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"Ah, you must be feeling better then. Good. Show me where you keep your sheets, and I'll
change this bed while you freshen up."
"Naked here, she said in exasperation.
"Oh, please, I'm a doctor. Besides "
"Yeah, well you're not my doctor. She waved her hand, ordering him out of the room and
making a dash for the bathroom when he complied.  The sheets are in the hall closet! she
shouted, before closing the door.
* * * *
The water ran red with blood before she finished her shower, and no amount of scrubbing
could erase the memories of Albin's teeth on her neck. But her body was clean, her hair
was thank God shampooed, and she only had to grab the wall once to stay on her feet un-
der the hot spray. When she finally emerged, scalded nearly pink, she felt a thousand times
better. Finding the bedroom empty, and the bed neatly made, she made her way slowly to the
closet and drew on fresh underwear, then a comfortable silk robe. Her wounds were healing
quickly, amazingly so, but the skin was still tender and she ached all over. After throwing style
to the wind and stuffing her feet into a pair of comfortable Uggs, she followed her nose to the
fresh coffee brewing somewhere downstairs.
She found both the coffee and Dr. Saephan in her kitchen.  Well, you do look better, he
commented with a smile.  Still hungry?"
"Ravenous, but I warn you there's not much in the way of food... Her voice trailed off as
Saephan set a plate in front of her eggs, scrambled with cheddar and red peppers, crisp ba-
con and buttered toast. She looked up in surprise.  I know you didn't get this food from my re-
frigerator, she commented, digging in.
"Hmm, no. You're right about that. I sent one of the guards to the store."
Cyn was too busy shoveling food into her mouth to respond.
Saephan poured a cup of hot coffee and put it in front of her.  Caffeine is good for what
ails you, too."
"Caffeine is always good, Doc, she said around a mouthful. She swallowed and took a
long, bracing sip.  Thanks for the bed change, by the way. And for everything else. I don't re-
member very much. She shuddered involuntarily.  You said you work for Raphael?"
"For nearly twenty years. And I've changed more than a few bloody beds in that time."
Cyn eyed him doubtfully. He looked no more than twenty-five, maybe thirty years old. She
glanced pointedly at the uncovered windows.  You can't be Vampire."
"No, no. My partner is one of Raphael's. He shares his blood with me, keeps me healthy.
Seems like a fair exchange, don't you think?"
"Did you ever think about ... you know, changing?"
Saephan gave her a blank look.  Oh, you mean rebirth? Becoming a vampire? We thought
about it, but then we'd both have to get our blood from someone else and I'm not sure I'd like
that, being as how it's such an ... intimate experience. Most vampires pair up with humans, if
they pair up at all. And of course, Lord Raphael would have to give permission for my rebirth
in any event."
"That's what we call it. Seems better than calling it what it is."
She looked up with interest.  What is it?"
"In a word, complicated. It behaves like a particularly aggressive virus, gobbling up
everything in its path, but there's so much more to it than that. How do you explain Raphael's
mental power, for example? His ability to communicate with his vampires telepathically, to af-
fect the physical world with a thought?"
He made a pained expression.  I'm a scientist; my mind cannot encompass that possibil-
ity. Let's say instead that we don't yet have the knowledge to explain it."
"Yeah? Well, this  She touched her injured shoulder with a slight wince.  Is pretty magic-
"Isn't it though? Of course, Lord Raphael's blood is far stronger than most. I've done some
rudimentary research on the healing properties of vampire blood I'm a trauma surgeon, so
research isn't exactly my area of expertise, but it's quite astounding, really."
"Don't let the Botox crowd know about it. They'll storm the walls."
"Isn't that the truth? No worries there. My lips are sealed."
She focused on the other part of his revelation.  So Raphael has to give permission before
any of his people can make a new vamp?" [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]