if you don t leave now, he
said. Luke put up both hands in playful resignation and left, still smiling as he turned away.
Releasing a calming breath, Gio turned around and instantly felt like an ass. Julia was clutching
her now buttonless top closed and sliding off his desk. The mood was broken.  Sorry about that, he
said gruffly.
Her half smile set his heart thudding in his chest again.  It s okay.
 I should have locked the door. I don t normally . . .
With an adorable blush, Julia said,  I don t do this either. She picked up her purse and started
edging away from him.  I m going home now.
 No, he said much more forcibly than he meant to.
She tucked her shirt into her pants, overlapping the front in a way that covered her.  Yes. She
waved a shaking hand in the direction of his desk.  I m not this person. I don t know what to do with
how you make me feel. But I do know that I need time to think about this.
He reached for her, but she made it to the door before he could grab her.
When she opened her mouth to say something, he picked up his cell phone and said,  Todd, have
a car brought around.
 I don t  she started to say, but he cut her off.
 I m taking you home.
As they walked down the hallway together, she sighed and said,  I m not judging, but your whole
family is a little pushy. You might want to try asking instead of issuing orders.
Her comment brought a smile back to his face. He placed his hand on her lower back and felt her
tense when he replied,  Why ask when the outcome isn t in question?
 Are you always this much of an arrogant ass? she asked crossly.
With an ironic smile, he said,  No, normally, I m much, much worse.
Julia didn t know if he was joking or not, but she chuckled.  Don t make me laugh. It makes it
harder to say no. She looked up at him and frowned.  And it is no. Just to be clear.
They rode down in the elevator and walked out of the building together in silence. The chauffer
opened the door to a Bentley town car and she and Gio slid in. She told the driver her address and he
pulled into traffic.
She snuck a peek at Gio. When he thought she wasn t looking there was an expression in his eyes [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]